Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies Linked To BlackBerry Cell Phones, Study Says

Skin allergies have been linked to the metal used in certain BlackBerry cell phones, according to the New York Daily News.

A recent study suggests people who have dry patches on their face, redness on their ears, and lesions on their skin could be having an allergic reaction to nickel or cobalt.

Researchers explained that nearly one third of BlackBerry phones contain the metal, while nearly 90 percent of flip phones contained the alleged irritant.

Researcher Dr. Luz Fonacier explained to WebMD that keypads seemed to be the common culprit between the phones.

“In those phones that looked like the keypad had a lot of wear and tear, they were more likely to test positive for nickel,” she said. “In the BlackBerries, the nickel was found mostly on the keypads.”

If you think you might be suffering from skin allergies brought on by cell phone usage, then a number of solutions are currently available to you. Outside of saying goodbye to your favorite gadget, Dr. Fonacier suggests using a plastic cover to shield your skin from the metal.

Zee News explains that BlackBerry users who are allergic to nickel or cobalt might want to change how they make phone calls.

“BlackBerry users with known allergies should avoid prolonged conversations, text messaging and handling their phones if they begin noticing symptoms,” Dr. Fonacier said.

The other solution is a bit more drastic: Toss your BlackBerry in the garbage and purchase an iPhone or an Android. Researchers found that the aforementioned phones did not test positive for nickel or cobalt.

“Patients with nickel and cobalt allergies should consider using iPhones or Droids to reduce the chance of having an allergic reaction,” study co-author and allergist Luz Fonacier said.

Do you have a metal allergy? Would you be willing to give up your BlackBerry or flip phone if you started to have symptoms of an allergic reaction?