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Facebook Obama Slur Gets Woman Investigated By Secret Service

Facebook Obama Slur Gets Woman Fired

A Facebook Obama slur got a woman fired for speculating that “maybe he will get assassinated” to her friends.

The woman, 22-year-old Denise Helms, used a racial slur in a Facebook post to describe President Obama. She didn’t count on her status going viral, prompting an investigation from the Secret Service about whether her remark was really a threat, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal,” Helms told FOX40 Sacramento. “The assassination part is kind of harsh. I’m not saying I’d go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen I don’t think I’d care one bit.”

As the Facebook Obama slur went viral, Helms’ workplace at Cold Stone Creamery decided it needed to respond. Helms was fired.

“The employee is no longer w/the company. We were as shocked as you were by her outrageous completely unacceptable comments,” the official Coldstone Twitter account wrote to a commenter on Thursday. The store where she worked reportedly received 20 angry voicemails and Facebook posts in response to Helms’ Facebook Obama slur, the Modesto Bee reported.

The Facebook Obama slur could mean even more trouble for Denise Helms. The Associated Press reported that the Secret Service is investigating and will determine whether she will face any charges. It is a felony to make threats against the president.

Helms’ Facebook Obama slur is not the only halfhearted threat to emerge against President Obama in the wake of his re-election. Reality television star and real estate mogul Donald Trump made a series of Tweets on Election Night that the nation needed revolution, though Trump quickly deleted the most radical of his posts.

Here is Fox40 Sacramento‘s story on the Facebook Obama slur:

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770 Responses to “Facebook Obama Slur Gets Woman Investigated By Secret Service”

  1. Sherri Harrison-Jones

    What she said wasn't very nice, but doesn't sound like a threat, at least to met.

  2. Eric Johnson

    It went to the wayside when the patriot act was created. That was Bush. Obama just extended it.

  3. Michael Elliott

    It's still around. She's not being censored by the government. But freedom from censorship is -not- freedom to make threats, sir, even vague or veiled ones. The Secret Service investigated things like this said about the last President, too.

  4. Dorothy White

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech. Wde are loosing our rights already…

  5. Michael Fowler

    You have to investigate this. One she should not have posted this statement. These kind of statements could lead those crazy people out there to do it. I hope people will learn from this and think before putting these kind of statements out there. I thought all this kind of hate was behind us but I was wrong. But with all these radicals out there like Trump, Sununu, and Fox news with there radicals followers no wonder there is so much hatred out there. Republicans need to come out and tell there party that this will not be tolerated.

  6. Keely Miller Schultz

    Good. It has always been against the law to threaten the president. Far too many people have been doing that recently without any consequence. Let her be an example to others that you should not always write what you are thinking.

  7. Anonymous

    I said that bush and romney were white cracker honky bitches….and nothing…

  8. Kcos Yeknom

    Wow it's no surprise how the devil called racism appears when ignorant ass people do not get their way. I'm glad she lost her job, hopes she never gets another one, and goes to prison and gets a as she calls N-word lesbian roommate to love her long time! Cunt. Burn in hell.

  9. Jason Franklin

    These threats happened against George W. as well and the Secret Service did the same thing. Get over your political ravings. It's not an Obama issue you boob.

  10. Micahel Bradford

    so what happened to the group that threatened mitt romney? the law not apply and hell bush has had threats on his life many times no one even cared

  11. Rich Adams

    Did the Secret Service have a big lavish party after ensuring this clear and present danger was investigated?

  12. Michael Elliott

    Wow, Dan. How mature you are. And you're right, I -do-. My girlfriend quite enjoys my skill in that area. ;D

    P.S. If that's all you can add, go back to trolling at Fox News, where they're more your speed. Your trolling skills are pathetic, sir.

  13. Anonymous

    Wow, if the SS had access to all conversations both private and public, 50% of the population would be investigated. I've heard at least a half dozen people make similar remarks in the last 2 days. You can buy shooting clays and targets with his face on them. Does that mean you are implying that you're out to personally assassinate him?

  14. Michael Elliott

    Well yeah, char, that's not exactly a -threat-, even a vague one like that woman's. Degree of difference between the two, y'know?

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous

    YOU REPUBLICANS ARE THE PROBLEM! YOU CAN ONLY relate to the white, wealthy, right-wing, racist, anti-immigrant, anti-government, tea-party, birther, minority-hating, tax evading, gun nut, redneck NRA member, Fox News junkie, , Rush Limbaugh fanatic, monster truck show hillbilly, legitimate rapist, Clint Eastwood drooling, confederate flag waving, George Zimmerman loving, anti-gay Chick-Fil-A eating bigots. The undecided will realized that you conservative nutjobs that are the 'base' of the party are the worst threats facing this country today, and that's what you need to cry about, your not getting away with it anymore! ha ha ha ha.

  17. Don Meaker

    Except she didn't threaten. She speculated. I am sure it is the job of at least one person in the Secret Service to speculate on assassination attempts, and try to think of what could be done in an attempt to assassinate them, and what could be done to stop them. A simple procedure related to Mil Std 1629- failure modes and effects analysis….

  18. Lewi Degene

    Did Fox put up a correction for telling everyone for two weeks, that "the CIA" asked for help and they were denied… a DRUMMED UP completely BOLD FACE LIE, Once it was proven to be false, everyone at Fox dropped it as though they never said it knowing idiots like you would carry on the message. Thats why FOX is a Disgrace, no journalistic integrity. just like everyone else I hope we do find out everything that went on in Libya, but I won't be fooled by fox, and consider why this whole thing is a big problem, that consulate was not even a real consulate for visas… it was a cia post, there is a lot of real national security stuff going on there including why the ambasador was there that day. But according to Sean hannity… its just a game to get rid of Obama, to the point of using a grieving father with FALSE information, and Obama still won.

  19. Andy Parker

    She should be banned from Cold Stone for the simple fact she has probably been indulging a little too much. Plus, she is an idiot.

  20. Anonymous

    Enjoy the crime…do the time. Set the bar and show what happens when those who chose to create actions of threat. People like this INCITE others who may not be mentally stable to actually attempt something as soul less…

  21. Dan Rittenhouse

    A threat would have to be you saying I want to hurt the President. You have to threaten his life Wishing harm is not the same as threatening harm. The SS will investigate, but I doubt anything will come of it. I am mad about the election but would not act out violently about it. I think America is going to face dark days. I actually wish both parties would be shown the door.

  22. Clint Austin

    Why would anyone have any respect for any of these scumbag politicians? They all make bank stealing our money and makin backdoor deals with lobbiests to further themselves and screw us, all of em, every single one! Respect, this is the same shit that brought down Rome and we modeled this crooked govt after the crooked roman's, wow, people are ignorant as hell

  23. Charles Williams

    She made 2 errors. 1. Never use assasination when speaking about the President.
    2. He is not a Nigger. He is a Half Breed Nigger.

  24. Clint Austin

    Already, hahahaha, u ever hear of ole bushes patriot act lady, where ya been did u miss the short bus 10 years ago?

  25. Anonymous

    What a racist idiot. She can backpedal all she wants but what she put on Facebook is who she really is. She stamped it right on her forehead.

  26. Lewi Degene

    Did everyone bother to watch the full report instead of Just THE HEADLINE. The last thing the reporter said "SHE HAS NOT BEEN CONTACTED BY THE US SECRET SERVICE" LOL So apparently this whole thing is about her saying something dumb and sure someone reported her to the CIA and they looked at it and said nah its just a dumb comment, but people were outraged so she got fired. See how the media can easily mislead?

  27. Lewi Degene

    The CIA did NOT even contact her, they got a tip and looked into her comments saw it was dumb and moved on. This is all about her getting backlash by people reading her comments and her getting fired. People are so easy to pounce on things without hearing the full story.

  28. Travis Davolos

    Does it really matter what she posts on facebook? She has a right to express herself…if she hates Obama..oh well. No one crucified Mike Vick's sister for calling Mitt Romney a "white devil". Oh wait…that's right, she's protected from being racist because she's black…forgot all about that double standard we have in place..

  29. Ellie Gaines

    Let's talk about no respect, let's talk about treasonous behavior on behalf of the obama administration, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, purposely ignoring the Congressional oversight committee, loss of lives , statesmen, agents, military, etc. Ft. Hood and the blatant casual ignorance displayed by obama..those who serve our country, executive orders new and re-signed by obama to sustain full control should "the winds shift in an ugly direction"… let's talk about how disrespectful it is to hide incidents of national interest until after the election… The highest office in the land has been lowered to standards unimaginable by our founding fathers, the world views obama as weak and effeminate, potus gets no respect because he gives no respect!

  30. Anthony Sanchez

    @mattie , Clinton had no respect and Obama is living it up in the office with no respect

  31. Carmen Murga

    It was UN American to criticize Mr. Bush. After all presidents are elected. If you want to take on the electorate be my guess.

  32. Clint Austin

    WOW, I didn't see a wish or anything in that post, I saw a speculation that something might possibly happen

  33. Gregory Zickafoose

    Yeah, like there is no such thing as radical Muslims or radical democrats? What about CNN not reporting much about Libya? I am a Conservative not a radical republican. There are individuals that take it too far like Rush L. but than again you have the ones that take it too far to the left like Obama.

  34. Jeanne Kelly

    The hate 'that's out there' has been fostered from the highest office in the land over the past 4 years … seems to make him feel better to encourage class warfare as well as feed on the racial divide that has grown so strong. You can't blame it on us 'white folk', race was not a factor in getting him elected in 2008 when his election swept the country!!!!!

  35. Clint Austin

    Dude at least learn to spell if your gonna try to cut people down, it shows you for what you really are! orangutan

  36. Robert Monroe Wilson

    Good grief. While I support 1st amendment rights even that is going to far. And if anyother Conservative says otherways, weren't conservatives up in arms about a film depicting the hypothetical assassination of former Pres. George W. Bush? Same applies here. While I vehemently oppose Pres. Obama's policies, I sure as heck don't wish him nor his family ill will. For Christ sake's he's still our President, granted I didn't vote for him, but he is still my Pres. too and to wish, contemplate, think, etc. of any Presidents assassination is beyond the pale. And that isn't freedom of speech to do so, freedom of speech is like me saying the President's policies are wrong for America, or vice versa for Democrats saying the same about a Republican, but freedom of speech stops at the water's edge with this kind of crap.

  37. Andy Wang

    FOS only applies to the government. It does not protect speech made by an employee of a private company. She could have been, and was, fired for her conduct. Nothing wrong here.

  38. Ron Dubuc


  39. Michael Elliott

    I regret that I can only click "Like" but once. Well said, sir! 😀

  40. Andy Wang

    Except that the first amendment doesn't apply here. First amendment protects against government restrictions of speech, Coldstone, a private company, can do what they may.

  41. Barry D. Page

    So 12 and up to 4 years ago it was ok to do this to Bush, but now someone needs to "be made an example"? Why not when Bush was in office? Oh, yeah, because he was a Republican. Thanks for clearing THAT up for us. Your double standards are showing again, Dems.

  42. Clint Austin

    Wrong! It's none of their fuckin business what she fuckin says, that's a job and has nothing to do with her or what she thinks and freedom of speech isn't free if action is taken against you for exercising that freedom you putz

  43. Barry D. Page

    I respect the office, but I despise the man. When he EARNS my respect, he will have it. And no, Bush didn't earn my respect, either.

  44. Clint Austin

    Like you mean say, when bush and the boys ignored the threat of 9/11 even though they knew months before hand…hmmmm

  45. Clint Austin

    Carmen Murga Unamerican to criticize a crooked politician, what is wrong with you?

  46. Clint Austin

    Ron Dubuc Dude take that tinfoil off your head the microwaves have cooked what little grey matter was bouncin around in there dumbshit!

  47. Clint Austin

    Ron Dubuc Dude take that tinfoil off your head the microwaves have cooked what little grey matter was bouncin around in there dumbshit!

  48. Andino Tania

    Having freedom of speech is one thing, but saying may he will be assassinated is another. I know for a fact if something like this would have been about Bush nobody would hesitated calling for someone's head on a silver platter.

  49. Ellie Gaines

    Like you mean when Clinton had full knowledge of Bin Laden his early days after he staged the bombing in Africa and Clinton did nothing about it??

  50. Pamela Carter Burch

    GEEZ……She made a SIMPLE comment…..Dear Secret Service, Why to chase the little girls instead of the Bad guys….

  51. Anonymous

    Obama hates the constitution and this woman's rights may very well be violated by Obama's thugs. AMERICA elected OBAMA and it may well be an irreversible MISTAKE! THANKS LIB RETARDS.

  52. Clint Austin

    Freedom of speech ceases to be freedom of speech when you speak your mind and some jackass fires you

  53. Barry D. Page

    Lewi Degene And the OTHER stations have journalistic integrity? What have YOU been smoking? The words Journalistic and Integrity mean NOTHING anymore. You want the truth about what is going on? Good luck with that. Mainstream media leans far left, Fox leans far right and there is nothing but lies from both sides.

  54. Anonymous

    Obama has declared the constitution null and void by executive order!

  55. Andino Tania

    We could say the same thing about 9/11. Everybody is saying that bush knew it was gonna happen and he just let that go.

