'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 78 would feature the beginning of the battle between Universe 7 and Universe 9.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 78: Spoilers Confirm Universe 7 Vs Universe 9 Battle

Dragon Ball Super is closing in on its most epic arc to date, with the Universe Survival saga officially kicking off this Sunday, February 5. As the date for the beginning of the highly-anticipated arc draws closer, details about the upcoming tournament have begun leaking, including the official name of the Omni-King’s grand tournament and the multiverse event’s first match. From what could be determined so far, it appears that Goku and the rest of the fighters from Universe 7 would be drawing first blood in the upcoming saga.

Noted Dragon Ball Super translator Todd Blankenship has released the latest spoilers for DBS Episode 78. Translated from Japanese publication Weekly Shonen Jump, Blankenship stated that Dragon Ball Super Episode 78, “The Gods of Each Universe Are Aghast?! You’ll Be Obliterated if You Lose at ‘The Tournament of Power'” might feature the beginning of the first official battle in the upcoming fight. The official summary of the episode is very brief, but it indicates that something very significant is set to happen in next week’s episode.

“Starting up a match with the Omni-King in attendance! Goku’s allies are…?! Goku looks for two allies for the match against Universe 9 that the Omni-King will be watching. First, he scouts out Gohan, who’s now a scholar, but Gohan’s hesitant to agree?!

“Omni-King This Week: obliterating the losing universes?! The ‘Tournament of Power’ has a fearsome rule: when a universe loses, it is obliterated without a trace by the Omni-King’s power! How does Goku react to this shocking situation!?”

These recent Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 leaks have revealed two extremely pertinent spoilers for the upcoming arc. For one, the Omni-King’s multiverse competition would officially be dubbed as the “Tournament of Power.” Apart from this, the first battle in the event appears to be between Universe 7 and Universe 9. While very few details apart from these are known, numerous fans in online forums, such as Reddit, have noted that the Universe 9 battle might very well be a pre-tournament event.

This is due to the Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 summary stating that the Gods of Destruction would be quite shocked at the official rules of the Tournament of Power. According to previous leaks, the massive tournament would have one particularly unforgiving rule, and that would be the complete obliteration of universes with losing teams. Considering that the arc would only be two episodes in by DBS Ep 78, there is a good chance that the events in next week’s installment would still be part of the saga’s exposition.

Considering that a fight would be brewing between Universe 7 and Universe 9, fans have begun speculating which of the recently-revealed characters Beerus’ team would be fighting against. While the designation of the 12 Gods of Destruction has not been revealed so far, Dragon Ball Super fans are so far unanimous in the notion that the sinister-looking clown GoD would not be Universe 9’s designated destruction deity. With speculations pointing to the creepy god as being one of the evil characters in the upcoming arc, numerous fans are expecting that Goku and his team would be facing off with the Clown God’s team further on in the saga.

The Universe Survival Arc is speculated to be the most intense saga in 'Dragon Ball Super' to date.
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Instead, rumors are high that Universe 7 would most likely face off against fighters that are relatively easy to defeat, save for a couple of characters. As for the Universe 7 team’s participants, speculations are high that Goku, Vegeta, and possibly Krillin would be taking part in the Tournament of Power’s opening battle. These speculations are rooted in the previews that have been released for the Universe Survival Arc, which feature the three fighters battling with characters that are yet to be introduced in Dragon Ball Super.

Rumors are high that the brief previews for Dragon Ball Super‘s upcoming arc feature a number of scenes from the anime’s new opening theme, which is set to debut this coming Sunday. Considering that the opening themes of anime rarely show scenes from the later stages of a saga, the scenes featuring Goku, Vegeta, and Krillin’s battles are widely speculated to happen sometime in the early stages of the tournament. The fact that the previews seem to indicate that the Universe 7 fighters are winning their respective matches further adds to this idea.

It is quite interesting to see how Dragon Ball Super would handle the premise of a multiverse competition with the Tournament of Power. Considering that the epic battle would span 12 universes, its scope is far grander than anything that the Dragon Ball franchise has ever attempted to explore. From what could be determined so far from spoilers and leaks of the upcoming episodes, however, it appears that the anime is only going to get better and far more intense in the months to come.

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