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Kylie Jenner Calls Fans ‘F***ing Idiots’ Over Criticism Of New Wax Figure

It seems Kylie Jenner can’t catch a break when it comes to appealing to the masses. Even as Ms. Jenner faces a legal drama over a new white jumpsuit, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is facing backlash of another sort over a recent Instagram share. As Kylie’s fans are well aware, Jenner, like her half-sister Kim Kardashian, is to be immortalized as a wax figure for Madame Tussaud’s museum, but fans aren’t too keen on the way the figure is looking. Kylie is now responding to those who have accused her of having the wax figure’s skin, so that she appears darker.

Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash Over Madame Tussaud Figure

Kylie Jenner, Madame Tussaud's
Kylie Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation by altering her skin color for a Madame Tussaud wax figure. [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

Initially sharing the news with her Snapchat followers, Kylie Jenner has shared the news that she will be immortalized as a wax figure for Madame Tussaud’s museums, though, as the Mirror reports, Jenner’s likeness will remain at the Hollywood Boulevard location of the famous international chain. Since that first announcement, Kylie has shared the progress, including her measurement sessions, which are necessary to recreate her image in wax.

In one such session, Jenner shared a picture of herself with green dots measuring out her facial features. Amusing herself, while standing in for the measurements, Kylie applied a number of funny face filters to distort her image.

“You guys, we’re here doing the first measurements,” Jenner captioned one image. “I’m getting my very own wax figure. It takes like six months.”

As is usually the case, it wasn’t long before internet trolls came upon Kylie’s new pictures and took offense to the darker skin tone of the wax figure, charging Kylie with intentionally having her skin color altered to assume a different ethnicity.

It seems Jenner has no tolerance for trolls these days, because it didn’t take the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star long to respond to her critics.

“I’m not trying to make my wax figure darker than I am, you f*****g idiots,” Ms. Jenner captioned another Snapchat picture. “They were mixing all those colours on a palette, not me. Stop reaching! I don’t even have say in this so let’s leave it to the professionals, people!”

Who Wore It First, Rihanna Or Kylie?

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Refinery 29 shares that a legal dispute started when Kylie Jenner wore an allegedly original white jumpsuit, though it bore a very strong resemblance to a jumpsuit worn by Rihanna at last year’s MTV Music Video Awards ceremony. The designer of Rihanna’s version of the jumpsuit, L’Impasse Couture, asserts that they have raised concerns over the apparent infringement and have filed a lawsuit against Jenner’s The Dolls House fashion company, though Kylie’s legal team seems to be unaware of the court filings.

In response, The Doll’s House has issued a statement, declaring that the jumpsuit is an original concept created by Jenner’s company and that any facsimiles are either coincidence or taken from their own designs. The statement lists dated receipts for materials used in the creation of the jumpsuit, as well as dated images of Kylie Jenner wearing the outfit, proving The Doll’s House jumpsuit predated the 2016 MTV Rihanna appearance.

“As you can see the jumpsuit has very strong design elements, which is signature to our design handwriting,” reads the statement, attempting to clear Jenner and her company of any wrongdoing. “The other dress maker in question has no similar garments before or after, apart from one jumpsuits [sic], which looks to be constructed in a different way.”

The statement continues by saying that the company is often approached by celebrities and fashion critics for original designs and that copying the work of another would compromise The Doll’s House’s ethics. The statement also reiterates that they have yet to receive any legal documents pertaining to the matter.

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