Anna Duggar Rumored To Be Meeting With Divorce Attorney

Anna Duggar Rumored To Be Meeting With Divorce Attorney

Anna Duggar has been the target of several rumors over the last two years. She has been judged for choosing to remain beside her husband, Josh Duggar through the scandals that rocked the family in 2015. The two-year anniversary of the scandals is coming up, and the rumors are swirling more than ever right now.

Because of the choices made by her husband, Anna Duggar has been shunned from the reality television world. She has made brief appearances on Counting On, but has not been featured more than a few minutes at a time. When TLC decided to bring back the Duggars, Anna talked a little bit about Josh’s cheating and the impact it had on her. There wasn’t much to say other than she was seeing him while he attended rehab in Illinois, and he missed his family.

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It has been a long road for Anna Duggar, especially having to deal with the public opinion of what she should be doing. The decision to remain with Josh Duggar was something most expected but few supported. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Anna Duggar is seeking advice from a divorce attorney. Fans seem to think this is a bit far-fetched, but sources told the tabloid that she is upset with how things are playing out in her marriage. Rumors are that they are sleeping in the same bed but not having relations because she isn’t comfortable with that yet. With all of the rumored pregnancies she has had over the last two years, it is ironic.

Counting On fans will support Anna Duggar if she ever does decide to walk away from Josh Duggar, but that is highly unlikely. She worked too hard to stand behind him while he was at his lowest point and through various social media photos, it appears the two have rekindled a bit of what they once had. The couple has been seen out and about in Arkansas with family and also attended Jinger Duggar’s wedding together despite the fact they were not filmed for the television special that aired back in November.

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Rumors of a pregnancy have been surrounding Anna Duggar for nearly two years straight. Her youngest daughter, Meredith will be two this summer. She was pregnant with her when all of the scandals happened with Josh Duggar. It was a stressful time for her and bringing a new baby into the mix wasn’t easy. Back around Christmas, a photo surfaced of a woman looking rather pregnant at a Duggar family function. Immediately, everyone assumed it was a photo of Anna and the rumor mill began churning. As it turns out, it was a family friend, and she was not pregnant at all.

If Anna Duggar is considering walking away from Josh Duggar, there will be more than just rumors of meeting with a divorce attorney out there. She has endured a lot over the last two years, and after putting in all of the work to fix their marriage, it would be a shame for her to walk away. Fans are rooting for the couple to remain strong through the storm. Duggar has been the target of some brutal criticism, and for the most part, she has avoided social media. Both Anna and Josh have social media accounts, but they have fallen to the wayside amid all of the drama from 2015.

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There is hope that in the future Anna and Josh Duggar may be able to film with the family once again. For now, they are living a more private life and working through the mess that Josh got himself into. Anna Duggar is standing by her man, and the rumors of visiting a divorce attorney appear to be unfounded.

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