Howard Stern: Trump Is Pro-Abortion, Pissed He Won - 40 Percent Want Impeachment

Howard Stern: Trump Is Pro-Abortion, Angry He Won — 40 Percent Want Impeachment

The shocking reports about President Donald Trump keep rolling in each day. This time, it is the words from Mr. Trump’s close friend Howard Stern that’s sending shockwaves through the internet. As reported by CNN, Stern revealed the information about President Trump on Stern’s radio show on Wednesday. Among other revelations, Stern claimed that Trump was “pissed” that he won the presidency and became the U.S. president. Howard claimed that Mr. Trump’s playbook was to run for president simply in order to get more money out of NBC, not to necessarily win the presidency.

Howard went on to say that despite any proclamations to the contrary, Mr. Trump is “pro-abortion.” Stern also believes that being president won’t be good for Mr. Trump’s mental health. Stern claimed that President Trump actually likes Hollywood, loves the press, and wants people to like him. If the words about Mr. Trump were coming from someone other than Stern, they might not be getting the attention they are now receiving on social media.

“[Mr. Trump is] pissed he won. He still wants Hillary Clinton to win.”

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Stern has famously had Trump on his radio show numerous times in the past — and those controversial videos surfaced during Mr. Trump’s campaign. Howard said that he wishes Mr. Trump never ran for president — a belief that Stern has expressed to President Trump.

“[President Trump] wants people to cheer for him. I don’t think it’s going to be a healthy experience. And by the way, he’s now on this anti-Hollywood kick. He loves Hollywood. First of all, he loves the press. He lives for it. He loves people in Hollywood. He only wants hobnob with them. All of this hatred and stuff directed towards him. It’s not good for him. It’s not good. There’s a reason every president who leaves the office has grey hair.”

Howard believes that the hatred directed at President Trump won’t bode well for the man in the long run. However, Stern said he still views Mr. Trump as his friend. That’s why it was so shocking for Stern to see his friend change certain beliefs — like what Howard claims is Mr. Trump’s “pro-abortion” stance in order to “play to his base” and win the presidency.

“And I remember [Mr. Trump] being very–I mean he was pro-abortion. So the new Donald Trump kind of surprised me.”

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Instead of the presidency, Stern said he believed Mr. Trump’s run for the White House was really only a bid to get more money out of The Apprentice, but instead of a larger contract, he became President Trump. That’s why Stern believes Mr. Trump wants to find voter fraud so that Hillary Clinton can end up eventually being the president.

Meanwhile, a recent poll claims that four out of 10 people support Mr. Trump being impeached, according to the Hill. The publication touts the fact that more than 50 percent of those polled prefer former President Barack Obama to President Trump. Factors like the manner in which Trump banned refugees are going to be investigated, according to the Hill.

Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast speech also drew criticism, according to MSNBC, because Mr. Trump quipped about the ratings of The Apprentice and asked people to pray for the show in a joking manner. Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger fired back at President Trump and told him the two should perhaps switch jobs, as reported by Newsweek. Mr. Trump claimed he had “tremendous success” hosting Celebrity Apprentice.

Stern and Mr. Trump can be seen in the photo at the top of this article at a New York Post party on Wednesday, February 9, 2000 in New York.

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