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WWE News: Seth Rollins’ Injury Forces WWE To Call Emergency Creative Meeting

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins may be missing WrestleMania for the second year in a row after getting hurt at the hands of Samoa Joe on WWE RAW, which has led to panic backstage where a lot may be changing on the card as a result. On this past episode of WWE RAW, Triple H used Samoa Joe as his destroyer to blindside Seth Rollins and beat the holy crap out of him to get him out of the way so that Triple H does not have to do his own dirty work himself.

In making this attack, however, Joe was taking Rollins to the ground when the two got back into the ring. It was there that Joe led him to his submission and where Rollins re-injured his right knee. This is the same knee he tore just about everything in during a live event match with Kane in 2015, as he was the reigning WWE World Champion. This led to Rollins missing WrestleMania 32 despite how hard he battled to be back. He did appear a few months after the event, however.

He would challenge and then win back his WWE World Title before being cashed in on by Dean Ambrose, the then reigning Money in the Bank winner at the event of the same name. Seth would then go on to lose the inaugural WWE Universal Title match at WWE SummerSlam to Finn Balor, but due to Balor’s injury, he too would have to give up a title. This led to a Universal Title match on WWE RAW the week following SummerSlam, and that was when Triple H turned on Rollins.

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Since then, Rollins has been going after The Game only for him to never show up to RAW. He would call him out and still nothing, regardless of the venue. That was until Rollins crossed a line and would show up at WWE NXT Takeover: San Antonio. This led to Triple H finally coming back to RAW on Monday, which began the official start of the Triple H/Seth Rollins rivalry for WrestleMania 33.

Before this, however, Samoa Joe was set to come in between things for a bit and would eventually work a match with Rollins at WWE Fast Lane. It was rumored if Rollins won, he would get his match with Triple H. This was before Rollins would get hurt. Seth flew down to speak with Dr. James Andrews and his office about his knee in Birmingham, AL on Wednesday afternoon. Rollins would tell the world, if they thought this was a fake thing for story, that the injury is legitimate.

A lot of the time, WWE tries to make a big angle like this happen so they can build toward a big program. Sadly this is not part of the storyline, but it does work out very well that Rollins got hurt due to Samoa Joe and Triple H, as it can only add to the rivalry and build for the match that we already wanted to see. Now if we must wait more, people will be pumped when the match finally does happen.

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As of now, there is no indication if plans will change as there is no update on Seth as of this writing. Despite this, WWE did not want to play around. According to The Wrestling Observer, they held emergency meetings to discuss the WrestleMania card. Triple H of course still wants the match with Seth Rollins to happen, but only if Rollins can return for it. Another match being discussed is Triple H vs. Samoa Joe, and there have even been plans to move Samoa Joe to WWE SmackDown Live.

Early plans called for Joe to take on John Cena at WrestleMania, but the plans for that changed last minute so he could be added to the RAW roster and be part of the Rollins/Triple H rivalry for a bit. There is a possibility he is moved to the blue brand somehow to have the match with Cena as previously discussed. There are no other plans discussed in detail for Triple H other than the Joe match, but plans could always change.

Some believe it would be dumb for Triple H to work an angle with anyone else but Seth Rollins as he is the only man that makes sense for Triple H to return to the ring for right now. Obviously this match was set for WrestleMania 32 and now WrestleMania 33. However, WWE had time to build up for the WrestleMania 32 match, not including Rollins. With just a few months left and no one else making sense for Triple H, he may still work the show, but it may not be a match.

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