K Michelle slammed after her congratulations on Beyonce's twin pregnancy goes wrong

Did K. Michelle Really Shade Beyonce’s Twin Pregnancy Announcement?

On Wednesday, the world learned of Beyonce’s twin pregnancy after she made an announcement on social media. K. Michelle was one of the first celebrities to congratulate Queen Bey, but the “Can’t Raise A Man” singer is getting blasted because the Beyhive thinks that K. Michelle was shading Beyonce’s pregnancy news.

When Beyonce’s twin pregnancy was announced on social media, K. Michelle reposted Queen Bey’s picture and congratulated the singer on her huge baby news. K. Michelle’s congratulatory post looked like this.

Yesss! The season on the multiples! I can wait to hit this doctor next month!!!!! Congrats. I know it's an awesome feeling❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????? *i said can't wait to see the doctor next month, not i'm pregnant. Not yet guys, I need to see a doctor 1st right. Slow down gym shoes*

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Immediately after K. Michelle sent her congratulations to Beyonce, she was ridiculed for what she said.

One fan commented right under her and said. “Girl stop being real thirsty and extra you look crazy by forcing him! He about to [running man emoji] in a second'”

K. Michelle has made no secret of her desire to get pregnant with twins on K. Michelle: My Life. There is even an episode where Jonathan sets up a special “date” for K. Michelle and a set of young twin girls so they can have a tea party and play. K. enjoyed the playdate so much that she called up her fiance, Kastan Sims, and introduced the girls to her.

Going on 19 years strong. We aren't new to this. You have changed my life dramatically. You motivate me on the daily. They say never date a man you wouldn't want your son to grow up like, and Chase now wants to be a doctor because of you. Even the music feels better????❤️ #blacklove #weknowwhatimtalkingabout #isaidwhatisaid19

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There have been several other times on K. Michelle: My Life that the singer mentioned her desire to have twins. She even told her own family about her plans and often mentioned wanting to marry Kastan and get pregnant right away.

So when K. Michelle congratulated Beyonce on her twin pregnancy news, the singing reality TV star was likely really excited for her and meant what she said. She was also referring back to her own twin pregnancy plans and her own trip to the doctor to make it happen.

There were accusations from angry Beyonce fans who felt like K. Michelle was calling out their idol for using in vitro to conceive twins, according to Bossip. That may not actually be the case because so far, there is no indication or proof that Beyonce used in vitro or any other sort of medical intervention in order to get pregnant with twins. While it’s relatively rare, it is possible that she conceived twins naturally.

I'm Animated in every way???? #TCE #npwit #4

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Others assumed that K. Michelle was using Beyonce’s announcement to steal her shine and announce her own twin pregnancy as well. That also is not the case because there is no reason to believe that she is currently pregnant and has only discussed her plans to get pregnant on her VH1 reality show. K. Michelle even cleared up that misconception by editing her original message about Beyonce and adding the part to make it clear that she’s not pregnant yet.

The original message did not contain the part in quotes about not being pregnant and read, “Yesss! The season on the multiples! I can wait to hit this doctor next month!!!!! Congrats. I know it’s an awesome feeling?”

So far, K. Michelle hasn’t commented on the backlash over her comment on Beyonce’s twin pregnancy announcement. She has been giving a lot of updates on Twitter about the upcoming opening of her restaurant in Atlanta as well as the progress on her upcoming album. The K Michelle: My Life Season 3 finale will be airing soon and then things should be a little slower for the singer. It wouldn’t be surprising if K. shares a picture of her baby bump in the next several months. After all, K. has proved that when she really wants something, as with her music career and her new restaurant, she will put in the work and make sure that she gets it.

Do you think K. Michelle was shading Beyonce’s twin pregnancy news, or do you think the “V.S.O.P.” singer was legitimately excited for Beyonce and was just relating to her and overshared a little? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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