Israel Syrian Border Mortar Fire

Israel Fires Warning Missile At Syria

Israel fired a missile into Syria early Sunday morning, the first time in quite a while that the country has been drawn into any type of fighting with its neighboring country.

According to Israeli military personnel the missile was fired as a warning shot on Sunday after stray mortar shells from Syria hit a military post in the Golan Heights.

Golan was captured from Syria by Israel during the 1967 Midwest war. Shortly after that time Israel annexed the area.

While no damage was caused and no injuries were reported military officials felt it necessary to stand their ground.

The Syrian civil war has led to various mortar shells reaching the area. While Israeli officials acknowledge that the shells are not likely an attack on Israel soil, they still sent the warning shot to let Syria know it will be held responsible for any damage or death mortar shells cause in the future.

According to Army Radio Israel’s chief military spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai said the missile fire was meant to send “a clear message to the Syrian army that Israel will not accept continued fire in its direction . . . even if it is not deliberate.”

During a meeting of his cabinet earlier this week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel is “closely following what is happening on our border with Syria, and there we are also ready for any development.”

Netanyahu further added that Israel would act “firmly against the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip … We are prepared to intensify the response.”

In the meantime Syrian has not responded to the attack.