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Afghan Massacre Testimony: Farmer And Boy Say US Soldier Robert Bales ‘Just Started Shooting Me’ Via Video Feed

Afghan Massacre Testimony: Farmer And Boy Say US Soldier Robert Bales 'Just Started Shooting Me' Via Video Feed

Afghan massacre testimony is being provided by small boys and farmers who witnessed the March Afghani massacre of 16 civilians, including nine children. US Soldier Staff Sergeant Robert Bales stands accused of the atrocity and if the Afghan massacre testimony finds him guilty he could face the death penalty by the military court martial.

To accommodate for time differences, the Afghan massacre testimony began late Friday night and through this morning via a live video feed from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Robert Bales himself is being kept at a military base outside Seattle, where he silently watched the video screens with no discernible reaction.

All of the Afghan massacre testimony was provided through interpreters. A small boy of perhaps age 13 or 14 named Sadiquallah testified about being woken by a neighbor only to hide in a storage room and be struck by a bullet. Fortunately, it only grazed his head.

“I was hiding behind the curtains. A bullet hit me,” Sadiquallah said.

According to the Washington Post, Sadiquallah’s older brother, Quadratullah, tried to gather with other children elsewhere in the same house. “We were all in one room, and then he came to that room. … All the children were running,” Quadratullah said. When the shooter discovered them, all the children scrambled away, yelling, “We are children! We are children!” Despite this, the gunman did not hesitate. “And he shot one of the kids.”

Haji Mohammed Naim is a farmer who witnessed the attacks in the village of Alkozai. He awoke with a start to the sound of gunfire. Then came knocks on his door from terrified neighbors fleeing the gunman.

“I didn’t recognize him. He was an American. I just saw the light on his head,” Naim testified. Apparently the attacker was only wearing a t-shirt, combat pants, a helmet with a headlamp, night vision goggles and a makeshift cape made from a decorative window or door covering.

“I was standing here, and he was standing there,” Naim said, waving at a water bottle on the table close to him. “And he just started shooting me.”

“Did he say anything before he shot you?” the prosecution team asked.

“I don’t remember, but my son told me that he … heard me talking with him, [saying] ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’” Naim said. “He didn’t say anything to me. When he came, he stood right here, and he just started shooting at me.”

Naim doesn’t remember too much from there except for this: “He shot the children.”

Robert Bales is accused by of making two trips during that night. The Afghan massacre testimony was necessary because of the difficulty procuring evidence in the aftermath of the attacks.

In between Bale’s two attacks, he reportedly woke a fellow soldier, confessed to his actions but then claimed he was headed out to kill more. But unfortunately the soldier didn’t believe Bales’ wild story, and went back to sleep.

Khamal Adin was not involved in the incident directly but he was called the next morning to the home of his cousin, Haji Mohammed Wazir. 11 people, including most of Wazir’s family, were dead.

The Los Angeles Times provides further detail:

“He described a grisly scene of bodies, many of them naked, burned in a pile; of women and children who had been shot directly in the head; of Nabiyah, less than 2, who it appeared was not shot. ‘It seems like she was just brought alive from her bed and put on fire,’ Adin testified. Two of the children, 4-year-old Fareeda, and 3-year-old Palwasha, had boot marks on their faces. ‘It appears she was kicked, because I saw some shoe mark on her face,’ Adin said of Fareeda. The other child, he said, had such marks on both her head and the rest of her body.”

The military personnel thanked him and Adin finished his Aghan massacre testimony with this simple appeal: “My request is to get justice.”

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27 Responses to “Afghan Massacre Testimony: Farmer And Boy Say US Soldier Robert Bales ‘Just Started Shooting Me’ Via Video Feed”

  1. Robert Alamo

    Hmmm, derailing this American soldier because he did his job! Something is seriusly wrong and lacking here and they want publicity agaitns America and Americans. How many masacres, killings, beheadings, how many women and kids have been killed by their own people? Seriously! and if he did do do, he probably wen't nuts fighting the war and seeing the injustice, the way those animals behave, think, breed and how barbaric they truly are. So this poor guy, maybe, wen't crazy for a lil bit or completely who knows.

    But this is all a circus to please the Aghan people that Americans are doing something, why are we "America" allowing to bow ourselves for one of our own? Especially to a terrorist nation who all they do is kill, create drugs, kill their own, have no rights for females, etc etc. 98% of Afghanistan are elitirate, what does that tell you? They can keep their fanatical religious ways and views, they can keep whatever they wish to keep and Americans should one and for all leave that POS country and drop one nice one on them and eliminated them all from existence. They have caused enough death in the world!

  2. Luke Williams

    What that soldier did was wrong he should be punished by death. To sit there and harm woman and children innocent people is not right. He obviously knew what he was doing because he went back to kill more. He will burn in hell for this crime ..