  56. Clint Austin

    Idiot yes, but she should still be free to speak her fuckin mind without fear of repercussion, much like your shitty comment

  57. M.e. Chapman

    Dan Rittenhouse A threat is an act of coercion wherein an act is proposed to elicit a negative response. This means that you need to go back to High School, or read a law book every now and then. When Bush was in office someone actually wrote a blog that was quickly removed by the CIA because it included a statement saying that they wish Bush had been shot. Every President gets threatened, and obviously had a bad teacher in school. Every President in the history of the US has been threatened at one point or another.

  58. M.e. Chapman

    Dan Rittenhouse A threat is an act of coercion wherein an act is proposed to elicit a negative response. This means that you need to go back to High School, or read a law book every now and then. When Bush was in office someone actually wrote a blog that was quickly removed by the CIA because it included a statement saying that they wish Bush had been shot. Every President gets threatened, and obviously had a bad teacher in school. Every President in the history of the US has been threatened at one point or another.

  59. Laura Hardage Vanhorn

    How can anyone post what they think or feel if the Secret Service is going to come break your door down because of an opinion? I have an opinion, but wouldn't voice it, for the reason's of what happened to this woman. We can't have the freedom to say what we feel or think anymore, America isn't what it used to be.

  60. Laura Hardage Vanhorn

    How can anyone post what they think or feel if the Secret Service is going to come break your door down because of an opinion? I have an opinion, but wouldn't voice it, for the reason's of what happened to this woman. We can't have the freedom to say what we feel or think anymore, America isn't what it used to be.

  61. Barry D. Page

    Where were your cries for investigation when like things were said about G.W.Bush? Oh, non-existant? You can't have it one way last president and another way this president. Suck it up, sweetheart!

  62. Shawn Eaton

    Was going to say she Did not Threaten him, had she said I will instead of Maybe, it would be taken into a different perspective.

  63. David Mashak

    Attitude reflects leadership, Always has always will. Just look what goes on in the U.S. today.
    Remember Slick Willie Clinton's perjury/Lie while under oath. " I did not have sexual relations with that woman. " That is the same guy that sold us to China. Now Obama has sold us to Korea and Central America. Read my first sentence again.

  64. M.e. Chapman

    Barry D. Page Many threats were made against Bush and the same actions were taken. It's just the benighted Republicans only worry about other parties way too much. Keep being a Republican, buddy.

  65. James Gund

    Her 1st Amendment right has not been infringed upon at all. She was free to say whatever she wanted, just as she is free to suffer the consequences for those words.

  66. Anonymous

    4 years of HATE and RACISM and LIES and BLAME. Now why should I respect this man? Give me a break. Thanks LIB RETARDS for giving OBAMA another chance to prove he has no clue what he's doing.

  67. Connie Fuller Wright

    He will never have mine. Kind of wondering why he hasn't re-visited Jersey? Oops, silly me – the election is over and a photo-op is not needed. Now, another interesting tidbit – anyone find it "totally coincidental" that Petraeus "quits" just a week before hearings on Benghazi? Respect for this president? Not in my lifetime – only if he resigns.

  68. Barry D. Page

    As well it should. That man is more unfit to be president than Dan Quayle was. Biden is at a loss for words when someone says, "Hello!" to him. lol

  69. Michael Elliott

    You can say you dislike him all you want. When you say things like "I hope he gets assassinated", they have to investigate for the possibility of threat. Check the laws. Free speech is protection against -censorship- by the government. It does NOT in any way, shape or form, make it "okay" to make veiled threats against anyone, especially not the President. Threats of violence or hope of violence against another are -not- protected. Nor are calls to riot, revolt, or rebel (that's sedition), which is why Donald Trump so hastily removed those Tweets. Shame for him this is the Internet, and people take screencaptures.

  70. Robert Stoll

    First of all, how stupid can you be? It figures it's some dumb cunt who would put such a statement out there for millions to see it. Secondly, the biggest racists on the planet just happen to be black. Third, why would any white person vote for a black president? Knowing all the racial crap and whinning they do? The US is a pathetic country. Once great, but certainly not now or ever again.

  71. Brian Michaud

    there was no threat. Saying that a president might get assassinated is a true statement just like maybe it will rain. It is possible for any president to be assassinated as an occupational hazard; it is a true statement with no overt promise being made by the speaker.

  72. M.e. Chapman

    Ellie Gaines Let's talk about starting a war (both Bush's), being a known "protector" of Hussein and bin Laden (W), and the poor handling of both 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. So far Obama has ended the war W started, was in charge when bin Laden was killed and handled Super Storm Sandy much better than Bush handled Katrina.

  73. Barry D. Page

    Ah, Andy. We don't believe in the first amendment, do we? What other amendments do you want to get rid of? 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, should I keep going? Who needs those pesky admendments, anyway?

  74. Pamela Carter Burch

    What a bunch of Babbeling !!! YOU have NO idea what you are even talikng about !! 4 (FOUR) AMERICANS DIED, YOUR BOY COVERED IT UP……Just like he covered up everything about him-self….2 millions dollars to seal his records….People don't do that unless they have something to hide !! Obama WON because he opened the BORDERS…LIE, CHEAT & STEAL…."Thats the Obama WAY…I'm sure your'e Proud !!

  75. James Gund

    She was free to say whatever she wanted, there are consequences to words and actions. The racial slur was bad enough, I find it bewildering that you people are ok with that. But her words about assassination could be used to incite to action. Nothing stopped her or blocked her right to say what she did. If you are not prepared to pay the price of word or deed, than do neither.

  76. Connie Fuller Wright

    Hey, let's talk about true hate if we dare. How many Twitter rants did you read about rioting if Romney won? Anybody read the ones about "whitey"? Anyone read the ones about looting, rioting and burning? I can't believe the hypocrisy of the people who label themselves as democrats. It's just fine as long as they do it, but not anyone else.

  77. Ellie Gaines

    Clint Austin does that include William Jefferson Clinton? hmmmm??

  78. Everett McKinley Dirksen

    It's against the law to threaten anyone. This was not a threat. I saw several worse things said about both the President and Gov. Romney that were actual threats. They should focus on those.

  79. M.e. Chapman

    Ellie Gaines Back that up with fact. How was Clinton a crooked politician? Because he received head from a fat woman? Remember JFK? He is a very public affair with Marilyn Monroe.

  80. Gregory Zickafoose

    Their were a few that said they would kill Romney, most people do not know that the Romney also had the SS protecting him but I have yet to see anyone complain about that… I see everyone's point that there should not be a double standard but it is against the law to threaten POTUS. regardless how you feel about the man. I don't see it as a threat but you never know these days.

  81. Anonymous

    And what's wrong about Trump's revolution comment?"What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them." –Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1787. ME 6:373, Papers 12:356 and in the Constitution "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [i.e., securing inherent and inalienable rights, with powers derived from the consent of the governed], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." –Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776. ME 1:29, Papers 1:315.

  82. Jerry Thompson

    Some one should explain why it is illegal to threaten the president but its not illegal to say threaten me. Why is that empty suit dick wad anymore important then me?

  83. Connie Fuller Wright

    What a self-righteous blow-hard M.e. Chapman is. I suggest, Chapman, that you read your history. And please, if possible, quit proving to all what an eloquent, clean (I'm sure) nose in the air hypocrite you most certainly are. Your arrogance is almost 5th Grade Level.

  84. M.e. Chapman

    Jon Bradley Wasn't there just a trial where someone acted upon a similar threat? You heard about the gunman that shot Gabrielle Giffords? Know what caused that maniac to shoot her? Because of someone making a very similar statement. They didn't say they were going to hurt her, but said they wish someone would. Next day someone shoot her in the head. This is something that can't be taken lightly.

  85. Michael Elliott

    Yeah, we revolted against -corporate excess- and being sold up the river to our King's rich buddies. You know, that bunch of people a good deal of one side of the House and Senate seems so fond of (hint: it's the Republicans' friends)? Want to revolt, start with tossing -them- out on their rears and see how they can fend for themselves having to work for a living like the rest of us.

  86. Dewayne Brooks

    Glad republiKLAN trash can be seen as most of America views them as pure jealous, good for nothing, evil trash…the most ignorant species that has ever breathed God's air…pure wicked souls!

  87. D Gene Hunt

    WoW! Threatened by an ice cream employee? Did she have a gun? No Did she approach him? No Did she stalk him? No Did she threaten him? NO obama is suppose to create jobs-NOT take them away! FREEDOM OF SPEECH-IS HE GOING TO TAKE THAT AWAY too? How can someone like him protect our COUNTRY IF HE IS SO PARANOID-KNOW YOUR ENEMY-TALK TO MCCHRYSTAL-GET EDUCATED IN THAT FIELD! LEAVE THEY LITTLE GUYS ALONE-WANT ANOTHER SCOOP?

  88. Kees Anderson

    Because the "highest office in the land" is driving our country int the ground in exchange for socialist ideologies. This would be a non-issue if it were a republican in the White House; the left is nothing more than an organized group of hypocrites who are not held accountable for anything.

  89. Ellie Gaines

    M.e. Chapman Let's talk about Sandy much bigger than Katrina, obama shows up in New Jersey one day after and then proceeds to party-on for his campaign while thousands of victims waiting for help the first of which did not show up for five days at the very least. In addition, Senator Obama voted "no" on funds to be sent to Katrina instead voting to send those funds to some bridge in Alaska which now remains unfinished. In addition, obama did not "get" bin laden, he was notified after the choppers were on their way he had to be notified while he was on the golf course, Hillary and panetta decided to proceed since obama had called it off several time in 6 months when bin laden's hiding place was discovered. obama has not made good on his promise of getting us out, 45,000 troops still in Iraq and the country is not better off it is in effect the new Viet Nam … 68,000 troops still in Afghanistan and we are still sending more over there I live in a small town in Montana we just sent 75 national guard to Afghanistan… potus is a liar and he embellishes everything he deals with to have sheeples like you buy it.

  90. Rick Cooley

    That was not a threat. Someone is being totlly ridiculous. Geez! You have to show intent to threaten someone. Saying "maybe so-n-so will get run over by a car on the wzy home doesn't mean you are going to do it. Ask any linguist professor if her words signaled ina threat and hey would tell you, 'no.'

  91. James Gund

    And if anyone even looked at George W the wrong way, the right-wingers called them "un-american", "traitors", "supporting the terrorists". Youre not perfect little angels so stop screaming foul. You lost, get over, and either move on or move out of the way.

  92. Reva Galvin

    I'm so sick of people complaining about the election. guess what! Its over people! And there's nothing anyone can do about it! Ya know?!

  93. Michael Elliott

    Congratulations Connie. You just said the same speech I would have said, just replace "Romney" with "Obama", "whitey" with various racial slurs against black people, and "democrats" with "Republicans". Same speech right down to "as long as they do it." There. Now that we've established both sides have some real assholes that didn't get the corrective smacks they should have as children, let's move on.

  94. Randy Bryan

    To Michael Fower: Michael, are you kidding? Have you heard the hateful speech coming from the likes of Bill Maher, Representative Maxine Waters, Ed Schults, and Chris Mathews? You are a very naive young man, and need to stop letting your leftwing, liberal high school teachers brainwash you. You seem to be parroting what someone else has told you. By the way, tell your English teachers to teach you the distinction between "there" and "their." I might also mention that Americans should be more wary than ever of the thought police, the "slur" police, and the "hate" police. An insidious form of McCarthyism is slithering its way into our free world. Back in 1692 the cry of "witch" could be heard throughout the countryside around Salem, Massachusetts. Now "racial slurs" and hateful thoughts and words will be subject to careful scrutiny by the new American SS surveillance team. Be careful what you say, think, write, anywhere. Be especially judicious about "freedom" of expression in public places or online. It might possibly be safe to say or write something in the privacy of your own home, but keep it under lock and key, for fear it might fall into the wrong hands. Your own child, a student at a local high school or community college, might turn you in. If you are a parent, be exremely cautious and circumspect if and when you discipline your child, or speak too harshly. Big Brother is watching with cameras and videos everywhere, recording and documenting your every word. A slip of the tongue or an injudicious phrase or term coud put you in front of the authorities. Yes, Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, and The Crucible are here, and the totalitarian, tyrannical regime is plotting new and sinister ways to sack our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and undermine and remove the basic freedoms for which our ancestors fought and died.

  95. Tom Thomas

    ROTFLMAO!!! The first admemdment unless it was rewritten recently doesn't say you have a right to a job if you prove you are a bitchy MORON!

  96. Aislin Ann

    It's the free market, dude. Yes, she has the right to say whatever she wants, but if she is an at-will employee her company has the right to fire her if her hateful, racist views cause a public outcry and reflect negatively on them. What is unclear here?

  97. Michael Elliott

    Gregory Zickafoose Actually, ironically, the President really -isn't- all that "Left"-leaning. These days, the Democratic party has almost become the party in the middle, with the large majority of the Republican party being so far Right they're about to tumble off the political cliff, they've left the large majority of their constituents behind – and have yet to -notice- how much of them aren't following.

  98. Tom Thomas

    Dan Rittenhouse, noooooo and being an IDIOT doesnt' mean you have a right to your job either huh? Oh wait, you REPUGS don't believe in "personal responsiibility anymore right?

