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Is ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Real? Rumors Say That Curse Is Made Up For The Show

As Season 4 of The Curse of Oak Island draws to a close, rumors are now swirling across social media that the curse is made up for the show. The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel is built around the idea that there’s buried treasure somewhere on the small, privately-owned island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Viewership has stayed steady over the last three years, as fans tune in to learn about the history of the island and find out about recent discoveries surrounding the speculated treasure. But the alleged fatal curse of Oak Island is what really keeps ratings up for the long-running reality TV series, a curse that some critics are saying was just “made up for the show.”

The Curse of Oak Island first premiered in Canada in 2014 on the History Channel and is now well into its fourth season, as viewers anxiously watch the Lagina brothers dig for treasure every week and wonder who’s going to be the next victim of the island’s alleged curse. Social media keeps fans updated on the latest shows, with the History Channel posting on the official Curse of Oak Island Facebook page.

With the latest update on Wednesday encouraging fans to watch the last new full episode that aired last Tuesday, some critics commented that the curse of Oak Island is not real. Some say the curse was made up years ago by treasure hunters looking for investors, while others say the curse was made up to bring in ratings for The Curse of Oak Island.

The infamous alleged curse states that seven men must die before the “secret can be unveiled,” a legend that the History Channel took full advantage of when promoting The Curse of Oak Island back in December of 2013, one month before the show premiered in January of 2014. Deadline reported in 2013 that the History Channel “made it official” that one more person “must die” before the treasure is revealed.

History, of course, clarified its statement about the legendary prophecy behind The Curse of Oak Island that says “seven people will die before the treasure is found, and that six have died in various accidents already.” Starcasm reports that actually far more than seven treasure hunters have already died over the past 200 plus years since the Oak Island mystery began.

Disclose says that Oak Island is “shrouded with mysteries and myths,” dating all the way back to the mid to late 18th century, when the Nova Scotia government began encouraging settlement of the area by European descendants, the first of which were French fisherman in the 1750s. Oak Island, which is said to be well over 200 years old, has had several names since the first group of settlers in the Chester area, and theories suggest that a well was dug somewhere on the island to bury either treasure or historical religious artifacts.

Michigan brothers Marty and Rick Lagina have been drilling for the fabled Oak Island treasure for the last four seasons of The Curse of Oak Island and manage to keep viewers coming back, even though they haven’t uncovered anything yet of any real monetary value. New Castle News says that the team keeps finding just enough to keep viewers’ “interest piqued,” adding that The Curse of Oak Island continues to find items that don’t belong underground — wood, stone slabs, and possibly even human remains.

“Every clue they uncover seems to spark more questions than answers.”

The questions are what keep The Curse of Oak Island on the air, as Season 4 is close to an end, with some fans asking about a Season 5. Starcasm reported just before the beginning of Season 4 that the Lagina brothers promised to “finish off” the Oak Island treasure hunt once and for all. For the last 12 episodes of Season 4, Marty and Rick continue to drill in areas of interest on the island, with the brothers deciding on the last episode to dig a third hole at the Money Pit, due to continued possible ties to the Knights Templar.

But some discontented fans say the next two episodes of Season 4 of The Curse of Oak Island will “make or break” the series for them, adding that the show is getting boring and redundant, as the team continues to “drag it out” for ratings. In fact, Marty Lagina said in an interview published on Starcasm that nothing keeps people engaged like the search for treasure.

The History Channel hasn’t said yet whether there will be another season of The Curse of Oak Island, even though the show’s loyal fan base continues to hang on, with viewership holding steady. Critics say there’s no “real curse,” and that The Curse of Oak Island is using the alleged curse to gain viewers and to keep the show going, since someone else allegedly still has to die before Oak Island will give up the treasure.

Long-time Oak Island treasure hunter Fred Nolan actually passed away not even a year ago, which some say should have fulfilled the Oak Island curse. However, at the age of 89, Nolan died from natural causes not related to Oak Island. So The Curse of Oak Island continues, with the team always taking “two steps forward” and “one step back,” a recent observation by TV Overmind.

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