Lee Min Ho is due to fulfill his mandatory civic duty this year

Lee Min Ho Might Ship Off For Civic Duty, But These Hallyu Stars Are Coming Back

Lee Min Ho recently clarified rumors about his military enlistment and how he’s due for his civic duty sooner than later. His management label, MYM Entertainment, released a statement regarding speculations on the star’s upcoming military duty. According to Soompi, a media outlet had reported that Lee would be enlisting in March or April, after he holds his last fan event in February.

“Lee Min Ho has not received any information about the exact date of his enlistment. He has not even received his notice of admission,” reads the statement from his management agency.

The latest rumors of his enlistment are reminiscent of a previous gaffe when a Chinese fan went to great lengths to express her solidarity with the star. The said fan shaved her head to support Lee Min Ho’s enlistment, but unfortunately, he was not due to serve yet. However, the news did not escape the Bounty Hunters star, as he reveals that he has read articles about the unfortunate event.

“I could feel her sincerity, and I was very moved. But, to be honest, I don’t yet have any specific plans regarding my enlistment or the timing of it,” said Lee Min Ho. “Because she already shaved her head, it could be that when I do end up going to the army, her hair will have grown out quite a bit.”

Lee Min Ho is set to fulfill his civic duty soon and it might take a while before he can face the cameras again.
[Image by SBS Korea]

In the meantime, he acknowledged the possibility of his fans turning their attention to other Korean stars while he’s away, especially since a bunch of them are coming back from military service this year. But this does not deter Lee, as he believes that he is like an unfinished book in progress.

“No one knows what the ending will be. But I believe the process of [writing] a page or a chapter will be remembered. I will work hard to complete the book to everyone’s liking. It’s my responsibility and my duty,” the Legend of the Blue Sea star said.

In South Korea, military service is mandatory for males between the ages of 18 and 35 as legislated in the Constitution of the Republic of Korea. The mandatory service can either be active duty, where Korean males will serve in the Marine Corps or Air Force, or non-active duty, which involves civil or public service and can take up to 36 months.

In Lee Min Ho’s case, he is enlisted to serve as a public service officer instead of the more strenuous duty of a soldier. This is because of a history of physical injuries he has had due to car accidents. Most notably, while filming City Hunters in 2011, when the car he was riding on was totaled. The accident resulted in a leg injury, where metal screws had to be inserted in his leg. Because of the severity of his condition from this accident, he qualifies to serve as a public service officer.

On February 18, Lee Min Ho will hold a fan meeting to celebrate his 10 years in show business. The event, titled “The Originality of Lee Min Ho,” will be held at the Grand Peace Hall in South Korea. Just last month, fan-meeting applications were opened for China, Japan, and other countries. The event was reported to have all 6,000 seats sold out just a day after it was announced. If Lee does go through with his enlistment this year, the upcoming event would be a good way to bid a temporary goodbye to his fans.

Lee Min Ho will hold a fan meeting prior to fulfilling his civic duty this year
Lee Min Ho is set for a fan meeting this February 18 in Korea. [Image by Kin Cheung/AP Images]

Meanwhile, these Hallyu stars are also due for military enlistment this 2017. Ji Chang Wook, star of Fabricated City; Seo In Guk, who played second lead in The Master’s Sun; and G-Dragon and Taeyang, who will be releasing their respective albums prior to their military service.

On the other hand, according to Drama Fever, the following stars will be coming back this year.

  1. Kim Hyun Joong (February 11)
  2. Lee Seung Gi (October 31)
  3. Yunho (April 20)
  4. Changmin (August 18)
  5. Eunhyuk (July 12)
  6. Donghae (July 14)
  7. Siwon (August 18)
  8. Yoochun (August 26)

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