Jamie Otis-Hehner and Doug Hehner from Married at First Sight

‘Married At First Sight’ Pregnancy Alert: When Is Jamie And Doug’s Baby Due?

Married at First Sight stars Jamie Otis-Hehner and Doug Hehner are expecting a baby this summer. Jamie, who got married to Doug in Season 1 of Married at First Sight, is 11 weeks pregnant.

Jamie wrote in her blog, published on Jamieotis.com, that their baby would be arriving in August.

“My hubby, Doug, and I are beyond THRILLED to announce that we are expecting a sweet bundle of joy in August!”

It's amazing how fast babies grow. ???? We are 11 weeks today & had a check up. (I'm holding the pic of the baby from today.) Our baby has literally doubled in size from two weeks ago (pic of baby Doug's holding). So incredible. ???????????? #preggers #pregnant #rainbowbaby #babylove PS .. @people has done it again. Made me cry so many tears of joy watching @doughehner's reaction when I told him we are pregnant…☺️???? link in bio.

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Last year in July, the couple lost their son four months into Jamie’s pregnancy. She told People that they were waiting for their rainbow baby since they lost their first born.

“We are feeling so blessed and truly thankful for this little miracle growing inside of me. Doug and I have been praying and not so patiently waiting to have our rainbow baby since we lost our first born, Johnathan Edward, in July 2016.”

She also said that it was her long awaited dream to become a mother, adding that Doug was going to be a great dad.

“Being a mother has been a long awaited dream of mine. It goes without saying that Doug is going to be the best daddy ever. We cannot wait to meet Baby Hehner this coming summer.”

In Married at First Sight Season 1, Jamie, 30, and Doug, 33, legally got married to each other as complete strangers. When the two met for the first time at the altar, Jamie was not attracted to her soon-to-be husband. People reported that this Married at First Sight couple eventually fell in love a couple of months later.

A year after their wedding on Married at First Sight, the couple renewed their vows and this time without the help of the marriage experts. While reading her vows, Jamie told Doug that she had met the most patient, amazing, and handsome man, according to People.

“Our journey began a year ago when we said ‘I do’ as strangers at the altar. What I didn’t know then was that I just met the most amazing, kind, patient, and handsome man.”

And a couple of months after the vow renewal ceremony, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child. Jamie, however, suffered a miscarriage when she was four months pregnant.

Doug and Jamie have announced the new pregnancy six months after the loss of their first child.

We are PREGNANT!!! Our sweet Baby Hehner is due this August. Of course I share so much more about our little #rainbowbaby with you all on my blog. (Jamie Otis.com/all-things-Jamie ) @people put the sweetest tribute together for our first born son – Johnathan. We love him so much and are so happy to know he's looking down from Heaven taking care of his little sister/brother. ❤️ Thank you @people, for honoring our first born while we celebrate this amazing miracle.???? Link in bio. #pregnant #preggers #overjoyed #babylove PS forgive me for my unbuttoned jeans. I'm at that awkward stage where I don't quite fill out maternity jeans but I definitely don't fit in my regular clothes. ???????????????????? #sohappy

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Speaking of the Married at First Sight couple’s decision to announce the new pregnancy so early, a source told People that they wanted to empower women and inspire other women to not be scared to announce the good news in their first trimester.

“Jamie is excited about the baby now and wants to openly show her excitement now. They want to empower women to share their good news earlier than the politically correct 3-month marker. They want their story to inspire others to not be scared to come out with their news even in the first trimester, and not have society dictate a safe time to make baby announcements.”

Jamie said on her Instagram account that it should be a woman’s choice, whether she wants to keep the pregnancy a secret or announce it to the world.

We are 10 weeks PREGNANT!????Ahh, happy doesn't even begin to describe this feeling!???? The moment I found out I was pregnant I began telling everyone. I wanted to share with family and friends before announcing publicly, but I knew I wasn't waiting the socially acceptable "3 months" like I was "supposed" to. My hubby and I shared why we chose to announce our pregnancy "early" with @womansdayaus. (Link in bio.) We as women are told to wait to share you're pregnant until you're in the "clear" (in second trimester). This is supposed to "protect you" since your chances of loss significantly reduce once you reach your second trimester. You wouldn't wanna announce you're pregnant and then lose the baby, right? …So women everywhere go around keeping their pregnancy secret "just in case." But then when they do suffer a loss (1 in 4 pregnancy ends in loss) they have to disguise the pain and pretend like nothing happened bc no one ever knew they were even pregnant. What a lonely, isolating feeling. ???? After I had publicly lost my son – countless women reached out to me to share their story of loss. I received comfort from around the world … but a lot of these women who reached out to comfort me had never had the chance to share and/or talk about their sweet baby who lives in heaven – no one ever knew they were pregnant to begin with. Miscarriage is as taboo as it gets so you certainly don't mention it in passing or at work or at a dinner with friends. Instead they would paste a smile on their face and wipe the tears so it wouldn't be "awkward." Women should not have to go through this after such a devastating loss. Where's the support for 1 in 4 women? Furthermore, hiding anything doesn't give you the opportunity to be EXCITED about it. I feel like it should be each woman's choice whether they want to keep their pregnancy private or shout it from the rooftops! Who made the rule for women to have to wait "just in case?" I know I'm not the first to announce my pregnancy early and I hope I'm not the last. ???? ….my hubby and I have squashed fear with so much love, joy, and happiness! We are THRILLED for our #rainbowbaby!????#womensupportingwomen #preggers #overjoyed #babylove

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Moreover, she wrote in her blog that she announced her first pregnancy in July and within a week she found out that she would be losing her son. She said that she was thankful that she had announced her pregnancy early and everyone knew about her son, Johnny.

“First of all, it validated his life. He was real. He existed. He had meaning. Had I not been in my second trimester and I lost him would I have ever shared him with anyone? Probably not.”

Married at First Sight will be returning with Season 5 sometime this year. The new installment will feature Chicago-based singles. FYI’s reality series has got 12 couples married at first sight until now, and out of which only four couples continue to remain married to each other, including Jamie and Doug.

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