Chuck Lorre

Chuck Lorre Apologizes For Criticizing ‘The Bachelor’

Television producer Chuck Lorre has apologized for criticizing The Bachelor in one of his recent vanity cards, according to E! Online.

The creator of such hit sitcoms as Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory took a few digs at the popular dating program. However, Lorre has since apologized for criticizing the reality television show.

The producer addressed the situation in a vanity card after a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory. Here’s an excerpt from Lorre’s apology:

“I need to apologize. In an earlier vanity card I made a derisive comment about a popular reality show because I thought its premise – a group of single women compete with one another to win the affections of, and ultimately marry, an eligible man – was more threatening to the sanctity of marriage than gay people tying the knot. After careful consideration, I now realize that I couldn’t have been more wrong. My mistake was that I was looking at the show through the tired old eyes of 60’s feminism. But we are clearly in a post-feminist era.”

It may not be the most sincere apology the producer could have issued, but it’s probably the best one fans of The Bachelor are going to get.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Chuck Lorre’s thoughts regarding The Bachelor ruffled a few features after news of the comments began making the rounds online.

“What does it say about us when we think the institution of marriage is threatened by gay people who love each other, but not by idiotic game shows like ‘The Bachelor?’ ” Lorre wrote in one of his famous vanity cards.

Chris Harrison, host of the popular dating show, issued a post about the comments on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

“Love it when people expose their own ignorance!” he wrote. Harrison included a link to an article discussing the executive producer’s vanity card.

Do you think Chuck Lorre should apologize for his comments regarding The Bachelor? Do you agree with his opinion of the dating show?