Gwen Stefani Reportedly Fears Blake Shelton ‘Womanizing Ways’ Amid Split Rumors

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have succeeded in appearing to keep their romance strong, spending holidays together as a family and even including Gwen’s three sons. But a new report claims that Stefani is “jealous” of Shelton’s allegedly “womanizing ways” amid rumors that the couple is headed for a split.

Blake and Gwen’s relationship allegedly may be at risk because of his supposed reunion with Miranda Lambert, according to EnStars, which cited a source describing the reported issues.

Is Blake Shelton's and Gwen Stefani's relationship at risk?

The country music king, 40, and Lambert, 33, reportedly reconnected when they were at an event in Nashville. Shelton allegedly went from polite banter to “pouring his heart out” about how much he missed Miranda.

“Blake said he’s been carrying around a ton of emotional baggage and guilt since they divorced last summer,” said the source.

Moreover, the insider predicted that when Gwen discovered the alleged depth of the conversation between Shelton and Lambert, she became upset. At the time of the reunion, Stefani reportedly was many miles away.

“When Gwen finds out she’ll go nuts,” said the source.

“Gwen has always been insecure and jealous over Blake’s womanizing ways.”

And the allegations of issues between Stefani and her boyfriend don’t stop there. Blake allegedly told Gwen that he “avoided” Miranda and “didn’t speak” to Lambert, causing the potential for problems if Stefani finds out he didn’t tell the truth.

“Blake and Miranda reconnecting could be the nail in the coffin for Blake’s relationship with Gwen,” warned the source.

Both Shelton and Stefani came to their relationship with divorce baggage. Blake and Miranda divorced in July of 2015 after four years of marriage. Just a few weeks after the country music world was shocked by that news, Gwen and Gavin Rossdale revealed their divorce plans following more than 12 years of marriage and three children.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert reportedly recently reunited.

As for what’s in the future for Stefani and Shelton, Radar Online reported that she’s “freaking out over spending time apart” from Blake because he’s heading off on a tour. An insider told Radar that the couple is supposedly in the midst of planning a wedding.

“They’re supposed to be finalizing their wedding plans, but Blake’s jetting off on a grueling new tour,” said the source.

Stefani offered to go with Shelton on his “Doing It to Country Songs” tour, according to the insider, who said that the country music superstar insisted she would “just be bored.” However, Gwen allegedly has a different interpretation of Shelton’s refusal, added the source.

“[Gwen Stefani] can’t help but feel as though [Blake Shelton is] trying to get away and have a break from her for a little while.”

However, while Radar stated that Stefani and Shelton are in the midst of finalizing their wedding, another report claims that Gwen has called off the wedding. That story about Stefani and Shelton’s relationship, initially reported by OK! magazine, was investigated by Gossip Cop.

Stefani did not cancel her wedding to Shelton, according to Gossip Cop, which reported that the two were “never planning to marry in the first place” despite a story from OK! claiming that their ceremony was originally scheduled for May.

Now, however, a new issue of OK! claims that the alleged wedding is “on hold,” citing a friend of Gwen’s and Blake’s who said that Stefani went “ballistic” after details of her wedding to Shelton were “leaked.” The insider even said that Gwen was blaming his side.

“Everyone’s under suspicion, even Blake’s beloved mother, Dorothy Shelton. And Blake is not the kind of guy to stand for that,” said the insider.

However, according to Gossip Cop, no wedding details were “leaked” because they were fiction. The media outlet also debunked the OK! allegation that “Gwen is actually pregnant with Blake’s child.”

A representative for Stefani told Gossip Cop that Stefani is not pregnant, and she has not called off an alleged wedding to Shelton. The rep labeled these allegations as “nonsense.”

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