Kendra Wilkinson poses with a strapless, rainbow bikini on

Kendra Wilkinson Shows Off Her Spectacular Body In A Strapless Rainbow Bikini

Kendra Wilkinson treated her Instagram fans to a sexy show following her latest post in which she was clad in a strapless rainbow bikini.

Kendra had an incredible career as a Playboy model so she is not new to the camera. The 31-year-old proved that she still has what it takes by posing for the camera yet again but this time it was for her Instagram fans. She stripped down to a strapless rainbow colored bikini for a sexy shoot next to a pool and later posted that photo on Instagram.

About to get that vitamin D.

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Kendra parades her curves for her Instagram fans

Kendra’s sexy Instagram photo was taken as she squatted next to a swimming pool at her home. She looked as if she was thinking whether or not to take a dip since it was a sunny day. Also, the photo was taken at an angle while she faced the pool thus giving a sexy look at her side profile. Her strapless rainbow bikini added color to the photo while also covering up her sexy curves. The side angle barely gave a peek at her well-endowed cleavage.

Kendra Wilkinson poses with a strapless, rainbow bikini on
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The reality star was in great shape

It appears that Kendra has been hitting the gym quite hard because she appeared to be in great shape in the Instagram snap. The photo gave a glance at her flat tummy and incredibly tight toned body proving that the 31-year-old has definitely been hard at work to maintain such a desirable physique.

“About to get that vitamin D,” Wilkinson captioned the Instagram photo.

The 31-year-old also added a bit more sexiness to the already drooping hot snap by making sure that part of her blonde hair slightly covered her face thus making it more dramatic. It is, however, difficult to state which part made the photo so good because her thighs, booty, boobs, and strapless rainbow bikini were all exposed to some degree in the photo.

The mother of two also made sure not to edit the photo, so that it even revealed her stretchmarks. Overall it came out very well and Kendra’s fans responded positively. Some of her fans specifically gave her props for being so comfortable in her own skin and even going far as showing her stretch marks.

Kendra Wilkinson poses with a strapless, rainbow bikini on
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“Thank you for giving confidence to a mother of 4 (me) to wear a bathing suit and not be embarrassed by stretch marks! Motherhood is beautiful! Gorgeous,” one fan remarked on the comment section.

Kendra has been very devoted to her family life. She has two beautiful children (Hank Jr., seven, and Alijah, two) with her husband Hank Baskett. The 31-year-old often posts photos of her together with her family especially those in which she appears to be having fun with her children or spending time with Hank.

The reality star loves her children but she claims that she is not sure whether she wants to entertain the idea of another pregnancy. Kendra explained that she had a hard time after experiencing complications with each pregnancy, especially postpartum after she gave birth to her daughter Alijah. She explained to E! News that she is afraid of getting pregnant again though she still wants to have more children.

Kendra also revealed that if she was to have more children with her husband, they would have to agree on adoption. She also added that she would be happier with that option because not getting pregnant again would not lead to drastic changes in her body. It also means a lot to her because she would still get to wear sexy clothes and be comfortable with the way she looks. She did look quite sexy while only clad in the strapless rainbow bikini in the latest photo, which she posted on Instagram.

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