Cox and Aniston not working on TV series together

Courteney Cox Not Flirtatious With Brad Pitt And Not Making Film With Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is constantly the link between all rumors related to her former Friends cast mates and this is made evident by recent rumors that Aniston and Lisa Kudrow are in a feud, as well as a rumor from last year revolving around the split between Courteney Cox and her boyfriend of a number of years Johnny McDaid. Cox and McDaid, however, are now back together and going strong.

The most recent Friends-related tale once again has a link to Jen seeing as the latest reports state that Cox has been flirtatious with Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt while the two attended the same charity event. This fabrication spewed by Life & Style insists that Courteney has been cozying up to Pitt while Aniston “struggles” in her current marriage to Justin Theroux, which apparently has got Jen annoyed.

Gossip Cop gets to the bottom of this false claim while also relaying various wording by the publication and the supposed source who has made the claims.

“The magazine points out Cox and Pitt were both at a charity event earlier this month, and quotes a so-called ‘eyewitness’ as saying, Courteney behaved like a smitten fan girl around Brad. She kept telling him how great he looked and flirted with him like crazy.’ Of course, Cox is currently engaged to Johnny McDaid.That’s why the outlet adds a line about the supposed flirtation being “innocent,” but the publication still asserts, ‘Jen was annoyed when she heard about it.’ An alleged ‘friend’ adds, ‘She considers it a betrayal.'”

As GC notes, it is interesting that the charity event was covered by many reputable magazines, and none of those outlets reported on any kind of inappropriate behavior by Cox. It was therefore not surprising that reliable sources have stamped this rumor out as “insane.”

Courteney Cox and Jen Aniston rumors continue with yet another tabloid fabrication that the real-life friends are now working on a television series together. Although the rumor is a little less harmful than the last, it is still absolutely false. This particular rumor is the work of OK! and one of its supposed sources.

The story goes that Cox and Aniston have a secret new show they are working, and a source who is supposedly a pal of the two stars, claims “They want to spend more time together, and the best way to do that is to work together. ”

As Gossip Cop notes, the tabloid’s source then goes on in more detail about this “secret” show Cox and Aniston are working on.

“[Cox and Aniston are] wary of doing a full-on comedy, where they might be associated with their ‘Friends’ personas. They want something a little darker but with comedic elements. They’re giddy at the prospect of costarring again.”

The gossip policing site has gotten to the bottom of the rumor and outed OK’s story as completely false after a rep for Aniston stated that the story is entirely “made up.”

Although the rumor is false, it would certainly be a welcome project by millions of fans around the world. Both Jen Aniston and Courteney Cox have continued on successfully in their acting careers since the hit show Friends went off the air in 2004. Fans are still hoping for a reunion of the entire cast, yet seeing two or three together in a film or TV series would be pretty fantastic.

Although the last rumor was less harmful than others, Jennifer Aniston made her frustrations known in an essay penned for the Huffington Post back in summer of 2016, regarding the constant twisting of truth within the tabloids and the aggressive ways of paparazzi she and her husband Justin Theroux are constantly faced with. Clearly, her words were not taken as seriously as she would have liked.

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