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‘Riverdale’ Spoilers: Will Show Explore Bisexuality and Possible Incest

From the day that The CW debuted the dark, sinister take on the Archie comics, Riverdale spoilers have been cropping up all over the Internet. And the latest Riverdale spoilers suggest that we’ll be seeing a lot more sinister and sexual themes in the coming episodes!

Warning: this article contains spoilers. Please do not read this article if you do not wish to read Riverdale spoilers.

One of the biggest Riverdale spoilers, of course, revolves around the sexuality of the characters. According to The International Business Times UK, Veronica Lodge — played by newcomer Camila Mendes — is rumored to be bisexual, especially after the first episode, where she kissed Betty Cooper in a full-on French kiss while trying out for the cheerleading squad.

The outlet spoke to Mendes, who suggested that Veronica could, in fact, be bisexual, and proudly so.

“I think that was a way to get Cheryl’s attention. Veronica is a manipulative person. She just want to take hold of the situation. But that being said, it wouldn’t be out of the question for her to be bisexual, and maybe she is, and maybe that’s something that could be explored one day. But it’s not something we’ve really decided on.”

Speaking of sexuality, another bit of Riverdale spoilers has to do with the incestuous relationship between the Blossom twins. As we know from the series premiere, Jason Blossom has been murdered while he was on the river with his twin sister, Cheryl, and in a move that can only be classified as “Lannister-ian,” they were romantically holding hands.

Refinery29 takes a closer look at this relationship, whose incestuous nature is also implied — but never overtly stated, of course — in the comics. The outlet spoke to Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom, and she clarified a lot about the relationship between her character and her character’s former “womb-mate.”

“She’s not in love with him in an intimate and sexual way…It’s that he’s the only person who’s ever shown her unconditional love, and [he’s] the only person she’s ever unloaded unconditional love back to. So it’s a very awkward, weird place for her when she loses him to realize she’s so in love with him and so obsessed with him because no one loves her like he did. Her family doesn’t show love to her. She’s distraught and so lonely without him.”

And the last bit of sexuality comes, of course, from Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse in his first role without his twin brother Dylan by his side. In their latest round of Riverdale spoilers, TVLine discussed how Jughead — in sticking to the so-called “canon” of the comics series — is one of the few characters that is, properly, asexual (in other words, he’s not interested in either girls or boys).

Cole Sprouse, however, said that while he would love to get into the details of what asexuality means for his character, he ultimately has no say in which way the show is going to take it.

“I, personally, would love to see that exploration, but I’m just the actor. It seems to me that they’re not going to explore that angle. That’s kind of unfortunate, to be quite honest. I think there’s a lot of room for growth in that, and that kind of representation is quite interesting, and it’s needed, frankly.”

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