  99. Ellie Gaines

    M.e. Chapman research Clinton body count 1994 -2000 do your own work

  100. Randy Bryan

    To Michael Fowler: Michael, are you kidding? Have you heard the hateful speech coming from the likes of Bill Maher, Representative Maxine Waters, Ed Schults, and Chris Mathews? You are a very naive young man, and need to stop letting your leftwing, liberal high school teachers brainwash you. You seem to be parroting what someone else has told you. By the way, tell your English teachers to teach you the distinction between "there" and "their." I might also mention that Americans should be more wary than ever of the thought police, the "slur" police, and the "hate" police. An insidious form of McCarthyism is slithering its way into our free world. Back in 1692 the cry of "witch" could be heard throughout the countryside around Salem, Massachusetts. Now "racial slurs" and hateful thoughts and words will be subject to careful scrutiny by the new American SS surveillance team. Be careful what you say, think, write, anywhere. Be especially judicious about "freedom" of expression in public places or online. It might possibly be safe to say or write something in the privacy of your own home, but keep it under lock and key, for fear it might fall into the wrong hands. Your own child, a student at a local high school or community college, might turn you in. If you are a parent, be exremely cautious and circumspect if and when you discipline your child, or speak too harshly. Big Brother is watching with cameras and videos everywhere, recording and documenting your every word. A slip of the tongue or an injudicious phrase or term coud put you in front of the authorities. Yes, Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, and The Crucible are here, and the totalitarian, tyrannical regime is plotting new and sinister ways to sack our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and undermine and remove the basic freedoms for which our ancestors fought and died.

  101. Yovani Edwards

    How would you like people making threats against you or your kids? It's wrong period. You people are crazy.

  102. Christine Terry

    o grow up barrys going to b ok our tax $ will see 2 that..and all his wifey poohs whims and vacations…do we get some of YOUR money barry?

  103. James Gund

    You do realize that there are no "SEALED" records, there are un-released records which is actually normal and common to ALL presidents. Again more Fox News talking points that are exagerrated and twisted to mean something sinister and dark.

  104. Anonymous

    Making documented threats should be punishable by law….throw the Drumpf and Helms in the cooler for the weekend…ignorant idiots deserve it…

  105. Aislin Ann

    @Barry, are you people really serious? Aren't Republicans supposed to like the free market? Yes, she has the right to say whatever she wants, and her company has the right to fire her if her hateful, racist views cause a public outcry and reflect negatively on them. What is unclear here?

  106. Gregory Zickafoose

    Michael Elliott and that is your opinion of him. I see him a little further left than I like, that is my opinion. I totally agree with your last portion of your statement. SOME Republicans have crossed the line with their views.

  107. Aislin Ann

    It isn't what it used to be… what, like back when PRESIDENTS WERE GETTING ASSASSINATED? lol. I'm glad it isn't then! And nobody broke down anybody's door, jeeze, it was just reported to them.

  108. Tim Anderson

    Since when did the First Amendment give anyone the right to threaten the President of the United States?? We allow people to make fun of and ridicule anyone…but when three president's have been assissinated and one attempted (Reagan)…rude is just not funny. Outside of child porn and yelling fire in a crowded theater and direct lies about someone's character LIBEL…there are very few things you can't say in America.

  109. Robert Johnson

    Mattie L A: I respect the office of the POTUS. However, just because you have someone in that office that deservs NO respect, only means you have no respect for that person.In the case of Nobummer, he has done nothing to deserve respect! He spent $2Million sealing all of the records that would clear up who he actually is: college records, thesis records, pasport records that allowed him to travel to Pakistan in the 80s when no US citizen was allowed, his 9 layered BC with out-of-sequence numbers, his fake draft card, the Conn. SS# that was issued to a man who was born in 1890 that he presently uses. If that type of action deserves respect, I'll eat my hat. To me, that type of person, until proven otherwise is NOT worthy of any respect. Instead, even though he was elected to this office, he has no right to it and, in my mind will be a LIAR, MARXIST, MUSLIME, PHONEY. A disgrace to the office of POTUS.

  110. Tim Anderson

    Since when did the First Amendment give anyone the right to threaten the President of the United States?? We allow people to make fun of and ridicule anyone…but when three president's have been assassinated and one attempted (Reagan)…rude is just not funny. Outside of treason, child porn, yelling fire in a crowded theater and direct lies about someone's character LIBEL…there are very few things you can't say in America.

  111. Rob Delaney

    George, that is the most profoundly idiotic statement I have heard today, congratulations. She can say what she wants in America free from censorship of the government but threats to another's life or health is not covered. What if someone called a loved one of yours and threaten to kill them? Would you say they have the right to do that? What if that person did it everyday for the rest of their life? Is that freedom of speech? No. Please, the next time you want to try and make an intelligent statement, don't until you have all the facts. It's obvious you have access to the internet. Use it to research and learn, not to make statements that are 100% incorrect.

  112. James Gund

    The idiot that attempted to assassinate Reagan said he was doing so to impress Jody Foster. How do you know that her words would not incite some moron to attempt the same? There are consequences for words, and time and time again throughout history, it has been proven that words have power.

  113. Kenneth Brown

    it's not you losing your right to freedom of speech it's showing the world that we still have some white folks that hate black folks. here's a black man that everyone been trying to find dirt on but cannot. the only thing left is to hate him because he's black.

  114. Tony Smith

    is it a threat if someone wished you tripped over a brain cell and a coherent thought erupted? Now that's the first amendment in action!

  115. Tony Smith

    is it a threat if someone wished you tripped over a brain cell and a coherent thought erupted? Now that's the first amendment in action!

  116. Deb Moschkin

    It has never been acceptable to threaten the president. Even Bush. And the Secret Service has been very, very busy ever since this man was elected president. Why can't people get over the fact that he's half black? Pure whites (like me) are a minority in this country now. Get used to it.

  117. Deb Moschkin

    It has never been acceptable to threaten the president. Even Bush. And the Secret Service has been very, very busy ever since this man was elected president. Why can't people get over the fact that he's half black? Pure whites (like me) are a minority in this country now. Get used to it.

  118. Rose Teodosio

    That's cruelness remark always underdog the President. Easy for them to say bad things against the President. This is not freedom of speech its more racist.

  119. Rob Delaney

    I was always lead to believe a thought is something you have in your head. A plan is when you put that thought into words on paper.

  120. Neelofar SpleenKarimi

    Freedom of speech does not entail making statements that have the potential to cause violence. She made a questionable comment, so she can be investigated in compliance with the law. She was not censored, so her freedom of speech was not taken away.

  121. Deb Moschkin

    Exactly. It was her Facebook post and people complaining about her. She has not been investigated. She's just mad she got fired and went to the press to get sympathy.

  122. Neelofar SpleenKarimi

    You missed the whole point… She was under fire because she made a potential threat against the President, not because she used the n word. Try re-reading the article if you haven't yet.

  123. David C. Rubright

    Spoken like a true racist… Class Warfare, Racial divide; Last "White Folk" I heard use those in the same context was Charles Manson, but you keep on w/the conspiracy theorys.

  124. Robert Johnson

    James Gund: I don't know what kind of Kool-Aid you've been drinking, but what you have ingested is way toooooo much. $2Million dollars buys a lot of sealing. My sister sent me an article comparing Tiger Woods and what happened to him, vs Nobummer. The amount of information found out about Tiger amazed me. The lack of information about Nobummmmer was equaly amazing. Here is a person who Queen Piglosie vetted, using carefully couched words on the vetting sheet, and Dingy Harry went right along with her, foisted this apparation on the American electorate. By hook or crook, he was elected POTUS. Again, lay off the Kool-Aid and you might be able to get some straight thinking. On the other hand, maybe your mind is like cement, thoroughly mixed and set; or, my mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts. Either way LOL

  125. Black Love Power

    She's ignorant. She "wouldn't want that to happen to him?" Then why say it? Say what you mean and mean what you say. She needs to get her emotions in control.

  126. Deanna Mechael McKenney

    That doesn't make her a racist. She used misjudgment and didn't use wisdom.

  127. James Gund

    Actually I think its YOU who needs to lay off the Kool-aid. Its simply against the law for a lot of the transcripts and records that you people claim are "SEALED" to be released to ANYONE without the express written consent of the person they are concerning. And wow! Its only $2 million now, it was $4 million before. And Im sorry, like you say, I wont try to confuse you with the facts. But I do have to say that your post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. But again, not attempting to confuse you with facts as you requested.

  128. Andino Tania

    I really feel sorry for you pamela. The only thing that is wrong about Libya is the people died. Oh by the way ou want to talk about borders being open up and the lying, cheating, and stealing. I do believe your confusing him with the teaparty and gop.

  129. Little Butch

    She didn't threaten anyone she just wished someone did it. I'm sure millions of americans agree with her.

  130. Deanna Mechael McKenney

    That doesn't make her a racist, anymore than people voting their skin color does.

  131. Deanna Mechael McKenney

    Neelofar SpleenKarimi People say she is racist only because she's white. Travis is right…there is a double standard.

  132. Deanna Mechael McKenney

    Because white people don't get upset; we just go on with our lives.

  133. Daniel Harwood

    Funny how the bleeding hearted liberals could make a whole FILM called The Assassination of President Bush, and the other liberals applauded both the sentiment AND free speech. Now, however, their evolved moral compass is outraged…hypocrites, every one of them.

  134. Deanna Mechael McKenney

    It isn't racist, anymore than people voting for someone because they are the same race as you are.

  135. Candice Roy

    OH but it's all right to post President Bushes head on a POLE? Or Hang Sarah Palin?

  136. Susann Bancroft

    Micheal you are totally right ! I can not beleive all the hatred, foul mouths, racial comments that have come from the republicans and radical followers. These people state they are so religious and Christian followers yet they are not by their actions. Trump and fox 31 and romney have all egged this on and agree that the republican party needs to put an end to it ! There never will be a republican party till they grow up and start playing nice! Point fact!!
    As far as this 22 yr old girl………..I think something should be done to her for her racial comment along with wishing bad on OUR PRESIDENT!!!! That just is NOT normal for someone to just say or write something so awful about anyone mind you OUR PRESIDENT !! Wheres the RESPECT to our President wether you like him or not he is the leader of our Country!! And if you don't like it then move to another country!!!

  137. Anthony Paris

    how do these fanatic obama supporters who are threatening her life think that they are any better people than her? There was no threat made and I really would hope that the secret service has more important things to do than investigate a 22 year old girl working at cold stone.

  138. James Gund

    Candice Roy – NO ONE IS CONDONING THAT! And instances like that and threats made against Bush WERE investigated as well. While I believe that Bush was basically the village idiot who made it to the big seat, I never wished him dead. And while I wish that Sarah Palin would just shut up (she offended my pit bull with her "lipstick" comment) I wish her no ill will. Shes dumber than a box of rocks minus a rock or two, but worth wishing her harm.

  139. Kristina Pennington

    Posts like this remind me that there is hope for our country, despite the plethora of radical and hateful words I read on a daily basis. When did it become acceptable to wish harm on a fellow human being…our President, a husband and a father?

  140. Susann Bancroft

    A good thing in my eyes that coldstone fired her cause I would have boycotted coldstone for allowing such behavior!!!! Koudos to coldstone!!

  141. Richard Merchant

    Obama Sucks as President. He should be investigated and if found guilty for lying about the Libian Fiasco thrown out of office. He may be President but he's NOT my President. I don't like him nor did I vote for him. As far as I'm concerned we have NO President. He's a fake and needs to be outted. I would hate to see him assinated, that would leave us with Joe Biden and he's just as bad. Obama is ignorant and not a leader.

  142. Candice Roy

    Why, Obama's brought it on himself. He's divisive. And respect is earned.

  143. Claire Nguyen

    Wait, what exactly was the post? I get that there was a racial slur and that she said he may be assassinated, which are both tasteless at best, but was there anything else? We're all grown ups here, we can handle reading it.
    (And it's very classy to say in public that you wouldn't care if another human being was killed, but that's beside the point.)

  144. Anonymous

    See she was asking for it running your mouth thinking.
    its all about your right of speech such a idiot but I don't feel.
    bad for you you reap what you sow and hope live with your ignorance.

  145. Claire Nguyen

    Deanna, seeing as the article says she used a racial slur, I think we get to call this woman racist.

  146. Deanna Mechael McKenney

    She used misjudgment and didn't use wisdom. No, she shouldn't have said it. It was probably spoken out of shock because of the election results. It doesn't make her in any form or fashion a racist. If it did make her a racist (which it doesn't), then how about people voting for Obama because of his skin color? Should that be considered racist also? There is a double-standard, which is wrong. People need to stop looking at skin color, and start looking at them as a person, not a race.
    Martin Luther King said he wanted people to be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. Why don't we start doing that?

  147. Deb Moschkin

    Why does the headline say the SS investigated her but the article text does not state that at all?

  148. Claire Nguyen

    Please explain how someone can use a racial slur in a non-racist fashion. I'm eager to learn.

  149. Deanna Mechael McKenney

    Barry D. Page Bush is white…that's different though remember… 😉

  150. Candice Roy

    Neither did this young lady. What she said was wrong and foolish, but it was not a threat. Should have heard the nasty things being said about Mitt Romney and they hateful things that people wanted to do to him… including KILL HIM.

    A threat is: a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course; menace: He confessed under the threat of imprisonment.
    an indication or warning of probable trouble: The threat of a storm was in the air.

    She made no such declaration.

