Watch: Melania Trump Videos Show She Is Probably Not An Abuse Victim [Opinion]

If you’ve followed news, rumors and gossip recently, you might have heard the theory that Melania Trump is an abuse victim and needs help escaping her husband, President Trump. Videos have gone viral and even the hashtag #FreeMelania surfaced after the couple attended the presidential inauguration and events including a prayer service. Viewers watched the videos and scrutinized Melania Trump’s body language, facial expressions, and mannerisms. The conclusion was that she is an emotionally abused woman at best, and a victim of domestic violence purchased from sex slavery/human trafficking or a mail-order-bride at worst.

Numerous media outlets addressed the rumors and claims such as the NY Daily News and Cosmopolitan. A Huffington Post article alleged that President Trump’s behavior was so characteristic of domestic abusers, that domestic abuse victims were being re-traumatized by the then president-elect. Though any domestic abuse survivor has this writer’s greatest and sincerest sympathies, it is not this writer’s opinion that Melania Trump is abused, a domestic abuse survivor, or that President Trump displays the characteristics of a domestic abuser. Here’s why.

First and foremost, the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, has chosen not to live in the White House with the president’s son, Barron. Men who control, manipulate, and dominate their wives and children often exhibit extreme control over their every move. This includes limiting their social activities and engagements, where they live, who they see, and very rarely would someone who is a classic abuser “allow” his wife and son to live away from him. When considering how President Trump is returning America to a conservative state and cares very deeply about things people say (or tweet) about him, it is highly doubtful that he would have his wife and child not only live away from him, but live in a separate state. Quite frankly, there is no way President Donald Trump is controlling Melania Trump while he is in Washington, D.C. working at record-breaking speed to pass executive orders and address America’s issues, and while Barron Trump and Melania Trump are in New York being photographed and videotaped out and about town running errands.

Not only does Melania Trump’s independence signify she is not a victim of abuse, control, or manipulation, the accusations and allegations are a slap in the face to the countless women worldwide who are sold into sex slavery and human trafficking and are dealing with real, oppressive relationships.

When President Trump ran for president and was on the campaign trail, again, Melania Trump was noticeably absent. She was caring for her child and being a parent because, as she stated, she was putting her son’s needs first. If President Trump was controlling Melania’s every move and was the type of control freak who only cared about his image, his wife would have been subserviently standing by his side saying “yes, honey, no honey that’s right honey.” Melania Trump did none of these. She was independently taking care of Barron Trump before President Trump was inaugurated and has continued to do so.

In a March, 2016, interview with Greta Van Susteren, Melania Trump expressed that she tells her husband her opinions, has a thick skin, is not a “yes” person, and didn’t travel with her husband on the campaign trail because she is putting her son’s needs first. You may watch the video at the top of this article. Melania Trump doesn’t bat an eye, blush, or seem timid at the thought of being independent, standing up to her husband, or telling him her opinions. In fact, there is nothing about the president’s and first lady’s current living situation that would indicate she is in trouble, needs help, has no freedom, and is being controlled against her will. Melania Trump and Barron Trump were spotted running errands in New York City. You can watch a video with photos of the pair below.

After the explosive tapes were released where Donald Trump was heard talking about groping women, Melania Trump spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper to share her views. Again, would a woman who was abused or the victim of domestic violence so readily say that her husband was acting childish? She has repeatedly referred to the president as having child-like behaviors. This type of language is not something a victim of domestic abuse, manipulation or control would dare say about her abuser. Melania Trump’s readiness to say her husband may not listen to her opinions and take her advice, but that she gives the advice and opinions anyway is hardly characteristic of an abusive relationship.

Domestic abuse victims learn not to give their opinions, criticize their abusers, and have no freedom. They don’t live in separate states and are in full control over their children’s lives. Melania Trump is Barron’s primary caregiver while the president is taking care of America. There is nothing in this situation that indicates a need for a #freeMelania hashtag and the amount of time spent on social media debating the issue when there are real victims who need help is shameful. You can watch Melania Trump’s interview with Anderson Cooper below. Also, view the domestic abuse Power and Control wheel below.

The simple fact that Melania Trump has maintained her independence from Donald Trump, especially while he was on the campaign trail and has not moved into the White House with their son, shows that she is not a victim of abuse, but instead is far from it. The first lady’s actions show that she is extremely independent and is quite capable living on her own, away from her husband.

What do you think? Are you convinced that Melania Trump is an abuse victim? You can learn more about domestic violence and abuse, and find ways you can help at the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

You can see some of the tweets using the hashtag #FreeMelania below.

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