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Sheree Whitfield On Domestic Abuse: ‘You Should Worry’ About Matt Jordan

Sheree Whitfield may just have been a friend of the wives on the previous season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she made quite the impression when she called out Kenya Moore for not keeping her promise of finishing her Moore Manor in just three months. Of course, Moore kept talking about Sheree’s home, including her lack of finances. However, Sheree had plenty of ammo against her co-star, and she recently went after Moore’s relationship problems. And since Matt Jordan had been attacking Moore’s private property, Whitfield kept talking about domestic abuse issues and how Moore needed to take a look at her life.

According to a new Bravo report, Sheree Whitfield revealed that she feels that Kenya may be to blame for her own situation with Matt. Why? Because Sheree believes that Moore provokes people to act out, and she feels that the recent dinner where Porsha Williams stormed off is the perfect example of how Kenya provokes her co-stars.

“Now let’s be clear, I said because she in this whole meeting that she’s afraid of Porsha; she does provoke people. Kenya has provoked a lot of the ladies,” Sheree Whitfield explained about the situation with Porsha Williams, according to Bravo, revealing that it might not be far-fetched to assume that Matt is acting out because of the way Kenya has been treating him.

“I’m not saying that she provoked Matt, but maybe you should worry about why he’s breaking your windows instead of sitting here claiming that you’re afraid of Porsha… Kenya getting up from the table, following her — you can’t keep poking the bear. But on the Matt situation, now that has nothing to do with me saying she provoked him. I’m saying, ‘You should find out why, but I do know in this group you have provoked a lot of people,'” Sheree Whitfield explains to Bravo about Kenya’s relationship with Jordan.

During the show, Whitfield may have assumed that Kenya was at fault for the way Jordan was treating her. Of course, it is hard to justify why it’s acceptable for Matt to act out the way he is, even though he has been vocal about being provoked by Kenya. He feels that he has no other way of communicating with her, so his anger is shown through his actions at her home rather than a calm conversation. And maybe Whitfield only knows what she seeson the show.

On social media, Moore opened up about how Sheree Whitfield was shameful for talking about her relationship on national television. Plus, Moore slammed Sheree for speaking about this abusive situation, considering she herself had been a victim of domestic abuse. And now, Sheree Whitfield is opening up about her own experiences with a violent partner. As it turns out, Whitfield doesn’t wish an abusive relationship on anyone, including Kenya.

“You know you never want to see a woman go through abuse. I’ve been a victim to it and so many other women have, so even when she came to me [and said], ‘Well, you’ve had someone beat you,’… that was so inappropriate,” Sheree Whitfield explains to Bravo about her own experiences with domestic violence, adding, “And it was shows that she really has no compassion to say something like that, because women get abused all the time and that’s nothing that you make fun of or say in a joking manner or try to hurt somebody with.”

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield’s comments about Moore and her relationship with Matt? Are you surprised that she’s now opening up to Bravo about her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star and her crazy relationship with Jordan?

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