  151. Wes Stevens

    ur a moron keely and who the hell would name a kid keely,,,,,, and pls blur ur face i mean i just ate

  152. Haianha Desamour

    Deanna Mechael McKenney people vote for people they can most relate too. Mitt romneys personality is completely out of touch with most african americans. its not a race issue most black people voted for Clinton wasn't he white ? I'm so sick of this argument it once again dismisses black people's opinion when it comes to politics. We have a minds of our own. This makes me lose hope in America when I hear comments like this. Being black in this country has turned into a crime. We are not welfare babies looking for handouts. We are Americans who have political opinions. Mitt Romney basically called black people moochers looking for government handouts. That is so insulting why would i vote for him. My family would actually benefit from Romney's tax plan but we believe in paying our fair share. Your statement makes me sick and is the reason why I will never vote republican.

  153. James Gund

    No she did not directly threaten, that is not in dispute. But you have to be prepared to face the consequences of your words and or actions. Just because you are free to say something doesnt always mean you should, and doesnt mean that you are free from repercussions of what you have said. People on both sides of the political spectrum have said horrible things, not just about the candidates but about each other. And no amount of you attempting to justify them make these things right.

    Just because she didnt directly threaten does not mean that someone reading her words would not take them as a call to action. This person could possibly think along the lines of "hey she wants this guy dead, I score big points with her if I make this happen". Her words could be taken as inciting someone to act. This is what is meant by facing the consequences, you have freedom of speech, you also to face the consequences of your speech.

  154. Wes Stevens

    robert and michael sound like they are gay lovers,,,,,,,looks like it also,,,,,,,,,,,were have all the real men gone in this country,,,,, pls dont let these 2 silly girly boys reproduce

  155. Ellie Gaines

    Democratic party the enemies of emancipation they fought Lincoln every step of the way. Democratic party voted against women's rights equal pay. Democrats voted 4 times against Susan B. Anthony 19th ammendment womens rights until the Republicans gained control of congress in 1919.. at which point Eight (8) Democratic states voted against ratification, 12 Republican states voted in favor of and Womens Suffrage was won by the Republicans! Let's discuss wicked Mr. Dewayne Brooks, wicked is the Democratic party of abortion and live-birth abortion near term and full term babies left to die which your dis-respectful potus advocates! Ignorant? Indeed.

  156. Paul Behr

    She said referring to the spector of assassination from which all all presidents are protected, "If it happened, I don't think I'd care one bit." Where is the threat? Did she suggest she'd do it? No. It merely demonstrated her hatred of the man who, as many recognize, has not even tried to hide his disdain for our system of government and his desire to socialize our country. Obama's a heavy smoker so if she said, "I hope his smoking catches up with him and he has a heart attack and croaks before he completely ruins this country," would that be a threat, too? Maybe the Secret Service should investigate the tobacco industry for 'threatening' the President, too.

  157. Carolyn LaCombe

    I totally agree with Robert.and that was very well stated ..but in the same vein maybe what Chris Matthews of MSNBC should be thought of in the same way..when he said he was so glad Hurricane Sandy happened….there are many cold, hungry, homeless and dead people who feel the exact opposite…but he gets cust slack because he loves and supports Obama in the face any lie that is told by this Administration…and now we have the Gen Petraeus debacle…none of this gives me a tingle down my leg

  158. Tommy Johnson

    dorthy think if one of you racist pigs hurt that man. you or your kids will not have freedom. what do you think blacks will do. we don't march anymore, i can promise you this country will never recovery

  159. Anonymous

    Our representatives in Congress should get together and make and call for a TV announcement that "enough is enough.
    Obama is the President. As much as we disagree with each others policies, President Obama loves this country as we all do, is a Christian, is not a terrorist, Socialist or Communist. We plan to work together to get things done during the next four years and these cruel, dangerous and racist statements made against the President our unfounded and does nothing to help the progress to get through the problems going on in this country right now." That would be the right thing to do. Is it too much to ask for the Congress to do this. I think it would do alot to heal the UGLY divisiveness in this Country we all love.

  160. Toree Green

    misjudgment oh please she admitted that she wouldn't care if he was hurt he has children and a family that's so hurtful to mention that his life should be taken stop making up excuses for what she said and what if that doesn't make her a racist then wheres the evidence that she isn't racist.

  161. Carolyn LaCombe

    I know Robert….and I have a real sinking feeling about this General Petraeus thing….it scares me to death

  162. Kim LaCapria

    There is no innocent use of that word in our society in that fashion. It was undeniably racist. Racist words don't 'slip out' when you are mad, unless you are already a racist person.

  163. Kim LaCapria

    Threats against the president have always been investigated by the Secret Service. The difference now is any old person on Facebook can say something dumb and get caught.

  164. Billy Russell

    I find her post ignorant and disturbing, however, first amendment rights are much more important. The "status update" posted no clear and present danger.

  165. Robert Monroe Wilson

    @ Carolyn, I agree. When I heard about him stepping because of an affair, my b.s. radar started going off a little. I'm not saying it wasn't possible, I just find the timing fishy. And I have nothing but the utmost respect for the General, in my view I rank him with the great Generals in the country's history, probably right after Gen. Patton on my list.

  166. Tim Wooldridge

    ok sorry for the bad spelling. but I know that if somethings are said by way of the net. it will get picked up by the super computer the Gov has. if you use sertern words and so forth. the best thing to do is just think what you want but do not say it.

  167. Andre Slater

    If you are upset about something and you have something to say that is either highly negative or can come back on you, then DON'T POST IT ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER. Those two sites are what they call social media, which means your message will be socially communicated with the world. Plus, freedom of speech is everyone's right. You can say anything you want, but there are consequences… You could tell your boss "F U B" there nothing wrong with that, but it will give you a permanent vacation. You can go into a bank and shout "Everyone this is a stick up, I've got a gun, give me everything in the safe" nothing is stopping you, but there will be dire consequences… Bottom line: If you have something bad to say, just go in the bathroom close the door and let it out… This is a safer way of expressing yourself.

  168. Doreen Libby Sharpe

    Well, it just swept the country again. The people have spoken. And even veiled threats of assasination should be investigated. Nobody has thrown her jail for crying out loud…… calm down. It always amazes me when I remember that "the right" wanted to hang the Dixie Chicks from the nearest tree just for saying they didn't like being from the same state as "W"….. but then the same people hang a noose in a tree with our President's picture beside it…. go figure. Right is right. Fair is fair. Quit being hyopcritical.

  169. Rosalind Broadnax

    " The Associated Press reported that the Secret Service is investigating and will determine whether she will face any charges. It is a felony to make threats against the president."

  170. Anonymous

    Serve her dumbass right. Her fat ass should get locked up, posting such a cooment on facebook. What a dumb ass! Place some folks brains in birds, I guarantee they will fly backwards.

  171. Anonymous

    This is the kind of crap you get when you use facebook and other "social networks".

  172. Anonymous

    I am appalled at the many people who more than disrespect our President. Donald Trump is a good example. Many people should keep their mouths shut, All of us don't like one President or another in the past but most keep their comments to themselves. It reflects so badly.

  173. Lee Styp

    Keely — While I agree with your sentiments about this matter, you don't know what you're talking about. It has not always been against the law to threaten the President. This story deals with 18 USC § 871 – Threats against President and successors to the Presidency. That law has not always existed. Before it did, it was no different to threaten the President than anyone else. I don't know the history of this statute, but it probably originated after the Kennedy assassination when government officials realized that there needed to be federal laws regarding attacks on the President so that federal law enforcement officers would have the ability to investigate such attacks and federal prosecutors could prosecute them.

  174. Anonymous

    Blah Blah Bla here we fkn go again…. So she made a statement! Hell I was pissed off when I seen obama got office again that was rigged….. SO the idiotic store fired the girl which on my part I would sue their a@@ big time what people do off the clock has nothing to do with them… It was not her fault that people called the store what normal people would do is call the cops to handle that not fire someone because they suck so much of the presidents a@@ it is unreal… He is human like the rest of us…And facebook Yea that is a joke anyways owned by the fbi and secret service to snoop into your life so here in america this is the new way of handling stuff like no one ever said something wrong or cheated on their wife or husband……… I HATE ALOT OF PEOPLE FOR THAT! It is ok until you get caught then what..

  175. Anonymous

    On election day, I was heartbroken, I asked the Lord, WHY him again?
    – He gave me, Isaiah 42.

    – Romney did everything right. Leave it to Obama to not have a clue in this!
    This is God working to make an example of Obama!

    Oh, how I feel for you 47%er's.
    and will be praying for you too, you'll need it!

    -If you think for a second, that you have nothing to worry about,
    that it only falls on us taxpayer's (or what's left of us) to payoff "King" Obama's.
    king record crushing $6 trillion ($16 total) of massive debt and record trillion.
    a year deficits, think again!

    "The Treasury Department expects the country to hit its debt ceiling, a legal limit on the amount the government is allowed to borrow" — New York Times.

    – Hey, Obama sheep, you know what that means?

    – It means, there's coming a day, very soon, were you'll wake up and.
    find that tax free money, that you and your family depend on, no longer there!

    – So much for your Obama and your Government GOD, now, uh?
    -Yea, you who thought that you had nothing to worry about,
    that they were your SAFETY! (lol) -hahaha!

    – Before you say, impossible!

    – Think EUROPE! (lol)

    – Particularly, GREECE and SPAIN! – They're so broke,
    -They no longer have the money to pay their 47%er's!
    And what do you know, riots in the streets!

    – Take that money away from those 47%er's,
    which many of them barely live check to check on,
    and 60% of them, will riot in the streets!

    – We've already seen Obama sheep fighting EACH other,
    like animals, over some, cheap made, overpriced Jordan's!

    – Oh, it doesn't matter we're broke!

    – For them it's only " I want MY FREEBIES from the taxpayers".

    – This isn't for all you 47%er's, but if the shoe fits, right? I'm one of those 47%er's through the VA…

    – Even I understand that, that tax free money is now in jeopardy,
    ——thank you Obama and your worthless, uneducated flock!

    — Oops, I should be careful, or I might end up like that poor guy.
    who made that dopey Muhammad video, which nobody heard of!
    Who by the way, Obama tried to use for his Libyan cover-up!

    – Thanks to "King" Obama, he's now facing 1 year in prison,
    so much for free speech in this country, uh?- You'll liable to be next!

    — It proves the point, that how.
    ignorant and uneducated you Obama flock, truly are!
    – If I were you, I'd repent,
    seek the Lord while he can be found, and pray for mercy!

    – Oh, how "smart" you Obama sheep are,
    not only did you vote for a complete buffoon,
    (what 4 years of suffering, wasn't enough?)

    – But also for one who's hostile to Israel, way to go!

    – In other words, by voting for him, you also get what he stands for!
    He's against Israel, you're against Israel also, get it?
    By doing so, you idiot's just invited your own curse, a gift from GOD!

    For the Lord said of his Israel:

    "…I will bless those who bless you,
    And I will curse him who curses you;" Genesis 12:3.

    But see, while you Obama sheep,
    have been living in fantasy land and thus not preparing in anyway,
    we've been preparing for such a time like this,

    In fact, we'll weather these upcoming troubles.
    far better then you Obama sheep, will!

    You'll not be laughing much longer, see NY, NJ?
    Ask them, how things are going,
    while Obama is partying and forgotten them?
    He doesn't even mention them whatsoever!
    Yet, those idiots still voted for him, how rich! (lol)
    – and the worst is still to come!

    -You'll soon find out, by your own hand, (Galatians 6:7).
    for the Lord is not mocked, that he who laughs last, laughs best!

    It's God who places Kings and removes Kings (Daniel 2:21),

    – God loves us and loves this Country who he called to being,
    He must step in to save it from itself! – Look at his Israel in OT.

    -"As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:
    be zealous therefore, and repent" — Revelation 3:19.

  176. Anonymous

    Clearly you belong in communist china with the communist American president Keely. You and your ilk are the bain of American Freedom. You and yours will get what you deserve, too bad your stupidity will distroy all America.

  177. Steve Ramsay

    Having respect for the position of President does not mean you approve or even care for him or her. Freedoms are in the Amendments but you still have to earn them. Free speech is earned by not threatening or slandering, the right to assemble peacefully and so on. I can't stand this administration and have no respect for the worm or his ideals and I will never accept him as a commander and chief. He is not presidential at all but I will again respect that position and more so in the future.

  178. Marqus Fischer

    if you threaten the President Obama?
    then you sould come to Heber Srpings, Arkansas 72543.
    they call President Obama the N.
    but then tell them they need Money!
    the People are very much 2 face.

  179. Renee Christensen

    Here we go again with the double standard. It was ignored by the press when threats were made against Romney and nothing was done even though he was a possible president. But just let someone make a remark about obama and all hell breaks loose.

  180. Ziggay Lopop

    …funny how nit wit mitt son actually threatened the president and nothing happened to him at all, but the f.b.i. is going after a 22 yr old…equal justice for all…lol…not.

  181. Andre Slater

    It's there, but you have to read the whole thing. Yes there is freedom of speech except:
    Defamation (includes libel and slander), Obscenity, Fighting words, Causing panic (like saying FIRE in a movie theatre), Speech where that is likely to cause panic or harm to others. Incitement to crime, and Speech that is unlawful or rebellious against the government or the violent overthrow of the government. So please learn your laws and learn how to spell amendment…Thanks George

  182. Carl R J Querl

    A plan comes from a thought – action comes from a plan!!!
    She is lucky she is living in America – in some places in the world she would have already been executed!!

  183. Anonymous

    I'll continue to pray for my fellow, Romney supporter's
    and Israel, too!- Lord be with you and Israel!

    We must be patient, let the Lord be the Lord (see, Isaiah 55:8),

    Obama will know the Lord soon enough, the Lord is seeing to that!

