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Drake Assures Jennifer Lopez That Rihanna Romance Is Over With Tattoo Removal

Drake wants to get rid of his shark tattoo and replace it with Jennifer Lopez’s name, it’s been alleged.

Back in September, the “One Dance” hitmaker decided to get matching shark tattoos with his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, which he described as his way of proving his undying love for the singer, who he would be dumped by just one month later.

According to reports, the relationship came to an abrupt end when Rihanna realized that her plans to start a family and get married were things that Drake allegedly wasn’t ready for, consequently opting his career over plans to settle down with the “Diamonds” singer.

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And though the breakup came as a blow to the Canadian superstar, as revealed by E! Online, Drake has managed to move on from the romance he shared with Rihanna.

Sources say that because he’s no longer with his ex-girlfriend, getting rid of the shark tattoo and replacing it with the name J.Lo’s name marks the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Recent reports have claimed that Drake is completely smitten by Jennifer Lopez, who he has been dating for the last two months. Things have been going so great between the two that the mother-of-two didn’t hesitate when it came to introducing her new beau to her mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez.

Aside from making a good impression with her parents, Drake has also enjoyed multiple studio sessions with the “Booty” artist, who has since hinted at the collaboration possibly being featured on the rapper’s forthcoming album, expected for a release late February.

All in all, Drake has assured himself that with how well the romance is going with Jennifer Lopez, he sees no reason not to cover up his shark tattoo and replace it with his girlfriend’s name, Hollywood Life reveals. At this given point in his life, there’s no chance he’d reconcile with Rihanna, the source adds, so getting rid of the tattoo makes perfect sense to him.

Drake doesn’t want to be reminded whenever he looks at the shark inking. He has described all of his tattoos to be meaningful to him, and while the relationship he shared with Rihanna was very important to him, it’s not necessarily a memory he wants to be reminded of when he’s trying to solidify the status of his romance with Jennifer.

“[Drake] wants to end every speculation, every worry, every doubt that [Jennifer Lopez] has about him creeping on her,” a source tells the outlet. “And he’s willing to permanently show it to her by covering the shark tattoo he got with Rihanna and replacing it with JLo’s name!”

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“He’s serious about JLo. Her ageless beauty and intellect. Her sex appeal and body. He’s not letting her go. He wants her to get his name tatted on her too so that he knows the feelings mutual.”

Sources say that Drake is somewhat obsessed with Lopez. She’s been a crush of his for years, so to now be in a relationship with the 47-year-old is somewhat considered to be a dream come true.

With the rapper currently being on tour in Europe, the couple won’t be spending much time with one another, but it’s already being said that the duo will reunite for the Super Bowl, as Drake is expected to host multiple parties this upcoming weekend to help celebrate the most-anticipated football game of the year.

Drake has yet to comment on reports concerning his alleged plans to cover up his shark tattoo in favor of replacing it with Jennifer Lopez’s name.

Do you think Drake is making a wise move in doing so, or do you think he should keep the shark tattoo? After all, this isn’t the first time he’s broken up with Rih-Rih. Could a reconciliation still be in the works?

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