Watch Lucifer winter finale online

Watch ‘Lucifer’ Winter Finale On-Demand, Don’t Miss Season 2 Cliffhanger [Video]

February 2017 brings plenty of TV premieres and finales, and the FOX network is no exception. This week, FOX’s hit series Lucifer aired its winter finale episode and left viewers in limbo until the show returns. If you missed Lucifer when it aired on TV or didn’t catch the live stream, you can watch the full episode on demand through FOX and Hulu.

Those who don’t have a Hulu subscription can watch Lucifer Seasons 1 and 2 online and on-demand through YouTube, but this is not the most cost-efficient method. A more advantageous way to watch Lucifer is through your cable or satellite subscription account that gives you access to FOX full episodes on demand. FOX doesn’t have the full two seasons of Lucifer available through their website or app, but you can watch last five latest videos. Also, networks tend to promote the return of a series by suddenly releasing a full season to binge-watch free, so check the Fox Lucifer site in May for more videos before Season 2 returns.

Here is a video playlist showcasing some of the most memorable moments from Lucifer Season 1.

Check out these behind-the-scenes videos from the official Lucifer YouTube channel.

Although you need a cable or satellite subscription to watch full episodes of Lucifer through FOX on Demand, there is a way to watch the latest Lucifer episodes free. Without question, the best way to watch Lucifer online is through Hulu. Hulu has Lucifer Season 1 and Season 2 in its entirety and when compared with the cost of a Hulu subscription to buying both seasons through YouTube or Amazon, you’ll quickly see that Hulu is the best option. But those who don’t want to subscribe to Hulu can still watch Lucifer for free online and on-demand.

If you want to watch Lucifer online and on-demand without a cable, satellite, or Hulu subscription, you can head over to Yahoo View. If you’re familiar with Hulu, you might remember that Hulu used to offer free videos in addition to their paid subscriptions. Hulu no longer has free videos on their website, and as soon as you view a video, you are prompted to subscribe or sign up for a free trial subscription.

Hulu didn’t do away with their free videos; however. Instead, they moved from the Hulu site to Yahoo View. Unfortunately for Yahoo, they were hit with a lot of negative publicity and bad press for security failures at the time they were launching the free video service. Every free video on Yahoo View has a Hulu logo displayed in the top right corner, and if you click it, you are directed to Hulu. Lucifer is one of the series picked up by Yahoo View, and you can watch full episodes online free and on-demand.

Like the FOX website, Yahoo View is known to promote upcoming seasons by releasing full seasons, so check back with Yahoo View in May to see if they’ve added more videos to their listings. You can access Lucifer on Yahoo View here.

Lucifer’s winter finale concluded with Season 2 Episode 13, “A Good Day to Die.” The episode featured a tormented Lucifer as he learned that Chloe (aka Detective) was created by God and purposefully set in his path. The news came as a devastating blow to the emotionally tortured, fallen angel who has never experienced true love, believes he has been nothing but a pawn in his father’s manipulative games and wants to etch out a life for himself. Lucifer loves Chloe, but that love makes him weak and vulnerable.

Watch the winter Season 2 finale to see how Lucifer deals with the realization that his newfound emotions and vulnerability were not the result of two beings spontaneously meeting, but were orchestrated events from above. Can Lucifer and Chloe have a relationship now that he knows the truth? What will the revelation mean for Lucifer’s and Chloe’s future? Can they even have a future now that Lucifer’s rage is reignited?

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