    You don't mess with Israel, the apply of God's eye,
    and think you'll get away with it.

    I must say,

    It was so AWESOME on election day.
    Not because Romney lost,
    but because of what the Lord showed me!

    I was so heartbroken, that I went into prayer, crying out to the Lord
    for an answer on why him again and he gave me Isaiah 42:4.

    But, what he did before that was just as powerful.
    as I was crying out to him,
    I heard a quiet calm wind, I knew it was the holy sprit,
    So, I just lifted my hands and praised him
    and received awesome joy.
    I felt so much joy,
    thought my face was going to explode!

    Reading Isaiah 42:4. I begin putting two and two togther!

    I feel, under the circumstances,
    the Lord set that once in a lifetime hurricane as a message,
    It had nothing to do with what Romney did or didn't do.
    This is bigger then that, my own feeling is,
    is that the Lord wants to make an example of Obama
    and the land.

    Before the hurricane, Romney, was kicking Obama's
    butt in those polls! When it hit, it took away Romney's
    momentum. He was doing everything right!
    It's one of those things that you're damned
    if you do and damned if you don't.

    If he'd campaigned during the aftermath of Sandy,
    the left would of crucified him, asking how he could be so cold!
    Sure, it's ok if you're Obama and the rest of the Democrats!

    — Yes, the Lord would of shown favor with Romney.
    Romney would of been our next Reagan!

    While Obama as enough skeleton's to fill up a grave yard!

    Romney is a man with integrity.
    Democrats should know, they tried their best to
    dig up any skeleton's on him and found nothing!

    – As good as Romney would of been to jobs, the economy,
    world, friends with Israel and so on.
    The folks would of been looking to a man for answers and not God!

    – You know things have gotten bad and out of hand,
    when the GOD almighty has to intervene to regulate!

    – But, just like Isreal, he loves this Country
    and will intervene to save it, AMEN!

  184. Rachel John Son

    All tweets are being collected by the government anyway. Its at OMG Facts on twitter. If they investigated Trump what they would find is that in fact he is Donald Trump. He is not going to go out and hurt anyone. He was mad. Put it in the proper context people. I hope we can all make it through the next 4 years without tearing EACH OTHER apart.

  185. JoAnn Gamble

    Well it looks like she got caught in her own mess, don't make excuses for her shes a grown ass women, she makes adult choices, she pays bills go to work, leads a normal life I would imagine. But for her to put in black and white that she hopes our President get killed, she meant it. But she's not a racist will if she not then I'm white. She not stupid she knew like so many others of you who hate us blacks you laugh in our faces, and get behind closed doors and we're everything under the china moon. I feel sorry for her and I hope like hell that she get a call for the wing tip boys "how dare you threaten our President" She will get just deserts I can't put enough words on this page to let her and many other how this makes me and many others feel.

  186. Abraham Bird

    holding an office, let alone a title, does not make anyone respectable. We honor those in authority and others not necessarily because they themselves are worthy of honor BUT because WE are honorable.

  187. JoAnn Gamble

    No she didn't threaten the President she said she HOPE HE GET ASSASSINATED" same damn thing how would you phase it if someone say's they hope you get assassinated, they want you to meet your impending in death becomes you.Please..

  188. Charles Robinson

    doesn't look like a threat the way I read the quote. they try to stir up news just to get more people to watch or read their cr8p and then you get a thousand commenters on it. the secret service has to get involved since they got bad press for the Columbia thing.

  189. Andrew Bourdeau

    proof positive that our rights are being taken away with the a-hole as president, obama supporters have made a deal with the devil, I don't think this lady threatened him at all and I like she said would not care 1 bit if anything happened to him and for any secret service brown nosers watching that does not mean I am threatening him in any way only that I wouldn't care.

  190. Abraham Bird

    if someone has the mind to murder they can't blame someone else for mentioning it

  191. JoAnn Gamble

    If you think her message was out there yo should see the rest I couldn't believe that there was that much HATE from so many whites, it crazy we all did out thing and voted and got the results if you don't like the game find another one.

  192. Andre Slater

    Quit defending her Travis… You make no sense and I can tell your not very smart. First, Mike Vick's sister didn't say the word "assassination" and Mitt Romney is not the president. Second, I don't understand what you mean a double standard, that just sounds like to me your defending her and you like her statements. There was a story about 6 months ago on Yahoo about a guy named "Donte Sims" who also got in trouble for threatening the president (look it up)… Here is the kicker: He was BLACK……. Wow blew your mind! Now what do you have to say about double standard? Just say she was wrong and quit defending, your starting to sound like her Lawyer or something.

  193. Anthony Pierce TheSource

    there are alot of people who hate Obama. so what if people wish he were dead. i mean lets face it. would this country be any better? probably not since he messed up the first term. mitt surely could have done better with the economy but i think that's all he could have done. Obama had internment camps built… would it be fair to say that he is the Hitler o our time? i would say probably so. Personally I think Obama is an idiot. he has so much potential, and yet, all he does is what he is told. he don't give a rats ass about this economy and I am willing to bet he could care less about this country.. he wont be put out of office because the ones that could do it have their pockets lined. Think I am lying about that? explain how Clinton was put out for being a guy so to speak, yet, Obama has done worse with this country and he is still in office.. twice.Just goes to show who is really in charge. I say FUCK YOU OBAMA AND MITT ROMNEY. before you guys trash this woman or me… at least do your homework first cause there aint an ounce of giving a fuck in me.oh yea fuck you FBI CIA Fe ma. go ahead and start putting us civilians in your little death camps you have built. signed by president OBAMA. think i care who will be our president after Obama is out of office? look into my eyes. you wont see anyone who gives a damn cause no matter who is iin office is just gonna do the same as any other president. OBAMA is pushing for Communism. just look at everything he has done. Peace nut-jobs.

  194. Jeremy Parks

    Yes I hope they get the same treatment as the people who made the Bush assassination film.

  195. Anthony Pierce TheSource

    its OK to investigate what she said…..but……did she make and actual threat or was it and observation. I call it an observation….which tells me that she was doing the jobs of the secret service

  196. Anthony Pierce TheSource

    that could lead people out there to do it? your an idiot…. I am sure that someone….somewhere….has already thought about it. just cause she said it don't mean that's going to be the reason it would happen…He would be the reason….not her..

  197. Anthony Pierce TheSource

    everyone knows bush was involved with 911. and it was not a plane that hit the pentagon it was a cruise missile fired by us. don't believe me? look at the pics. a cruise missile has a different fan blade set up that that of an aircraft….do the research. bush was in on that shit..

  198. Perri Cox

    The thing people are missing is that one of her friends or family members reported her to the secret service. When she posted it one of her "friends" took to twitter and asked a lawyer what should they do. The lawyer gave he or she the secret service contact information in their area. I mean just don't post stuff like that about ANYONE. Its so simple. Don't be an idiot.

  199. James Flowers II

    It is never an impossibility that polarizing figures get hurt or killed, but proposing such an idea can be taken too seriously, or just seriously enough. People need to read two or three times what they write before posting a thought.

  200. Brenda Gennoe Jazulin

    If it was bush I think they would have turned the other way. The world puts Obama on a pedastool and no her comment was not ok to say now if he gets impeached fine but he does have a wife and family and no one should say such harsh things especially when it wouldnt do anything to the person they hate it would hurt his family

  201. Jason Gold

    A thought is silent until you put it out there for the masses to view. That's the problem with social media. Anybody can say whatever. Brave people behind the keyboard. Some people just don't deserve to be heard. If you have that little foresight you should never express your opinion about anything.

  202. Kirk Lane

    I truly hope they make an example of this simple minded ignorant woman….and as for those of you defending her…you are sickening and may you all rot in hell….my god people….are we really becoming that stupid as a society?

  203. Marion Fayard Scanlan

    I was waiting to see if anyone was going to make a name calling reply, congrats. Andre.

  204. Andre Slater

    Double Standard??? You make no sense… Romney is not the president. You as a US citizen have the right to freedom of speech with EXCEPTIONS… Please research and learn your laws. There is no double standard when it comes to this. If you say anything that is deemed the possibility of harm to someone especially the President, ANY PRESIDENT, then you lose the freedom of speech and you suffer consequences. If you are in another country and you say stuff about another country's president it can be even a whole lot worse… So please get smarter before commenting.

  205. Michael Bishop

    wow what a week for racist people you found out that your numbers are dwindling and the rest of the world is moving forward. I am so glad all my friends are progressive.

  206. Kyle Easton

    My favorite part is when she says, "I'm not a racist". Your right, I mean I hit my wife, and drug her down the street. But I don't beat my wife……. I know I shot that guy in the head 10x, but I'm no murderer. I called a person a racial slur, but It wasn't racist.

    Guess our logic works differently. The privacy setting of my facebook which should hide my thoughts from the same people I'm trying to be offensive toward is proof I'm not any of those things.

  207. Toby Boyd

    Do republicans even know how to disagree with someone without despising them? Without wanting them DEAD? Their level of hate towards the president goes far beyond the political norm. Sure, most democrats didn't care for Bush, but our level of animosity didn't come close to the current levels levied at Obama. (And I thought their hate towards Bill Clinton was extreme!) Recent rants by Nugent, Trump, and others like this lady truly make me fear for the president's life. I feel sorry for anybody who harbors that kind of hate in their hearts. It's so self destructive.

  208. Tami LeCompte

    How idiotic that people would even go that far? Seriously its true , we have the freedom of speech and all but that was all uncalled for.. I too am not a fan of Obama but I wasnt too thrilled with Mitt Romney either.. I voted with unease for Romney but somewhat relieved that he lost.. Too bad we had no other options but its life and life goes on.. Just accept the fact Obama is our President and get on with life… Too make such a racial remark and a threat should be punishable… So what if he is black? He is also half white so the race should never be a factor and don't care what she said that she wasnt racist… Just making that remark shows she is and shes just trying to save her butt… Some people really need to grow up and face the fact he won the election fairly and half the nation didn't want him to but nothing we can do but to set back and wait and pray for our nation instead of making childish remarks like that.. Bright side of this is in 4 years we will have a different President!

  209. Andre Slater

    People can say anything they want they just have to deal with the consequences. If you go into a police station and say "maybe someone is going to shoot a cop" or go into a bank and say "maybe someone is going to rob this place" and see what happens. Also there is a LAW against threats to the president it is a class D law. Please learn before you speak. Even if people felt the same way, they sure won't express in on FB

  210. Paul Poyfair

    This poor girl is not thinking this all through… While half the country wants this President gone (out of office), we certainly don't want the successor to become President… That would be worse than what we are already facing for the next 4 years…

    What's sad is the fact that Romney could have fixed our Financial Woes, Obama can't and yet we're stuck with him because people care more about handouts than they do about solvency for future generations and because Evangelicals are more supportive of an Arab Sympathizer than they are a selfless Mormon.

  211. Carolyn Couch

    Dan Rittenhouse Why would anyone wish harm on another person even if you disagree with his policies? Are you going to wish harm on a close friend or family member of yours if they disagree with what you say? Unbelievable.

  212. Carolyn Couch

    Pamela Jane Navarro Lol respect and then being ok with someone making an assassination joke are two different things. I didn't like Bush but I never thought any harm should come to him. Disrespect for HUMAN life. Our country is really going down the toilet if we start thinking in that way just because of DIFFERENCES of how we view policies.

  213. Michael Eastburn

    In the meantime, dozens of tweets threatening Gov. Romney go ignored, by both the Secret Service and by lamestream media outlets such as the "Inquisitr"…what a joke. How's that hypocrisy working out for you, libtards?

  214. Anonymous

    Of course people are going to throw around careless phrases like "assasination". Do ya think this is the first president who 49% of the country didn't want? Just ask "W". People hated him for all kinds of reasons. People are stupid and say stupid things…is that news?

  215. Carolyn Couch

    So if someone thought about attacking you…that's ok? I'm pretty sure the Secret Service is not just gonna go yeah ok you made that comment and we'll just ignore it.

  216. Carolyn Couch

    Racial slurs are bad, but yeah this had to do with talking about a possible threat against him. Calling someone "white devil" and wondering about an assassination are pretty different in the eyes of the Secret Service whose job is to project the President.

  217. Anonymous

    She didn't threaten the President, but the Secret Service is only doing its job by investigating.

  218. Anonymous

    Hard to compare the production of a film to a facebook comment. I agree that he is my pres and definitely don't want any harm to come his way, but that's an odd comparison. Films take funding and a huge undertaking with the intent to influence people…and a facebook comment takes one careless person.

  219. Clemens Bindeus-Fischnaller

    Still angry and frustrated over Obama's victory? This is democracy, albeit US-style. Time that GOP unites again and starts to work on the real issues. And if that means to collaborate with Obama, then hell yes.

  220. Anonymous

    Robert is wrong. it is protected speech, can't police a person's thoughts or wishes. To attempt to do so is a violation of civil and possibly criminal law.

  221. Carolyn Couch

    I don't really think the Secret Service cares if there is a POSSIBLE threat. And why do people have the desire to want someone like that killed if they don't like them? And by the way, yelling fire in a public place when there is no fire will get you arrested. So I'm SURE the Secret Service is not just gonna ignore even a possible statement that could be perceived as a threat. Hell even actual threats are not fully investigated sometimes.

