Rebecca Black Friday new song The Great Divide

Rebecca Black Returns With New Song, But It’s Not As Viral As ‘Friday’

Rebecca Black has opened up about her YouTube viral video “Friday,” according to People magazine. The 19-year-old singer, all grown up and looking stunning, sat down with People magazine to look back at her viral music video.

It’s been more than five years since Rebecca Black became an Internet sensation thanks to her music video “Friday.” The video has recently passed a whopping 104 million views on YouTube and the singer admits that such popularity caught her by surprise.

During her interview with People magazine, Rebecca Black says it’s “insane” that it’s been “only five years” since her record-breaking music video was uploaded on YouTube, adding that she has grown up a lot since then.

“I feel like I’m a completely different person.”

Interestingly, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” music video has been disliked by a whopping 2.4 million YouTube users, while less than 650,000 people found it likeable and pressed the thumbs up button. The singer was only 13-years-old when the music video became a YouTube sensation in 2011.

Watch the original music video for Rebecca Black’s “Friday” here.

Rebecca Black admits that her first reaction was “Oh my God,” adding that “Friday” was never meant to achieve such jaw-dropping popularity on the Internet and go viral. And apparently, it wasn’t only YouTube users who made fun of Black in the comments section below the viral video.

Rebecca Black reveals that she received a great deal of taunting from her classmates and even had to leave her Anaheim Hills, California school. Ever since then, the singer has been homeschooled by her mom. This begs the question: does Black’s mom allow her daughter to go out on Fridays?

On a more serious note, Rebecca Black’s experience with “Friday” hasn’t been only negative. The 19-year-old singer revealed that she had the chance to meet Ryan Seacrest, and even Simon Cowell had previously admitted that he is a fan of Black’s song.

In fact, Rebecca Black revealed that Seacrest even set up a Twitter account for her.

“He was really sweet. That was my first follower, I believe.”

In her first ever tweet, Rebecca Black included the #wesoexcited hashtag along with a selfie. Even though it’s been over five years and a lot has changed, Black says that “Friday” will always be in her heart, because it’s her “own song.”

But Rebecca Black’s singing career didn’t just end with Friday, according to WhoSay. In fact, the singer recently released her new single called “The Great Divide.”

In her interview with WhoSay, Rebecca Black opened up about the new song, saying that “The Great Divide” shows the kind of music she “loves,” she is “passionate about,” and she can “relate to.”

“‘The Great Divide’ is the first thing that I put out that [was] me, not about what anybody else thinks of me, or what they want me to be.”

Rebecca Black even has a music video for her new single. Although it’s definitely not as viral as her “Friday” hit music video and boasts only 2.7 million views on YouTube, lots of viewers commented below the new music video that they came to see the video only because of “Friday.”

Watch the music video for Rebecca Black’s “The Great Divide” here.

In “The Great Divide” music video, Rebecca Black shows a more mature version of herself: certainly not the girl that “gotta get down on Friday” the Internet saw more than five years ago.

Rebecca Black admits that the most exciting thing about her new song is that it was the first time she was actually involved in the creative process of producing the single. The singer, who became an Internet sensation at the age of 13-years-old, added that her new song is about “change.”

“I started to stop listening to whatever people wanted me to be, or told me to be. There was a time when I was so self-expressing, and I lost a lot of that. This song was about getting that back.”

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