Saddened by ban

Jennifer Lawrence Responds To Trump’s Actions During First Week In Office

Donald Trump began his role as President of the United States with a very controversial move that has sparked outrage not only across the nation but around the world. The president made a bold move by putting an immigration hold in place which halts the immigration resettlement program for 90 days, restricting any immigration from seven nations with Muslim-majorities. He also restricted immigration from Syria for 120 days.

Prior to this order, Trump already had been opposed by many and celebrities had spoken out about the business tycoon-turned politician. Following the ban, even more celebrities are speaking out in shock and outrage.

One such star, who has never been soft spoken about issues she believes in, is American Hustle actress Jennifer Lawrence. She took to Facebook on Monday to share her piece about the order by Trump which shocked the world and led to some immigrants to be held at U.S. airports in the confusion.

The Huffington Post shared Lawrence’s words regarding Donald Trump’s controversial first week in office.

“On Monday, Lawrence took to Facebook to express her thoughts on Trump’s executive order, which he signed on Friday, writing that her “broken heart goes out to the innocent lives of Muslim refugees that are trying to escape terror and find safety for their families.”

The beauty and activist went on to state that a person’s “race or religion should never keep them in harms way,” adding also that it should be a “person’s duty to help and protect anyone no matter their nationality.”

Lawrence’s remarks were concluded by stating that she is praying “for sanity and compassion to return to the White House,” as many likely are since the decision was made earlier this week.

Jennifer Lawrence had made it well-known that she is not a supporter of Donald Trump throughout his campaign. When Trump was victorious in the election, Lawrence spoke out attempting to inspire those who were angered by the outcome of the election to let their rage motivate them to act.

“Do not let this defeat you — let this enrage you! Let it motivate you!.”

Although Jen wanted to take part in the recent marches that occurred after the inauguration of Donald Trump last week, the star is currently overseas filming in Budapest, so she was unable to take part. The vocal beauty did ensure to send her support to all and a word of advice for participants, which were in the millions.

“Do not give this administration a “chance” to do the terrible things it wants to do. LGBT and environmental information has already been removed from the White House website. Fight for equality, fight for women to have control over their bodies.”

Lawrence has been very outspoken about equal rights for women, especially when a hacking scandal between film executives revealed the enormous pay gap between Jen and her male co-stars in various films. After this incident, Jen penned an essay regarding the need for equality of pay in all workplaces to be achieved in which she shared her own experience. The essay was published in Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letters. Lawrence identified the vast difference between how a man is treated as opposed to a woman in the same setting.

“I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable!.. I don’t think I’ve ever worked for a man in charge who spent time contemplating what angle he should use to have his voice heard. It’s just heard. Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Bradley Cooper all fought and succeeded in negotiating powerful deals for themselves…I’m sure they were commended for being fierce and tactical, while I was busy worrying about coming across as a brat and not getting my fair share. “

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