  222. George Gumbleton

    to tell the truth im afraid to say anything nowadays that may be misconstrued as even a difference of opinion or to voice protest against certain lifestyles etc as the constitution is "progressively " widdled away

  223. Kerry Bourne

    Mike Vick's sister called Mitt a white devil??? Wow those Vicks must be really upset about Mitt's vacation with Fido riding on top of the car..Real dog lovers like the Vicks will never forgive Mitt for this blatant dog abuse

  224. Chris Good

    WOW more freedom of speech being taken away from citizens. Seriously HALF the country wants him gone. 3.4 of the election map was red.
    And as a libertarian, say wtf you want to say. Go thru with it different story.

  225. Chris Good

    Oh and yes I'm in the process of following my own advice. don't like it get out. I'm halfway to the money I need to go to Aus on a holiday work visa. and no I wont be maintaining an adress here in the states so I can recieve my disablity from the VA.

  226. Andy Lafrance

    she should concentrate on losing some fat, that will keep here busy…

  227. Verlin Leo Alsina Sr

    Happy Veterans Day: Well with all this political talk going on lately, people have forgotten one real important Fact.
    Mr. Obama is the President of these United States of America. So, I think people should step back and think about what their comments are really proporting. Are your thoughts and comment helpful or hurtful in this case maybe more so to herself. So watch what you think and say, because garbage in, garbage out! Or you might be taken away to the jail!

  228. Susan Sergi

    Well said. Personally i feel we still live in the GREATEST Nation on earth, folks. We have the right to to pursue any career we want, to worship any god we choose, we can have a large or small family if we want, live where we choose to, own a business, etc. We have freedom to choose..the govt does not tell us where to live, number of kids to have and what god (if we want) to worship. We may not like the president, but at least we have the FREEDOM to express our opinions. That girl should live in a country for a year that does not allow any of these freedoms..she would be thrown in jail or killed by expressing a death of a president or dictator! We complain about the economy, but many people in other counties have a yearly income of $300.00 per year………..even in hard times we are still PRIVILEGED to live in the USA!!!

  229. William Schaefer

    The Gestapo service can bang on my door anytime they want. If Barry does away with any more of our rights, I will be the first one to kick the white house door open and drag that piece of trash out and string him up like the traitor he is!

  230. Peter Hudson

    Tell them to go pound sand as a direct threat was not made, freedom of speech. Does the SS forget that they are bound by the Constitution and BOR first?

  231. Robert Mikesell

    This is why I don't post on Facebook. I voted for Obama & she was wrong, but the people who got her fired and stalking her are psychos.

  232. Sonny Ammons

    Agree 110% Robert. I too didn't vote for the man but to wish or hint anyone should die is straight up ridiculous & ass-a-nine. Too many people go on F.b & just throw it out there without the first thought that there may well be consequences !!!

  233. Tana Nicholson

    you said that the people that voted for president obama because of the color of his skin shoud be consider racist. that is just the same as people did not voted for him because of the color of his skin. at the end of the day her comment was not appropriate. regardless if the president is liked the "office" must be respected. i have read individuals comments claiming that her comment is protected under the 1st admendment, well even the admendments have disclaimers.

  234. Richard Greene

    This brain dead obese trollop is the type of woman the re pub low k.k.k.ons desire. Uneducated low informed breeder that cannot be raped bakes cookies keeps her moronic mouth closed while her alcohol abusing husband plow's her like corn field! If she is raped this is a gift from god… they say it is better to keep your mouth closed and have everyone assume your stupid than to open it and prove it you fame seeking beached whale.

  235. Judy Quinn

    How can you believe anything this man says? His book said he was born in Kenya but his birth cert says Hawaii. How can he criticize anyone based on what he says when he's probably done the same I just pray to God that this country can survive 4 more years.

  236. Richard Greene

    Robert you oppose the President's policies of inclusion for all without regarde to sex sexual orientation colour instead of Re pub Low k.k.k.onn vict corporate protection racketeering division/hatred? See Herr K.K.K.arl Rove go nuts on nation wide tv knowing this was not the result's his billionaire sponsors such as the gambling maven sheldon addelson the Koch brothers paid for? Oh really?

  237. Timothy Wenners

    The President Assassinated two American citizens….

    Where is the outrage over that?

    What she did is pale in comparison to that..
    This girl didn't say she was going to do it.
    She wished it would happen. That is very different.

    Making vocal your thoughts, that don't make threats, is free speech protected.

    I don't think she was very smart, but a controversial thing said, is not worthy of the secret service investigating you.
    "in case there is a credible threat".

    what a joke.

  238. Nelda Kagebein-Godwin

    what happened with all the twitter threats that were being made against Romney? Was anyone checked out over those? I think not. . .

  239. Jennifer De Vivo Malinowski

    I applaud you Robert, we will never ALL agree but if we want to move this counrty forward both sides need to work together for the good of the nation. Let's not cut off our nose to spite our face.

  240. Bobby Mossman

    Andre Slater the double standard they are talking about is the one we all see daily. 2 black men rob a white guy its a simple robbery, 2 white men rob a black guy its a hate crime. happens every day.

  241. Robert DeForest

    Agree with Robert but would also ask that everyone please do NOT lump conservatives in with the ilks of this woman. She is obviously a 22 year old naive dolt that has some issues. I'll leave it at that.

  242. Ava Laxton

    Hey will the people that said I should be crucified like my Jesus just because I am a conservative christian be investigated. How about the people that threatened Romney.

  243. Jesse Lopez

    Wilson, can you show me in the 1st Amendment where it indicates put a limit on what you can say? I served my country for 20 years to protect these freedoms and I'll be damned if anyone can tell me what I can say! Civilians!

  244. Amanda Hansen

    So… What am I missing here? I don't see where she threatened the stinking Muslim. I don't see where she threatened anyone.

  245. Anonymous

    She would've just been better off pointing out his flaws and how now we have 4 more years of BULLSHIT like I said. I personally can't stand the guy but know better than to make a comment like hers. But honestly it was probably just that a comment. I don't think she has a vendetta out on the guy!

  246. Bill Campbell

    So here we you can not say anything the KING rhats right this is going to be ther very last election we have. This n$$gger will be in forever they will change the cnostituion and libeatards will get it thru. It is s same that we have lost freedom of speech (well not the liberals).

  247. Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

    She lost her job for this smh I hope she sues & wins; another person to add to the growing unemployment. She can't say that but he can order soldiers to stand down & watch them die on a live feed then lie about what happened & cover it up & the media keeps quiet? I still believe the election was rigged; no way he won! Where was all this "outrage" “investigating” & "concern" when President Bush was in office & threatened on a regular bases? Oh wait he wasn’t a *bleep* who got his panties in a bunch b/c people didn’t like him or want you scrutinized for it & wasn’t weak & whiny like the pos in office now. The country is now a cult: either worship father Obama & mother Michelle or meet your demise.

  248. Dave Booker

    I disagree. I think that every human has the right to say whatever they want. However, be ready for the consequences of every action or word spoken from your mouth. I do however agree that even though I don't care for NObama, I don't want any harm to come to him or his family. At the end of the day he's just another person trying to do what he thinks is right in his own mind.

  249. Anonymous

    And this is just the beginning of American's losing our freedom of speech rights. First the film maker was put in jail for making a movie that exercised his first amendment rights and now a 22 year old is being investigated for voicing her dislike for Obama on her own FB page. She probably shouldn't have used the word assassinate but if you read what she said it's obviously not a threat. She is a 22 year old who works at cold stone creamery and most likely will be negatively affected by Obama's fascist policies such as Obama care.

  250. Debbie Doran

    their is so much hate in this world, look at all the pushers of hate against this president, Trump, Palin, Sununu, Rowe, Limpballs, etc,,,, they can't stand the thought that the majority of americans trust and support this president,,, and they can't stand the fact that a black man has defeated two white men,, no I'm not black, but I have voted for pres. Obama on both of his terms, why? because he was the best person for the job, and I trust him.

  251. Jimmy Kellogg

    Its real funny to me.. I seen on twitter that all these black punks were saying they was going to assassinat Mitt if he won..Not one of these son of a bitch's say one word about it.. its a black thing.

  252. Joe Berkley

    I detect some ugly undercurrents in your spelling challenged, ungrammatical and completely subjective pronouncements. There should be some kind of intelligence evaluation you need to pass before you can be allowed to post anything online. It's difficult for me to take anyone serious when they're challenged by basic english rules.

  253. Joe Berkley

    I challenge you to tell me ONE right you've lost since Obama has been president? I think you have the right to go back to school and work on getting an education…

  254. Debbie DeSimone

    not only is the remark a felony but it also insinuates we would get Biden…

  255. Tim Wilson

    I bet it would have been over-looked if Romney was elected president & a black person made a slur like that on Facebook. I'm sorry but this is how our country operates—BASSACKWARDS! :(

  256. Anonymous

    You have to be careful of what your put in writing or facebook or even your website. Remember what happened to Mrs. Giffords and others after Sarah Palin had that bullseye over Mrs. Giffords on her website.

  257. Seahag Doyle

    She said that she is not a racist, but called PRESIDENT OBAMA a nigger.. Really. 😐
    I'm sick of people like this ignoramus. Furthermore, the Bill of Rights protects us when speaking out against the government, but not when we threaten the government, be it the body or an individual.

    I'm glad she got fired. She should be made an example.

  258. William Cummings

    funny, she contacted the police regarding death threats against her, but wonders why the secret service investigate her for those comments about killing our president?

  259. Joe LaCerra

    This lady is still entitled to her opinion, as Obama has not gotten around to eliminating our First Amendment rights as yet. But she showed very poor judgment in posting this particular opinion. One can feel this way, but should not put it in writing.

  260. Seahag Doyle

    I wish people would understand that we can't just pinpoint the condition of this country to one President, one term or one generation. These problems culminated over time. We all need to take responsibility and work together… but that would be too much like being an adult.

  261. Morey Ladini

    She should have restrained all her racial and assignation threats to Twitters, where that sort of thing is tolerated – well, at least if it was about Romney.

  262. Thomas Gibbons

    Wow, this young lady is a complete moron. "What did I do wrong?" Really?

  263. Gene Smirl

    I would rather donate to her cause than the Obama voters in New York and New Jersery.

  264. Gene Smirl

    At some point when you are frustrated enough good common sense goes by the wayside. I understand and feel her pain.

  265. Donna Johnson

    So you don't understand what you did wrong? Maybe some time in jail will help you understand. I did not vote for PRESIDENT OBAMA either and I'm not happy about it… but face it… HE IS! Be sure that if you are bad enough to stand on the 1st Amendment and you speak ignorance.. you are ready to own it! All actions have consequences…you called him a nigger and talked about him being killed but you are not racist….yeah right! And now the tables have turned….you are on the end of people talking and threatening you….tell me sweetheart…how does it feel?

  266. Greg Woolhouse

    Welcome to Oceania. Say anything offensive to the Dear Leader, and you will lose your job. Then creepy guys in black suits will show up with submachine guns. Congratulations 51%.

  267. Sherri Jewell

    This is ridiculous! It is freedom of speech that counts here. If Obama wasn't black we wouldn't be having this conversation! I am sick and tired of the race card being played! That is what makes everyone hate the blacks – they will not leave it alone – they play it EVERY chance they get and I am sick of listening to this minority bullshit – they are not the minorities anymore for one thing. But they are the Entitlement Crowd that is for damn sure and they don't want that changed!

  268. Wayne-Chuck Reynolds

    I like and respect President Obama and his beautiful Family. I do not like his politics and the direction he is taking our country. Ms. Helms did not threaten the President in any way. Wishing something does not equate trying to make it happen. When you put something on FaceBook, the entire world has access to it. It was an ugly thought but she is entitled to it. Over reaction to things like this will eventrually erode our personal freedoms. And last but not least, Cold Stone Creamery makes some great ice cream!

  269. Jerry Lee Lightbourne

    Speech IS free bitch but it does have consequences! And from here to the next 4 years you address him as "President Obama".

  270. Douglas Ryder

    Good grief, during the campaign they had Obama supporters threatening Romney, but since their "Barry" person won (again by voter fraud) they have been cheering and happily using their "Obama-phones". I'm sure half of the people in America don't want this 'pretender' in the WH, I personally would prefer to see him in jail for life +100 for Treason, lying, theft and various other crimes. Then his wife and children along with his freeloading grandmother deported to Kenya.. For the remainder of their natural lives.

  271. Gene Smirl

    I would not threaten any harm to the President that is illegal. I although would certainly clap and cheer should it happen.

  272. Ralph Rose

    so what Robert is saying is that he really doesn't want free speech in the United States….
    where's the line and who decides when your speech is not free…..the speech czar…
    remember words are words they only get the meanings that you or I choose to give them. a person can say one thing but it may have different meanings to different people who get to decide which is the meaning that person was using?
    while some speech may not be appropriate and may be a dumb thing to say certain things doesn't mean it should be illegal…
    define what a threat is and what speech constitutes a threat.. there would be a thousand different opinions on this conment section. there's the old saying that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me..

    we should let words be words. saying something harsh is not the same as pointing a gun at a person there is a difference and that's why our founding fathers believed that free speech was so important and yet in the course of my life we keep limiting the words that we are allowed to use….

