Cast members from Destination America's new series Killing Bigfoot

Exclusive ‘Killing Bigfoot’ Clip: One Woman’s Frightening Encounter [Spoilers]

This new series, based on the popular one-hour Killing Bigfoot special that aired in the fall of 2014 on Destination America, is sure to generate a lot of discussion and controversy. No one has been able to bring in a Bigfoot, alive or dead, and the odds are against the Killing Bigfoot team that their hunt over the six-episode season will be successful. Their ultimate goal is to prove to the scientific community, once and for all, that Bigfoot does exist.

According to Monsters and Critics, The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) is comprised of a diverse team of Bigfoot hunters whose main goal is to assist families who believe they are being terrorized and harassed by an aggressive type of Bigfoot. The Inquisitr’s exclusive Killing Bigfoot sneak-peek video clip from Destination America reveals what one woman, Anna Davis, firmly believes that she experienced an unnerving encounter with a Bigfoot.

Airing during a later episode slated for February 25, the team receives an exciting report. Anna claims she shot at a Bigfoot in her East Texas backyard one night when her husband was away, to protect her daughter and save her injured dog. A wounded creature may be easier for the team to track, and the GCBRO race down to meet with Anna and examine the game camera photos she captured.

Anna also has an unidentified hair sample she discovered stuck to her shoe, and it is sent off for DNA analysis. The team decides to conduct a night hunt on the property, but first, they interview another eyewitness who guides them to what could be possible Bigfoot nesting areas. During the night hunt, the team discovers Bigfoot trails, tracks, and have some very close calls.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Swamp Ape, and Orang Pendek are only a few of the names this creature goes by. For the most part, scientists currently discount the existence of Bigfoot, considering it to be a mixture of folklore, misidentification, or hoax. The lack of absolute physical evidence led to this conclusion, coupled with the fact that there would have to be a fairly large numbers of the creatures needed to sustain a viable breeding population. If that were the case, scientists believe that there should be many more sightings, and concrete evidence should have been obtained by now.

Those who believe in the creatures’ existence argue that there have been too many sightings and that although there is no body, other credible evidence has been gathered over the years as well. Bigfoot advocates point to recordings of howls, whoops, and strange jabbering vocalizations, to knocks and thousands of unexplained large footprints and more, as reasons to pursue the creature. The GCBRO team believes there is a Bigfoot in the southern region of the country that is fast, lean, and aggressive in nature, and is responsible for attacking homes, farm animals, and pets. This is the creature they are interested in, and Hidden Remote shared that the team believes if they have the opportunity to kill one specimen, then they can finally provide the evidence needed to prove Bigfoot’s existence.

One thing is for certain: Killing Bigfoot promises to be an exciting new series that follows a dedicated group of hunters and researchers as they go on the hunt for the elusive creatures. They will be conducting investigations and hunts in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Whether or not they manage to actually harvest a Bigfoot remains to be seen.

Do you believe in the existence of Bigfoot-like creatures? Do you think the Killing Bigfoot team will be successful? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Killing Bigfoot below. Killing Bigfoot premieres on Saturday, February 4 at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America.

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