Lindsay Lohan Interview

Lindsay Lohan To Appear On ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has scheduled an appearance later this month on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, according to the Examiner.

News of Lohan’s interview on the late night talk show comes just a few days after she cancelled an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20. Since the actress’ publicists were a little nervous about the questions the journalist might ask, the plug was pulled on the event at the last second.

The Clicker reports that Lindsay Lohan will be joined by Meet the Press host David Gregory and musical guest Wanda Jackson on the show. Fans should anticipate catching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on November 20.

According to TMZ, the Mean Girls star was scheduled to sit down with Barbara Walters for an interview about Lohan’s new movie Liz & Dick. However, Walters admitted that she was interested in delving into the actress’ personal life during their chat.

Public relations masterminds Rogers & Cowan were a little wary of Barbara Walters questioning their client about the recent car accident she had in New York City. Since Lohan could face charges of obstructing justice due to the lies she told police at the time of the incident, asking questions about the situation on television didn’t sound like a very good idea.

Towards the end of October, Lindsay Lohan’s publicist of two years decided to end his professional relationship with the troubled star. In the wake of everything that’s happened to the actress as of late, Steve Honig decided it was time to part ways with his client.

Chances are Lohan will use her appearance on The Tonight Show to discuss her role as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime original movie. Liz & Dick is currently scheduled to air on the network on November 25 at 9 pm.

Will you stay up to catch Lindsay Lohan’s interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?