Jax Taylor Blocking ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Viewers

Jax Taylor Blocking ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Viewers: Is He A Negative Person?

Jax Taylor has done and said some crazy things over the past couple of years. Whenever Vanderpump Rules returned to Bravo, viewers knew that Jax would say or do something that would rattle the cast on the show, whether it’d be an arrest in Hawaii or admitting to sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend – twice. But after he started dating Brittany Cartwright, it sounds like his bad behavior stopped and now he’s just spreading pointless rumors, even about his own girlfriend.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that he’s still getting plenty of harsh comments from viewers, who feel like he isn’t behaving nicely towards his girlfriend and her mother. On Vanderpump Rules, Taylor entertained his mother-in-law who was visiting them in Los Angeles, and he quickly realized that she was a bit more conservative than he expected. And it sounds like his followers want him to shape up and show more respect.

“I’ve muted like 200 people today! So gratifying!! Your negative tweets stay on your page with you and your 10 followers!!” Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter, lashing out against people who slam him for his behavior on Vanderpump Rules and how he could show more respect for Brittany and her own mother.

“What’s wrong with people? You are easily one of the most entertaining and one of my favorite parts of Pump Rules! Bye Haters,” one person wrote to Jax Taylor, while another added, “If only people realized it takes a whole lot of energy being negative. Being kind and polite, doesn’t take as much. :-)”

During this week’s episode, Jax Taylor had to address some of the rumors that surfaced thanks to his big birthday roast. During the roast, his Vanderpump Rulesco-stars hinted that Jax had been a criminal, had cheated on previous girlfriends and had been with guys throughout his many years working as a model and bartender in Los Angeles. While Brittany’s mother had no problem with the theft and the cheating, she was shocked to hear that Taylor may have been with men. And this is because she’s very conservative and it sounds like she wants to bring him to church.

“Does Jax Taylor need to go to church?” one person questioned, to which Jax Taylor took a negative stance, writing back, “Let people do as they feel man.. people please worry about you! I am always gonna be me regardless of all your pathetic tweets. Happy mon!”

“It’s so funny to see you responding to your haters you actually waste energy, pretty negativo over there buddy,” one person replied to Taylor, adding that it was interesting that Jax took a negative stance when it came to addressing his haters, with another person added, “Maybe not church but a basic understanding of how the universe works so you could use it properly. So everyone is happy.”

It is very interesting that Jax Taylor is replying to the comment about him going to church with a negative point of view. It sounds like the follower just wanted to bring up a hilarious point that surfaced on Vanderpump Rules, but Taylor took offense to the comment, and he quickly replied in a negative tone. It almost seemed as if he can’t make fun of his own horrible behavior.

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s comments that he’s blocking people on Twitter every week for what they are saying about his behavior on Vanderpump Rules? Do you think Jax is taking his role on Vanderpump Rules too seriously since he can’t have fun on Twitter and mock his own behavior?

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