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Kandi Burruss On Porsha Williams ‘Hate’ And Shamea Morton’s Phaedra Parks Claim

Did Kandi Burruss throw Shamea Morton an engagement party with the intent of driving a wedge between her and Porsha Williams? After the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode aired on Sunday, some viewers accused Kandi of doing just that. On social media, people left comments giving their opinion that Kandi, knowing full well that Porsha wouldn’t want to come to an event hosted by her given their feud, had an ulterior motive behind throwing the big bash for Shamea. Kandi was also criticized for not sticking up for Phaedra Parks when Shamea, at the party, basically claimed that Phaedra performs oral sex on a lot of men.

In response to a viewer who questioned Kandi’s real motivation for hosting Shamea’s engagement party and speculated that the goal was to put a wedge between her and Porsha, Kandi replied that she threw Shamea an engagement party because she missed her engagement dinner, knows her fiance, whom she thinks is a great guy, and she is simply happy for her.

Viewers have seen a lot of tension between Kandi and Porsha on the current season. Kandi has questioned and laughed off Porsha’s claims that she’s working on controlling her anger and bettering herself. Kandi even told her, as seen on last week’s episode, that Porsha better “back her a** up” after Porsha accused Kandi and the other women of ganging up on her. Is Kandi’s tension with Porsha really due to jealousy? In response to a viewer who tweeted that Porsha is “working and making her coins” while Kandi and her “tools” come for her, Kandi pointed out that she’s making her money too. Kandi pointedly told the viewer to find another reason why she’s supposed to be hating on Porsha because money definitely isn’t it.

I just wanted to take some time and thank @kandi again for throwing me the most AMAZING engagement party ever. I'm so blessed that some of my closest friends were there to support me and I'm excited to share my journey of becoming #MrsMwangi with you guys. ???????? #enagaged #bridetobe #becomingmrsmwangi #friends #kenyanweddings Makeup: @latashawright Hair: @its_jaidenrozario Outfit: #noigjeremy

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So what’s the reason? In another tweet, Kandi wrote that Porsha has been talking “s**t” about her all season and inserted herself in the middle of her drama with former friend Phaedra for no reason. Kandi added that it’s Porsha who caused the problem, not her.

“I’m sorry… have you been watching the season? She’s been talkin s**t about me & inserting herself in the middle of me & Pha drama for no reason. She made a problem between us, not me.”

Kandi also made it clear that she has a problem with Porsha because she thinks Porsha makes herself out to be the victim all the time instead of taking responsibility for her actions. Prior to the episode airing, Kandi put up an Instagram post about someone being the victim all her life. Kandi joked that the women’s camping trip was starting off nicely. On the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, the women embarked on their “glamping” trip. On the van ride over, Porsha faced more questions about her anger management therapy after offering up a note from her doctor.

???? #BeTheVictim #AllYourLife This camping trip is starting off nice. #RHOA

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In her blog post recapping the latest episode, posted on Wednesday, Kandi said that she was actually kind of surprised that Porsha didn’t show up for Shamea’s engagement party. Kandi didn’t expect Porsha to miss such a big event for her supposed her best friend just because she was hosting it.

“Kind of. I know she and I had some words, but it wasn’t that serious to me. This group of women has words all the time and still show up to each other’s events, so I didn’t think she would miss an event for her best friend just because of me.”

Regarding the doctor’s note that Porsha Williams showed everyone during the van ride to the campground to prove that she was working on anger management, Kandi said it was “B.S.”

“I wish you all could’ve seen that note! You would’ve thought it was some B.S. just like most of us did.”

As for what Shamea Morton claimed about Phaedra Parks during the engagement party when she said that Phaedra Parks is known for performing oral sex on men, Kandi explained that she kept quiet because she didn’t want to add to the drama. Kandi did admit, however, that if Sheree Whitfield had told her and Shamea everything that Phaedra had said regarding them when she claimed that they have sexual relations with one another that also includes Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, she would have had plenty to say.

I didn’t have an opinion. Phaedra and I have had enough drama this year already, so I didn’t want to add to it by commenting on what Shamea said. If Shereé had told us everything that Phaedra said, I would’ve had plenty to say, but she didn’t, so I was trying not to add to the mess.”

Lawddd This Episode Was DEEP! ☕???? #RHOA #PhaedraParks #ShereeWhitfield #PorshaWilliams #KandiBurruss #ShameaMorton

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On Twitter, Kandi responded to criticism that she didn’t stop Shamea when she was making her claim about Phaedra. The viewer pointed out that when former housewife NeNe Leakes brought up the same claim regarding Phaedra in a previous season, Kandi put NeNe on blast. In her tweet, Kandi pointed out that she and Phaedra are now no longer friends, so she has no reason to defend her now.

Kandi also revealed that she wishes Sheree would have told her and Shamea everything that Phaedra said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, right after Phaedra was shown making the threesome claim about Kandi and Shamea, which Porsha Williams seemed to confirm, Kandi tweeted that the claim was “BS.”

Considering how vocal Kandi has been during the current season, especially when it comes to defending herself and her family, it’s likely that if Sheree Whitfield had told her and Shamea Morton that Phaedra Parks had also accused them of engaging in threesomes with Todd Tucker, Kandi would have gone off on Phaedra to the women. Viewers might have also seen Kandi directly confront Phaedra about what she said.

Viewers might actually see that happen on next week’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode. A preview for the episode shows that Kandi Burruss, during the camping trip, will be asked by Marlo Hampton in front of everyone if she’s a lesbian.

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