  3. Ilonka Zlatar

    Robert, what the hell is wrong with you?! It is not anyones job to kill children and women while they sleep at night! Innocent people who have nothing to do with the confilct… this is a tragedy. The reason that the US got involved in this war (supposedly) was to stop terrorist regimes that would do things like this. No people are barbaric animals. Just because you can't understand them and their customs and culture are different does not mean they should die. Get a grip.

  4. Michael Joseph

    Unfortunately nothing can bring back those innocent toddlers, children, women & men. I suggest to Alamo that you seek counseling. I trust that justice be carried out against this action.

  5. DeJuan 'Dolla Bill' Smith

    Robert Bales should be put to death if he is found guilty.

  6. UmmHudhayfah Al-Mu'tasim

    Oh my God. This is horrific. I can't help but cry…well, this trial is just for show in my view. Many innocent people are massacred by American soldiers in war and the government calls it collateral damage. The deaths of innocents at the hands of our soldiers and our weapons are justified whilst the deaths of our soldiers and our innocents at the hands of foreigners defending themselves is ridiculed. May God guide us all. I hope justice is served for these victims.

  7. Chuck Dyess

    i agree dude we are just doing this to please the afghan people…..dudes that go crazy and kill innocent kids and people should be considered a hero….your a disgrace robert and shame on you….your probably one of those douchebags that just wants attention anyway…..and yeah your right lets just wipe the country from the face of the earth…what a douchebag you are real tough guy

  8. Betty Ann Hosek


  9. Shauna Honadel

    Reading through some of these comments disgusts me. When did it become the duty of a US solider to go psycho and kill innocent people? What was their crime? Being born into a different place and culture than us? What if this had happened in the US? If this guy doesn't get the death penalty then shame on us! I can't imagine the horror those children and people felt before dying. It's people that think this was a "heroic act" that are the problem with this world. Those children were just babies. I don't care who, what , where or why…it is never okay to take the life of a child. NEVER!

  10. Shauna Honadel

    So if this would have happened to your family…you would feel the same way then? It's just war..right? People like you are what is wrong in this world. "God" huh? the bible says it is okay to kill children in the name of war? WOW. I guess I haven't read it in a awhile. Did they update it or something??
    Oh and ps. typing in all caps doesn't really help your case.

  11. Shauna Honadel

    I know… and then some of these people commenting on this…fuck I am ashamed to even be the same species as them. 😛 saying things like "well that is war"… UGH! disgusting. Those poor babies did NOTHING to deserve this.

  12. Shauna Honadel

    all those steroids are finally going to your head Robert! Not only does it shrink the nads..but obviously your brain as well.

  13. Aaron La Rue

    First, and least importantly, I think it HILARIOUS that you have nine spelling/capitalization errors in this two paragraph post, but think it's ok to make fun of their education by calling them illiterate (which you proved that you cannot spell correctly). I'm not even going to begin counting your punctuation errors. This is the pot calling the kettle "black," concerning spelling and terrorism!

    You say they "kill their own," but do you pay attention to the extremists in America who do the same (Colorado movie theater, Fort Hood shooting, Columbine, etc.)? You blame them for "making drugs," but did you know that some states in America aren't allowed to sell Claritin D sinus medicine over-the-counter, because meth manufacturers use it to make meth and sell to children in strawberry flavor? You pretend to care about the "rights of their females," while you endorse a man who kills them as they sleep! You call them a "terrorist" nation, because a small number of extremists have committed acts of terror, but you endorse an American extremist creating the same terror. You're a sociopath (look it up).

    Jesus Christ is the only thing that can redeem our country, or theirs. Merciless atrocities will only stir the conflict and increase death tolls.

  14. Shauna Honadel

    Aaron La Rue hit the nail on the head..this dude (robert alamo) is a total's kind of scary knowing he is wandering our streets.

  15. Anonymous


  16. Jack Collins

    Unfortunately, if you are going to talk about the Bible, the Old Testament does say that in a few places…"Now go and attack Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and do not spare them. But kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey. (1 Samuel 15:3)"…and mentally deranged people sometimes read the Bible…To me, these murders were a cowardly and horrible act. Pure EVIL.

  17. Aaron Cones

    Aaron La Rue- I could not have said it better myself. The actions of this guy are not to be taken lightly and damn sure do not represent the Values we live by on a daily basis as Americans or American Soldiers.

  18. Kaleigh Garcia

    Yeah, I highly doubt that ANY ONE from our military told this guy to slaughter women and children, considering that said women and children are one of the many reasons why we are there. And Betty Ann you should probably read the bible wheren it says that GOD gave mankind the ability to punish one another hence 'eye for an eye'. No one war was a 'good war'. Howvever, it's called being the bigger person. I love my country as much as the next person but I am not that ignorant or proud to stand up for a killer. Stone faced, cold hearted killer and please don't talk about Nam, my father, grandfather and father in law were all three in Nam and not one of them would have made such a rediculously ignorant comment as that.

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