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Paula Broadwell: Gen. David Petraeus Mistress Reportedly Sent Harassing Emails To Third Party

Paula Broadwell Reportedly Sent Harassing Emails To Third Party

Paula Broadwell, the biographer of Gen. David Petraeus who was revealed to have carried on a months-long affair with the CIA director, reportedly sent harassing emails to a third party that caused the affair to be uncovered.

The Paula Broadwell email revelation was discovered by The New York Times, which reported that the FBI came across the affair because the third party made a complaint.

The third party that received emails from Paula Broadwell was not a family member or government official, The Huffington Post noted. A Congressional official noted that the FBI investigation started between two women.

When the FBI agents followed up on the complaint to examine Broadwell’s emails, they found exchanges with Gen. David Petraeus showing that they were having an affair.

“It didn’t start with Petraeus, but in the course of the investigation they stumbled across him,” the Congressional official told the New York Times, adding that the FBI didn’t reveal details about the women. “We were stunned.”

Paula Broadwell and her husband may have hinted about the affair in the past months. In a Newsweek article last week, Broadwell documented the CIA director’s “Rules for Living,” one of which appeared to be an admission of some kind of guilt. For the fifth rule, Broadwell wrote, “We all will make mistakes. The key is to recognize them and admit them, to learn from them, and to take off the rear view mirrors—drive on and avoid making them again.”

There is also speculation that Paula Broadwell’s husband may have written about the affair to a New York Times advice columnist, in which the writer said he had information about his wife’s affair with a government officia who“is seen worldwide as a demonstration of American leadership.”

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7 Responses to “Paula Broadwell: Gen. David Petraeus Mistress Reportedly Sent Harassing Emails To Third Party”

  1. Thomas Billis

    What a great e mail from Broadbent to her new rival.You better stop cheating with the man I am cheating with who is cheating on his wife.Read rule no 6 in the cheaters rulebook.

  2. Andrew Stergiou

    Big Brother gets zapped by big brother, in the biggest big mother of a police state. Where was the Director free to be free, as in freedom as an individual to be entrapped not by damning information but by emails from unrelated third parties? Frankly I don't believe a damn word they are saying it is all a crock of lies, lies , and damn lies in what has become typical of the Obama Administration (and I not on;ly voted for him but worked for him as I saaid before npot because I liked him but because I hated the Romney Camp who were based on even more lies and slanders.

    As far as all this is concerned the president had it in to get rid of Petraeus as a potential threat of some sort in the only answer that makes sense the alternative is "Spy director not allowed two women and a martini shaken but not stirred.

  3. Anne K Johnsonn

    Broadwell's husband sounds like a fool. Take it out on someone except your guilty wife I guess.

  4. Kathleen Burke

    Petraeus (betrayus) a narcissist that lied to Congress as they genuflected , blinded by all the medals, lied about Iraq, lied about Afghanistan, and was anointed Director of the CIA. Good riddance!

  5. Sandy Pete

    Her and her husband were disappointed because her book was not selling and told because they wanted the book to sell more go figure. It did.

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