Paris Jackson cast on Star after Lee Daniels meeting

Paris Jackson Joining The Cast Of ‘Star’ After Lee Daniels Meeting

Paris Jackson is about to make her acting debut. After a meeting with Lee Daniels, Paris has agreed to join the cast of Star for at least one episode according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Paris will play the role of Rachel Wells, a stylish but intimidating social media expert who is tasked with managing a photo shoot for the girl group. Jackson’s character will push Eva and Star into crossing some boundaries during the photo shoot, leading to drama in the episode of the Fox network hit series.

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Paris Jackson’s role on Star came after a meeting with Lee Daniels. It was reported that Jackson really impressed Daniels, who then decided to talk to her manager about taking a role on the Fox hit. This is likely just the start of Jackson’s acting career. If she managed to inherit even a fraction of her famous father Michael Jackson’s talent, she’ll definitely be turning heads for a long time.

Although she’s never acted in anything prior to the role on Star, Paris Jackson lists herself as an actress and a model on Instagram. It turns out that Paris is brand new to modeling also, and recently made her debut as a fashion model for Chanel according to the Daily Mail. Just a few weeks back, Paris posed with men dressed as soldiers while holding U.S. and French flags in front of the Eiffel Tower.

In addition to the Chanel photo shoot, Paris has been modeling for magazines, doing both covers and spreads. She also often gives interviews along with the photo spreads, letting fans see further into her interesting life growing up as the daughter of Michael Jackson.

koa bear next to koa cactus ????❤️

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At just 18 years old, Paris Jackson seems to be much older than her actual age. Part of that might be from her upbringing, which has been described as partially sheltered but still in the spotlight. Many will recall that when Paris was little, Michael would shield her and her siblings from cameras and crowds by having them wear masks and face coverings. It wasn’t until after the King of Pop’s death that Paris Jackson’s face became instantly recognizable and the teen started to build her own fame.

Fame doesn’t come without a price though and Paris Jackson has been very open about her struggles growing up. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Paris recalled the severe bouts of depression that she suffered after the death of Michael Jackson. She admitted that she turned to drugs and other forms of self-abuse including cutting when she was suffering the most. Though she no longer takes them, Paris discussed the psych meds she was prescribed and how she took the same exact prescriptions as Michael took for depression.

Although she is obsessed with death and her interview while inside the Museum of Death proves that she’s certainly not squeamish, Paris Jackson has a huge soft spot for animals. She avoided the taxidermy animals portion of the museum, which brought up the subject of her new pit bull puppy named Koa who has been featured on her Instagram page. She also still has a Labrador named Kenya that Michael Jackson brought home to his kids a decade ago.

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Aside from acting and modeling, Paris Jackson is very socially conscious. She has been incredibly vocal about using the platform that she inherited from Michael Jackson to bring the issues that she cares about the most into the spotlight. She is especially concerned about the environment and has talked about her sadness about the Great Barrier Reef dying and other threats to the planet.

Paris Jackson’s upcoming role on Lee Daniels’ hit Star is starting to get her fans excited. Many are hoping that Michael Jackson’s daughter does a great job in the small role and that it helps to earn her bigger roles in TV and movies in the future.

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