  273. Steven Calhoun

    Donald Trump is a Republican Rich Weasel that I myself can't stand for any reason. I remember back in 1983, when a woman had property that Trump wanted and made her move. He's about money. Does he really need more? No, he's just greedy like the rest of the republicans! If I can get arrested for insighting a riot, he should for insighting a revolt! As for this little disrespecting female dog, she should get charges pressed against her for putting the idea of an assassination out there against our president. I don't like violence but I won't run from it. I will engage because I'm no coward like Trump, he deleted all his tweets because he's a coward. He let's his money speak for him. He has no backbone. Once a coward, always a coward. If you believe what you feel, don't delete them, stand behind them. He has that toupee' on his head and he should put it on his @ss I say prosecute Helms and let the people understand that the first amendment only goes so far! Burn her.

  274. Anonymous

    She is stating if he get's killed she wouldn't care. He is someone's father, husband and son. You don't wish death on no one because personally he has a family. You wouldn't wand someone to kill one of your family members you would care then. I won't wish death on no one.

  275. Twin Shady

    ….and she wants to call the police because she has threats against her.Noooooooooooooo…….its their freedom of speech.What do you need the police to get involved for? Their just doing what you did to the president, Helm.Why don't you keep eating all the ice cream that you've been eating and over stuffing yourself;then vomit all over yourself.

  276. Twin Shady

    ….and she wants to call the police because she has threats against her.Noooooooooooooo…….its their freedom of speech.What do you need the police to get involved for? Their just doing what you did to the president, Helm.Why don't you keep eating all the ice cream that you've been eating and over stuffing yourself;then vomit all over yourself.

  277. Anonymous

    She is stating if he get's killed she wouldn't care. He is someone's father, husband and son. You don't wish death on no one because personally he has a family. You wouldn't want someone to kill one of your family members you would care then. I won't wish death on no one.

  278. Jack Hamm

    Fired from Stone Cold Creamery! LOL. Deserves to be fired and should be made to face a firing squad, for such stupidity!

  279. Matt LeJune

    I can't even wonder if the guy gets wacked? Let's look at how the media fans the flame of racisum between black and white people. I don't see how anyone COULDN'T wonder what MIGHT happen. So now it's a FELONY to even contemplate with a minds eye what could happen if some nut job would go off on the president. These are the controls in place in China, guess were borrowing more than just money from them.

  280. Marilyn Glass Owens

    I would agree with you with our Personal Rights to state how we feel, but when statements become Threats to ones life, it becomes something else, there is no need to be Disrespectful to anyone, especially the President of the United States! The Key Word for today and the next 4 Years is UNITED! We must learn to stay United!

  281. Joy Hardy

    I recall similar comments made about Bush near the end of his presidency. But, I don't recall any FBI investigations into those comments. What's the difference here? Oh yeah, only liberals make a big deal out of nothing.

  282. Frank Santa-Teresa

    Though I don't advocate the young woman's sentiments, I do understand why she feels that way; like Eva Longoria, I too was moved to tears when Obama got reelected, because now I have to wait another 4 long years for this putz's term to expire and see him convert this country into the United Socialist States of Amerika….

  283. Megan Beauchaine

    I just have to say to all who are so overly angry and very over-expressive. Get off your wooden cross, build a bridge with the wood and get over it already. The President deserves respect, whether you like him or not, disagree with him or not. No matter who is in office, The President of the US deserves respect. And enough with all the racist slurs, double standards and crap. We are all GOD's children in his eyes, whether we are white, black, pink, blue, green striped with red polka dots, it doesn't matter. I am ashamed to see the youth of this country that is to be our future to be so small minded and disrespectful. Remember the youth today is supposed to take care of us that are getting older. And knock it off with the "ObamaCare", he was not the first president to introduce it. If I recall right, Bill Clinton tried bringing that out during his 2 terms. So enough is enough already. No wonder this world is going to crap with all the disrespect and not learning to get along and love and honor thy neighbor. I just hope by the time my daughter reached her adulthood in the next 17 years, some or all of this will be gone. My daughter is mixed just Like President Obama is and she is being raised as a "person" not by her color. And I do not want her to have to be defined as a color, but as a person, a human being. C'mon now. Now as for this girl Denise Helms, she is obviously mis-guided and probably did not have proper upbringing to realize what she said is wrong on so many levels. She said she is not racist, but still uses a racial/negative slur. And for her to say that he should be assassinated this term is wrong and that she would feel no remorse about it is wrong and she is un-apologetic about it. I would not wish that on my worst enemy or the President that is in office. So yes, she should be made as an example no matter how major or minor she feels her comment was. Let the punishment fit the crime. Tagg Romney too, he wanted to throw a punch at The President during the debates and it took him how long to apologize to the President? I think it was a week. The President accepted his apology with dignity and as a true gentleman. Think before you speak and you won't be in that position and frowned upon. Peace and Love to all. Please do not hate or discriminate on my post. It will make you no better than Miss Helms and other ignorant people out there. As a wise grandfather of mine once said, my he rest in peace. "When you are pointing your finger at someone, you are pointing 3 fingers right back at yourself.

  284. Amber Parrish

    -A Facebook Obama slur got a woman fired for speculating that “maybe he will get assassinated” to her friends.-
    The woman, 22-year-old Denise Helms, used a racial slur in a Facebook post to describe President Obama.

    Can someone please tell me how this is a racial slur? Wow

  285. Jacqueline A. Murray

    Totally disrespectful on all levels. Regardless of who you voted for he is still a human being, with a family and the President of the United States. To wish that he be kill is wrong, no, I don't agree with his policies nor Romney's for that matter and we all have that right. She took this to another level just hateful and that's planted within her heart. My prayers is that God will cover him and his family for there are far too many that think just like her. I also pray for her because she needs deliverance from evil!

  286. Michael L Heafner

    Robert, shave your muttin chops and quit trying to look so much like the idiot that you and the others that can't read or comprehend;, SHE did NOT threaten to do this to your KING of morons like yourself.She said that if it happened that she wouldn't care one bit;, and you know darn well you and your muttin chop support group you got going on here wouldn't either.I stand behind her freedom of speech as well as you all should.Otherwise you should shut the hell up to, if she can't have freedom of speech, then idiots such as you shouldn't have it either.Grow up and learn how to comprehend shit before you speak.

  287. John Drescher

    The only injustice I see here is that these three women where subject to whatever and Donald Trump who very openly was calling for a revolt has not been charged or rebuked. I truely believe that when the 1st. amendment became inacted that our founding fathers had in mind that the people using this amendment would have some moral thoughts in the words that they spoke. We have become a nation that rewards those that just say anything that gets them or their shows all this attention whether there is any truth to it or not. It is sad when one person can make 50 million dollars per year with his very insightful comments when a family earning, say $250,000.00, takes 200 years to earn that same amount. And who pays for this stuff, we the consumer everytime one purchases any of the products that sponcer said shows. Sad thing is that we don't, along with said companies advertising, always know what shows that they do sponcer. It is not big government that we should be watching but big corporations for they are coming in the back door.

  288. Robert Taylor

    there will be other civil war mark my words people need to trust their goverment ( and right now no one does) by taking back our goverment we can stop all the bull crap we need people in office that care about american people not their pocket books we give other countries more then we give ours we need to stop and fix our country first we loss people every day over seas really why? MONEY that's why.

  289. Corey Bidlack

    I'm pretty sure it's against the law to threaten any president or presidential candidate, let's look at how many tweets were sent by black people hoping, praying and begging for romney to be killed if he won the election. apparently it's ok to make threats if you're any color but white.

  290. Anthony Evans Jr

    First rule of life in America.. you don't say President and assassination in a public area being Facebook Myspace in an elevator.

  291. Anonymous

    Seriously? You are all overlooking one key thing here. SHE DIDN"T THREATEN HIM! She said maybe someone would this term. Where does that constitute a threat against the president? That's her freedom of speach, she has the right to say something racist and she has the right to speculate, despite wether the things she had to say were in bad taste or not. This is pathetic.

  292. Sherry Olsen

    The first Amendment protects your right to speak, however, it doesn't protect what you say. Some people should think before they speak.

  293. Hedy Eckert

    Put her face on the web and then throw her ass in jail. The last thing this country needs right now is somebody threatening the president. What a mean spirited thing to say. Now this woman is definitely a racist or a white supremicist. she probably hates anything and everything that does not look or act like her. Glad they fired her ass! There are consequences to what we say and do. Right to Freedom of Speech only goes so far.

  294. David Anthony Kilby

    Has anyone really cracked down on the assassination threats to Romney and Bush? Just saying. h

  295. Daniel Harvey

    There are lots of americans nowadays that are abusing the 1st amendmant. There are men and women dying everyday to protect our freedom and you waste it by using it to wish for the death of the president of the U.S. Just because you have a consitutional right to do something, does not make it the RIGHT THING TO DO. Use them first amendment for what is was intended for and not to foment sentiment to take tfhe life of a standing president of the United States. Have a conscious.

  296. Nicki Brown

    Well since she will be unemployed maybe she can walk off those extra pounds she put on her fat ass eating all that ice cream. Now that's exercising my freedom of speech!

  297. Daniel Adams

    Once again whitey cant say anything, but if the president was white and a black person said that what would have happened? Nothing of course this country is so fucked.

  298. Cindy Lee Whitfield

    maybe it wasnt in good taste yet there I am sure many many people who feel the same way. Not everyone approves of obama as president we have that right and she has a right to say how she feels as long as she is not making a treat. As far as being fired that is wrong she did nothing wrong to deserve being fired her commnet was not in good taste but does not deserve being fired, that is totally wrong to lose her job because she expressed a way she felt. I will not be bying there product and I have that right tooo…..

  299. Damian J. Combs

    This is insane. Does it really need to go that far for someone to be so ridiculous? I voted for him yes, got ridiculed that I was voting for him because he is black like I am. The last time I checked, I don't vote for "skin color." I vote for someone who I think will do a good job in the White House. I don't feel Romney was it, but that's my opinion as I am entitled to it. The fact that someone wants to take it to the point that he should be killed is appalling. Why in this world would you wish that, or even hint towards it? If Romney was voted president I wouldn't be outside boycotting, or making plans to harm him in anyway. I would accept the fact that he is my president, and what can "I" do to make things more manageable. I've had people on my back about voting for Obama, why? No one can change the decision that "America" made, it happened, so there is NO point to keep up the bickering. IF you're that upset about him being president, then move out of the country and make it easier on yourself. For crying out loud, don't make idle threats towards the president. Everyone seems to forget that Obama came into office with 8 years worth of crap that he had to deal with. Also, Congress kept turning him down for a lot of the things that he wanted to do to change America, and make it better for us. He used other alternatives because he couldn't get us the help we needed. Granted, some of his choices weren't the best, and I didn't agree with everything, but I do believe in him. The last thing we should do as "Americans" is to turn our backs on him. It would be the same if Romney were president, I would NOT just turn my back on him. I would continue to pray that whoever became president, that they would lead us into a better tomorrow. Stop and think before you make actions people! Clearly this young lady didn't care either way, and went on a vicious rant! Grow up!

  300. Tessa Roberts

    some people are so incredibly stupid. and i am sure many people think this only happened because it was obama–hello- if this was said about ANY president the same thing would happen. some people are just downright ignorant….

  301. Alicia Narae Miller

    There goes the liberal media at it again. They are calling it a racist slur. It is not a racist slur it was a stupid and ignorant slur but it was not racist. I have heard many worse things said about Alan Keyes or even Stacey Dash. Media is so one sided it is sickening. The lady did not bring up race according to the video I watched. She didn't even say she was going to do anything. She needs to have more respect for the office of the President.

  302. Johnna Calverase

    Gee I can remember Bush being called much worse and death threats against him…but no one ever did anything. No one dare say anything against the boy king!

  303. Yolanda McCrary

    "I didn't think it was THAT big of a deal?" Are you serious? There are countries where its punishable by DEATH, for speaking against leaders…and, the President! They have to take ALL threats serious…regardless of the fact that she's merely an EX-ice cream worker. o_0 My feelings? Too bad. She deserved it and I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for this women. At the end of the day, ask yourself "Was it worth it?" And for those of you saying, "it's just a word," why don't YOU try it on and see how it fits.

  304. Anonymous

    How many people as Obama murdered so far with his drone assassination kill list?

    Who has made asssassination a tool of foreign policy?

    As long as Mr. Obama does what the Bankers want, he has nothing to fear – just don't tamper with the Federal Reserve (John F. Kennedy) or start printing United States Currency (Abraham Lincoln – Greenbacks) and there is nothing to worry about at all. Don't forget your secret handshakes!

    That being said, the woman is an ass and a fool, but so was anyone who voted for Romney or Obama. They are going to need to hire a lot more Secret Service Agents – the best looking cops in the WORLD!

    Now who is responsible for all this racism that has reswept the nation? I think we know who is responisble for the violence. Our leadership and owners. You don't suppose they are responsible for the racism too, do you?

    1931 – little if any anti-semitism in Germany.
    1933 – all the anti-semitism you need to change the world.

    All it takes is money and mass media.

    Know who controls you. Who put those ideas into your head?

    Bankers, that who. Divide and conquer.

  305. Anonymous

    How stupid…..sure, the guy is an ignorant, arrogant, 3rd world leftist /Vigger, but that is no reason to threaten him. If enough people don't want him, he'll be voted out of office.

  306. Anonymous

    She is in some serious problems. Poor judgement, now you have to pay the price for your rants and being a sore looser. Ask Dixie Chicks what happened to them when they said something bad about George Bush. They do not even have a career anymore.

