pregnant Binky Felstead flashes nipples

Binky Felstead Flashes Nipple In Dress Collection

The Made In Chelsea star flashed a bit of nipple in her lace black body hugging dress, as she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her dress captioned “a dream” is set to be in her new collection Western Rose.

Her plunging dress along with her makeup gave her a very sultry look that would make one forget that she was indeed pregnant.

The reality star was star signed a modeling contract with Select Models and is very excited about her future.

pregnant Binky Felstead flashes nipples
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Binky has shown off her baby bump since making the surprising announcement. Captioning on her first announcement,

“When you get the best surprise you never knew you always wanted… There’s a little ‘buh’ on the way.”
Her on again and off again boyfriend and herself have chosen to put their issues aside and move forward with their lives instead of looking at other past issues. JP believes that the baby will not be affected by whatever outcome of their relationship.

The two are expecting a baby girl and are more than likely going to share their pregnancy experience on the show MIC. Binky did say that she would not show the birth of their child on the TV show.

pregnant Binky Felstead flashes nipples
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She continues to show her baby bump journey with her fans online before the show premiers. The two said that they had not planned for the baby and had been quite shocked about the news to Hello! Magazine. The two believe that it’s a new start to their lives.The 26-year-old is expected to give birth during the summer.

Relationship woes

Binky shared on Virtually Famous that it was her mother who had informed JP about her pregnancy, as they were not speaking at the time. Despite it being an unusual circumstance JP was still supportive and showed up and was there for his ex-girlfriend.

“I was with my mum when I took the test and JP and I weren’t talking at the time. My mum called him and said: “She’s taken a test and said you’d better come round.To be fair to him, he did come straight round and we hugged for about an hour.”

JP made it clear that just because there’s a child on the way it does not necessarily mean that they should get back together. Binky did, however, say that they are not dating other people either.

The two have already been seen together on a double date with their friends Lucy Watson and her boyfriend James Dunmore.

The couple has chosen to raise their child together and that they are in no rush to get back into a serious relationship. Binky has said that they have been hanging out and that their relationship would have a blank slate.

The two have broken up several times and a lot of it has been documented on their TV show with it all starting after Binky kissed someone else. It is possible a lot about how they will raise their child and more on their relationship shall more than likely be revealed on the show.

Binky’s mother, Jane, shared that she was equally shocked by the news. However, she shared that among her three children she wasn’t shocked that Binky was the one to find out she was having a child. She said that JP immediately rose to the challenge upon finding out about his future child.

Jane, a series regular on Made in Chelsea, says that she can’t express how happy she is. She also noted that her daughter has a natural ability to nurture children and that she has a fondness for children. Jane believes that both Binky and JP will be amazing.

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