Nick Viall is the Bachelor for 2017

‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Corinne Olympios Might Have Saved The Show’s Spoils

The Bachelor 2017 will feature an upcoming Women Tell All episode that, according to Pop Sugar, fans got to preview on Ellen on Wednesday, when Corinne Olympios was interviewed and gave some insight into her role on the show.

How unfortunate that The Bachelor 2017 spoilers are already provided via the Inquisitr, but her interview was more about Corinne Olympios trying to clear her name for having a nanny named Raquel.

Regular viewers of The Bachelor 2017 know that Corinne is considered the villain on the show. Clearly, a “villain” is very much needed to keep people watching. Another thing to consider is that Olympios is already competing with other women on The Bachelor, where even being a villain is competitive. Certainly, that dynamic hasn’t changed in the world of reality television by 2017.

It’s fortunate, however, that Corinne was captured by Ellen‘s staff for another interview, where she was more candid about how she’s being viewed as the villain on the show. In both interviews — one with producer Tracy Gold, and the other on Ellen’s show, Corinne made it very clear that she was not the villain and that she wasn’t into being hated by the other girls on the reality show.

In Ellen’s interview, she was asked about Raquel and why she had a “nanny” for which she explained that Raquel had already been with her family for 18 years, and had helped her mom through a difficult time when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Her explanation in the Ellen interview, and her enjoying a flute of champagne, cucumbers, and a bowl of instant mac n’ cheese in Tracy’s, seemed to help her make a better impression on viewers.

For those who are unaware, however, this version of The Bachelor is already in its 21st season, which started on January 2, 2017.

But more traditional television viewers might be frustrated by the fact that in November, 2016, Inquisitr wrote about how Reality Steve could have already entirely spoiled the outcome for The Bachelor 2017. The article shows Nick Viall after he had finished shooting the show in September while traveling to Finland to pick his girl.

If this is correct, then the element of surprise that one might be looking for is gone before the show even started.

Nick Viall with roses at Good Morning America set to promote the show.
Nick Viall of The Bachelor 2017, was at the Good Morning America studios to promote the new season. [Image by KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

More seasoned pros, however, will already know that this has actually happened before, not only for the 2017 season of The Bachelor, but also in 2011, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and according to the New York Times, Steve has spoiled every season of The Bachelor since.

With such a record — also primed by the fact that he’s spoiled Survivor, Jersey Shore, and The Amazing Race — there’s no doubt that the 2017 edition of The Bachelor is already done for.

As of now, this early in the game, there’s a good chance that Reality Steve hasn’t spoiled the show because viewers haven’t seen the ending yet. But, if viewers were to keep in mind the history that’s already been presented here, then one only needs to look at the patterns that develop around how the show is marketed on programs like Ellen.

Yes, all participants on the reality show are under strict contractual agreements to not give away the endings, and yet even when someone like Reality Steve publicly provides those spoils, there are still a whole lot of people who don’t get that information, which means that not bringing up Reality Steve, is for the most part, the best way to keep that information hush-hush.

Nick Viall seen on the red carpet at Jingle Ball 2016
Nick Viall of The Bachelor seen right before the new season, which was already spoiled by Reality Steve. [Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]

Of course, when Ellen DeGeneres and Corinne Olympios spoke about the show, Ellen asked her if she had any regrets about her experience on The Bachelor, to which she said “no.” But she said it with little conviction because Ellen’s question required that she unpack a lot of secrets. The best she could do was to keep a poker face.

Because the regret would only exist under the possibility that she didn’t get picked. It would assume that she had no regrets because things didn’t turn out very well. If she did end up with Nick Viall, then why would there really be anything to regret? Unless she did end up with him and now they are no longer together?

But now that there’s some clarification over those pressing questions both Tracy Gold and Ellen had about Corinne Olympios, it might be enough for viewers to like her more on the show, find out what other things she doesn’t regret on the show, and yet, still be able to manage the devastating impact of spoiling The Bachelor 2017 season.

Here’s her interview on Ellen.

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