Samoa Joe Could Be Punished For Seth Rollins Injury

WWE News: Samoa Joe Being Punished For Injuring Seth Rollins

Samoa Joe’s debut on WWE’s main roster became a nightmare after Seth Rollins suffered an injury during the segment, but all the frustration that WWE officials have right now trying to figure out the best course of action may be blamed on Joe. The injury sustained by Rollins on Raw earlier this week has sent WWE into a tailspin trying to determine what the right direction is for WWE television heading into Wrestlemania 33.

Rollins vs. Triple H was planned for the show for several months, but the former’s injury has forced WWE officials to rethink their creative plans for the next few months. The latest on Rollins’ injury is that at best it will be a torn MCL that could take eight weeks to heal. That means everything for Seth’s recovery has to go perfectly for him to be medically cleared for Wrestlemania 33, but it’s a risk WWE officials may not take.

That leaves Triple H and Samoa Joe hanging creatively in WWE right now despite both men being expected to have huge roles on WWE television over the next few months. Apparently, Triple H is intent on wrestling at Wrestlemania even if it isn’t against Seth Rollins. However, WWE officials need to be more careful with Jone because he just debuted on Raw and many people are looking to blame him for the entire situation.

Samoa Joe Injured Seth Rollins On Raw This Past Week
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On paper, Samoa Joe’s main roster debut was brilliant. Most people thought he would join SmackDown and his absence from the Royal Rumble was noticeable. Joe vs. Rollins at WWE FastLane would have been a great way to keep Seth busy until Wrestlemania and put over Joe as a great heel. Since Raw, Samoa Joe has embraced the heel role, and Rollins’ injury makes him look dangerous, which is both a good and bad thing.

On the one hand, Joe took out Rollins at the request of The Game, so the entire WWE roster should fear him as a threat. However, some people are arguing that he should take the blame and be punished for injuring Seth Rollins because he was reckless. Nine times out of ten, Joe has been perfectly safe in the ring, but that tenth time led to injuries like Rollins’ knee or the injury to Tyson Kidd’s neck that people are bringing up again.

There is some speculation that Samoa Joe will receive some form of punishment as a result of Rollins’ injury from WWE. With such a sensitive subject, the details about how WWE officials handle Joe are going to be scarce, but many people defended him during Kidd’s injury, and some are doing the same now with Rollins.

WWE Could Be Planning John Cena Versus Samoa Joe in 2017
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It’s a complex issue because Samoa Joe is going to be really important to WWE programming going forward on the Road to Wrestlemania. Shortly after Seth Rollins was checked on by WWE doctors, the powers that be held an emergency meeting to figure out how to fix WWE’s storylines and fix the Wrestlemania 33 card if Rollins is unavailable for the event. Thus far, WWE officials have a few ideas for Samoa Joe thus far.

The easiest solution is for Samoa Joe to take Seth Rollins place in the feud with Triple H and slowly develop their feud until the grandest stage of them all. Originally, Samoa Joe was heading to SmackDown to begin a rivalry with John Cena. That idea is now back on the table, but would likely be held off until after the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV. However, if Joe is punished, he may not be trusted to work with Cena or HHH.

Ultimately, WWE will make their decisions based on the risks associated with continuing the feud between Seth Rollins and Triple H into Wrestlemania. If they are willing to risk Rollins returning before April 2, there may be no punishment on Joe. Right now, WWE officials are likely too concerned with the direction that WWE television is headed to punish Samoa Joe. We will know soon what Joe’s future in WWE will be.

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