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‘Flip Or Flop’: Renovations For Growing Elephant In The Room Toughest Task Yet

As the Flip or Flop couple’s divorce plays out in the headlines, Christina and Tarek El Moussa have learned that there is one renovation that will take more than just swinging a hammer to come out in pristine condition. That would be how to take this husband-and-wife team and renovate them into just working colleagues on their Flip or Flop reality show once their pending divorce is finalized.

The couple, who flip homes for a living, is going through a messy divorce, and despite looking chipper on camera, the audience is riddled with curiosity about the fate of the couple and their popular Flip or Flop show. Christina and Tarek are requesting that they continue on with their roles on Flip or Flop despite their pending divorce, which is something the HGTV people have not officially guaranteed as of yet. This will all depend on the show’s ratings, according to the statement released by HGTV.

The latest headlines indicate that Tarek feels his wife, who is also his Flip or Flop co-star, is backstabbing him by dating a man who was once Tarek’s good friend. While this kind of rumor can work to create a scandal for the Flip or Flop stars, it also drives much viewer interest to the show. There are a few trains of thoughts on this happy-looking couple who flip homes for a living. Some people believe the show’s hammer-swinging duo were only made to look as though they had a strong marriage. Rumors are circulating that suggest their happiness was nothing more than a fabrication, which is seen in the tweet below.

Others believe Christina and Tarek had the closest thing to a perfect marriage as one can get, with a great home life and working life together. Hollywood Life reports that Tarek never saw a romance coming for Christina and Gary Anderson. The kicker to this story: It might have been Tarek’s actions that actually threw them together. It was Gary who was there to comfort Christina after she was left alone and devastated over Tarek’s incident that resulted in him storming out of the house with a gun.

The Flip or Flop couple had a “blow out” that ended with Tarek walking off into the woods and down a hiking trail with a gun, as reported in an earlier article from the Inquisitr. This incident was reported to the police as a “possible suicide” by witnesses who saw the Flip or Flop star walk into the woods with that gun. Christina was beside herself with worry, but after a search by numerous police officers on the ground and a helicopter in the air, Tarek was found along the hiking trail.

The Flip or Flop co-star later explained how the gun was only to arm himself against any critters he might have encountered during a walk in the wilderness. He also said that he needed to take that walk to blow off some steam at the time. Tarek filed for a divorce shortly after this incident, according to Hollywood Life. Ironically, it was Gary who was around to comfort Christina as she attempted to pick up the pieces alone. So in a roundabout way, Tarek’s actions may have very well been the precursor to Christina and Gary’s romance, suggests Hollywood Life.

According to the Christian Times, Christina and Tarek are attempting to convince the HGTV network bosses that they can indeed carry on with their Flip or Flop show despite their pending divorce. But these latest reports in the headlines are doing nothing but fueling that elephant in the room, the one that might just get too big to handle. As with any celebrity divorce, many of the things you see in the headlines are exaggerated or false, but unless Christina and Tarek address these things together and present a somewhat unified front to the fans, the Flip or Flop rumors will continue to swirl.

As far as Flip or Flop having a future once Christina and Tarek are divorced, it remains to be seen. HGTV released a statement a while back basically saying it is the ratings the network will look at when it comes time to decide the fate of the reality show. This is basically what most networks use when deciding if any show has a future on TV. The network also said that the Flip or Flop couple’s home life has nothing to do with the show and not taken into consideration when making a decision on another season materializing.

While the couple’s divorce is not being addressed by the stars of Flip or Flop, except for the few occasions rumors were denied, there could be a very good reason for this. With Christina and Tarek wanting to continue filming Flip or Flop, their marriage demise offers up some intrigue, which is probably better advertising for this reality show than any publicity money can buy.

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