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WWE News: Update On Why WWE Had Roman Reigns Enter The ‘Royal Rumble’ Match

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns appeared in the Royal Rumble this past Sunday to a sea of boos from the live San Antonio crowd with most hating the move by WWE, but it seems that the company did this for a few interesting reasons. Yes, Roman Reigns entered the Royal Rumble at the No. 30 spot and was met with thousands booing him in the Alamodome and millions doing it at home.

Many questioned why Roman Reigns was even part of the match after going through a war with Kevin Owens over the WWE Universal Title earlier in the night. WWE fans hated the Superman type of thing WWE was trying to do with Reigns, and it just did not go well. Even big time fans of Reigns feel it was a bad idea to put him in the match, which says a lot.

WWE did not do a great job in booking the Royal Rumble match, as the only cool surprise was seeing “The Perfect 1o” Tye Dillinger make his main roster debut at the ten spot. The rest of the match included either top stars or random people that made no sense to add. WWE did not bring any cool names back for the match and it just felt like they lost the magic that made this match so special. Then they capped all of that off with Roman Reigns entering last.

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Most feel the move to add Reigns would not have been as bad if more fun surprises were present, but sadly this did not go the way WWE planned it. It seems that Reigns’ inclusion in the match had a few purposes, which make sense in theory. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE added Roman to the match firstly to help set up his match with The Undertaker.

Vince McMahon has been wanting The Undertaker to have a big match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for some time and wanted to make sure this happened before he retired. As we know, Undertaker was eliminated in the Rumble by Reigns, which will supposedly push for The Undertaker to get angry enough to work a match with Reigns. Many feel that this was not enough reason to add Roman as there could always be a better set-up down the line.

The other major reason that makes the most sense has to do with the eventual winner, Randy Orton. WWE felt adding Roman Reigns to the match would be a big enough point of hatred, than anyone eliminating him would get a huge pop from the crowd so that WWE fans would be insured Reigns would not win another Rumble. Of course, WWE got what they wanted, as Reigns was eliminated by Randy Orton for the win and got a huge reaction due to it.

There are some who theorize that due to facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, Roman Reigns will need to go full-fledged heel. There will be no way on God’s green Earth that Roman Reigns will get cheered when WWE invades Orlando, Florida for WrestleMania. Orlando is already known for their smarter crowds, just check out WWE NXT weekly to see an example of that.

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On top of this, WrestleMania is an international affair. People from all over the world attend, which makes the Mania crowd a smarter crowd built of more hardcore fans than casual ones. The WWE RAW afterward tends to also include these men and women from WrestleMania, which is why WWE tends to deal with an interesting crowd after WrestleMania each year. WWE also debuts new talent and starts fresh rivalries during this time.

WrestleMania is a huge event that The Undertaker has been a staple of for over twenty years. He’s an icon and a legend in the company who is beloved by just about every WWE fan alive or passed. Roman Reigns has no chance to get love in a rivalry against him. This means a heel turn makes the most sense for him, but many believe WWE will be too stubborn to make it happen.

It will be interesting to see if WWE also goes with a Roman Reigns win over The Deadman. A true heel turn would make sense even more so then, as Roman Reigns will get hatred he has never experienced before if he wins. Obviously, it is unknown who will win in this match as of now, but it will be interesting to see what kind of character changes Roman Reigns will go through in the lead-up to WrestleMania, as well as after it.

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