  307. Anonymous

    She doesn't understand what she did wrong? Look we all have the freedom to say what we wish but we also have the duty to be responsible and saying that you wish the President will be murdered just because you don't agree with him is unacceptable. She was also a manager which means she needs to set the example to others as well and if your behavior does not uphold the company principles then you're out of there. It's all about what's right, responsibility and consequences. Democrat or Republican it's just wrong to wish anybody such ill will.

  308. Joe Bialobreski

    Gee, let's see. I think the secret service overreacted. She did not threaten the President. They do have little triggers though that cause investigation. Investigation does not cause harm however. I thnk the problems she has were triggered by the use of the term nigger. She is not being persicuted by the government. Please none of you right wingnuts try to say she is. She is not being denied freedom of speach. She was fired by her employer, who can do that for no reason but they want to in a free market, for using racist language which can alienate potential customers and so cost them money.

  309. Donald J. Kane

    I think that the comments should be investigated. No one should be able to threaten the life of anyone, regardless of political beliefs. Yes the threat was overt but none-the-less it was a threat. I'm sorry she lost her job, but maybe she will think a little bit more before using an internet website to spew her hate.

  310. Donald Coggins

    I cant belive how people open their mouths in anger and disrespect the president of our country I wonder how she would feel if this country kicked her out of the country I bet then she wouldn't run her mouth.

  311. Elaine Tempesta


  312. Greg Maier

    Her comment was disgusting but I don't think it was especially threatening. The Secret Service should have enough on their plate, without having to monitor ignorant facebook posts.

  313. Max Power

    Let us understand that freedom of speech is alive and well, but be mindful that there are consequences for what we say!

  314. Latasha Whitley

    People, Obama is the president for the next 4 years so get over it! It is not right for anyone to threat a President whether its Obama Or any other person.

  315. Joyce Harris

    she did not threaten obama she said what if she would not care.we all have the right to voice our opinion we do not even have that right with this president I have heard people wishing someone would but I do not wish him nor his family any ill will , the secret service going after someone for that is ludicris they jtrong arm people abt saying anything bad against obama.

  316. Betty Jones

    Racism is what she was taught. If it had been any other President she would have been arrested. She should have been Fired and need to be prosecuted.

  317. Matt Åke

    No one in their right mind would seriously consider assassinating BHO. Remember, he picked up that little life insurance plan called Joe Biden.

  318. Anonymous

    she deserves what she will get and what's comming..threats and all that made to her….enough said.

  319. Michael East

    why is the n word not racists when black people use it towards each other its the same word is it not, if not then that is racism.

  320. Lynn Wilks

    Jimmy it has been a black thing for 4 years now… nothing new! He was elected because he is black, he was reelected because the united states as we once knew her is changing.. nuf said!

  321. Charles Rutledge

    I mean, look at her! She's a fat, ignorant, uneducated, piece of trash! I doubt if she can even spell president or that she even voted! I do, however, believe that they( the white racist like this fool) are going to try to kill him and I worry for him. I pray that God protects him and his family!

  322. Donna McLellan

    Well, this little girl lerans a lesson, I hope, because as Robert Monroe Wilson said, "Theb president is the president" and you HAVE to respect the office." Period. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when she was interviewed afterward, she is not sorry at all. That is pathetic. A big lesson learned, I hope for this young girl. RESPECT is severely lacking in this country in certain places and certain networks that are supposed to be "fair and balanced". BE fair, and think about how you would feel if someone threatened your family. Good Grief!

  323. Nicole Marcellus Green

    This is ridiculous. You have to think one thing before you say things: Is it necessary? I don't like his policies and I didn't vote for him either, but for me to say I want to kill someone because they don't believe what I do is pretty intolerant and ridiculous. He's still OUR President and I will give him the respect that the title affords him. And hope/pray that he'll think about the good of the people and not about trying to beat the opposing side and "winning."

  324. Larry DeVaux

    It is probably time that some of society understands that words cause wars ending in many many deaths. Our president is to be respected weather you voted for him or not. Also, I do not pity this woman. She will learn to be accountable for what she says. Public threats involving death are serious and should not be taking lightly. In addition, Mr. Trump needs to be paid a visit by the secret police as well to make things fair. It may have been Trump that started this. I think freedom of speech is important , however, it is a priviledge as well and should be exersized tastfully.

  325. Mary Robb

    I am not a Obama fan – however, this young woman needs to know that you can't threaten the President of the US – regardless of whether we voted for him or not, he is stil everyone's president – a case of open mouth, insert foot!

  326. Tanya Kloesel

    Why are the people who support Obama so stupid and ignorant of the facts? What she said was NOT a threat and does NOT constitute treason. (MANY of the things Obama has done, DO.) I for one wouldn't care if that happened to him either, but stop short of saying I would be happy – unless he was dragged through the street afterwards the way our ambassador was thanks to him and his corrupt administration. As far as the racial slur – if the shoe fits, wear it. I can't think of anyone that word fits better than Obama, his wife and Eric Holder. Finally, it sounds like the members of the Secret Service who are investigating this lady, need to get real jobs or find hobbies. It certainly sounds like they've got WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands.

  327. Lee Myszak

    All you hoiler than thou liberals with your outrage when liberals post the most vile, racest remarks on the net. No wonder Holder is such a failure when he wastes his time on this. I suppose they will come after me next because I do not support Obama.

  328. Jesse Schorle

    Did the Secret Service investigate those who called for the assassination of President Bush? A book was even written about assassinating him.I saw many newscasts when Bush was President where protestors could be heard, and signs seen, calling for him to die.Just sayin'.

  329. Jim Fisher

    LOL there were 300,000 black people that said ' WE GONNA KILL ROMNEY IF HE'S ELECTED………..Black panthers put a bounty on guy……..and now this white girl is fighting for her life….Yes we are a racist society…………

  330. Lena Cook

    wow she made a stupid comment. not a threat! so much for freedom of speech. well what do you expect I mean you get arrested now for having a bible study in your home.

  331. Cheryl Lundgren

    Denise I'm very worried that you think assassination is an acceptable way to resolve differences. You are an uncaring, unintelligent person.

  332. Patricia Stidham-Burns

    Very well said Robert! For those of you that think this is some kind of stifling of your First Amendment Rights it is not NOW nor has it ever been ok to THREATEN the President of the United States of America. If that bothers you that you're NOT allowed to do that then you shouldn't be living in a free society. You cannot threaten the President in this Country period. If that's how you have you FUN then you have serious problems.

  333. Anonymous

    Some of you might not be old enough to remember, but I was a teen when John Kennedy was shot. I pray to God nothing like that ever happens in our country again, no matter who is in the presidency. I disagree with almost everything about Mitt Romney, but I would never wish him or any of his family ill will. Our president was re-elected by a majority of our people, against tremendous odds, and that is the way Democracy works. Some just can't accept that.

  334. Anonymous

    wartch out, here come the language police, fucking liberals, jesus christ.

  335. Rex Jones

    This WAS NOT a threat. Good God look up the definition of "threat" in a dictionary. Not a nice thing to say….sure. Not to smart to post it….absolutely. But to be investigated by the SS and lose her job? Lawsuit time I'm thinking. Against the government and her now former employer. While I feel a bit hypocritical posting this from facebook, nevertheless something needs to be done about this kind of thing happening yet again. We as a nation go on and on about how "free" we are when the reality is that when someone actually has the guts, intelligently or not so intelligently to demonstrate this "freedom" we become no better than Nazi Germany in the 1930's. That is much worse hypocrisy and dangerous.

  336. Dolores Clark

    Romneys son was not investigate for threatening the thought of physical harm to the President.Guess she has the wrong there's double standard.

  337. Rex Jones

    One other thing, everything I've read says that her statement was a "racial slur". Saying "maybe he'll get assassinated", which from what I've read is what all the fuss is about has nothing to do with "race" as I see it. Of course as usual our national media didn't print the whole statement I'm sure.

  338. Anonymous

    You retard…YOUR OWN STATE goes Democrat you idiot and you make stupid statements like that? You probably didn't vote for him but I bet 47% of your pals did…Racist nope, real…you bet your sweet ass!

  339. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    There are two jobs I would not want. Selling women's shoes and scooping ice cream. Consider the source on this one. And is there any history of violence? We are talking about the President of the United States of America. I am non partisan and did not vote for any candidate for President, however, I do worry about our elected officials and their families. I think back to the terrible shooting in Arizona of the elected official there and others who were killed while hearing Gabriel Gifford speak one day. Just horrible. Terrorism is domestic as well as the foreign terrorist we go around the world to find. We fight wars over acts of terrorism. What really concerns me in this is the lack of human compassion for human life regardless of race, politics, gender or any other factor. The coldness of the comment of "not caring" about someone's death. In this case, referring to the President of the United States!

    The United States of America was named as fourth in the world for human rights violations by the United Nations. This does demonstate a lack of compassion for humanity and I think that the United States needs to work on human rights. We have a President in very trying times and his family is a part of who he is. I worry over children in the White House and never felt that anyone with children should run for that office. Adult children perhaps but not the younger ones. This is just another illustration of who cold Americans can be. Perhaps it because we have seen so much violence. We have perhaps become numbed by so much hatred, abuses, alcoholism, drug addiction and terror. We have seen wars and casualities by the day. And we have been a nation that considers it a "freedom" to "bear arms!" I have no guns and wish that we would be gunfree in America. That would stop a lot of the violence that leads to threats, abuses, murders, and oppression right there. We are a violent and cold nation. Then, those of us who are sensitive and kind have a difficult time with those of violence and abuse.

    The President will have a decision to make with regard to racial slurrs, violent thoughts and free speech. Another tough problem to solve. I was offended at an anti-Irish comment by a family member who is probably just envious because she is not Irish too. Then I heard Sherrie on The View last week with anti-white comments and referring to her son as a "brown boy" that offended me. I felt it was hatred and that she was attempted to cause hard feeling, ill will and incite riot on a national network in violation, in my opinion, of FCC guidelines! What does Facebook say about such racial slander nad hatred. They do support Free Speech. Telling the truth with love is the goal. I had to work on that myself over the years. As is says in the Bible, "Who has not had a slip of the tongue?"

    Back to work and this woman may have a tough time now. Ice cream scooping and expensive scooping at that with Cold Stone, is already one of the worst jobs one can have. Mediation, a resolve of conflict. An wonderful time to try that one out. God Bless all concerned. Pamela Bunting Lewis Non partisan. Praying for peace and the resolve of this conflict.

  340. A.j. Derrick

    Obama & his thugocracy need to lighten up. If GW Bush responded to every slur printed about him by the main stream media no less, he would've had to add an additional 30,000 govt. employees just to respond to nasty comments. Grow up Obama. Face it, half the country doesn't like you or your socialist policies.

  341. Michael Berman

    We keep learning this lesson over and over again….watch what you put in writing! Is this woman really a threat? Of course not…she managed an ice cream store. But a rant on a facebook page is something you cant take back once it is out there. I understand her pain after the election but a racial slur followed by a threatening comment to the president….very bad idea!

  342. Brock Martin

    Obama's 8 years in office will go down in history as one of the darkest periods in our nation's history. One day, many of us will look back and be ashamed for how we treated this man.

  343. Michael Berman

    You don't say "bomb" in an airport…you don't say "assassination" in the same sentence as the current president and you don't yell "fire" in a theater…unless of course there really is a fire!

  344. Anna Klitzka

    WTH? We all have a right to voice our opinions and if you don't like them, don't read them & don't listen but don't dictate to me and tell me how to feel about anything. No, I would never wish death on anyone either but that is MY opinion and I frankly don't care whether you agree or not. Nobody should.

  345. Cathy Hoyt

    OMG how can people be so stupid. Don't they know that assassinating Obama would make Joe Biden president? What are they thinking!

  346. Lynda Kramer Lemus

    My guess is that the Secret Service is going to be VERY busy; or am I allowed to even think that?

  347. John Grimes

    there is no question that obama is a liar/socialist/muslim lover/and we don't know if the obamation is even American.And in my opinion will destory American at very oppty….the same for holder/clinton/biden and all other demorats..

  348. Anonymous

    Have some respect for yourself and for your country , and especially for the PRESIDENT of The UNITED STATES.

  349. Wes Graham

    Just one question…is there a law limiting the "killing" of a Republic, and if not, we definitely need one with the power of prosecution, conviction, and appropriate sentencing!

  350. Jeff Hendershott

    Only stupid people can't control their emotions most of the time.

  351. Patricia Phifer


  352. Candy Cain-Heffinger

    Why was there no investigation of the countless people on facebook saying that if Romney was elected they were going to assassinate him? Never heard a word about any of them.

  353. Margo Dorgay

    It's funny how she made the assassination comment but then when she got threatened she wants police protection. With ALL politics aside, you don't make comments like that and expect someone to protect your ass. She's a dumb bi***!

  354. Michael Rohner

    I'm sorry, but just because you hold the title, "President," doesn't mean anyone has to like you! There has been alot of pain in this country, it's human nature to feel angry…. Anger is an emotion that seems to be frowned upon these days in our pill popping society… People have the right to be upset and share their opinions on a public internet page without being harrased! It's ok for our president to taunt Iran, or N.Korea with violence, but a U.S citizen can't express her thoughts. This is Communism in it's most purest form.

  355. Eric Devries

    There is no 1st amendment issue here, the government didn't fire her or take action against her, her employer fired her and firing and that is well within their rights. You may not agree with it, but it is not a violation of anyones first amendment rights, if I drop an N bomb at work, I get fired, if my employer finds offensive remarks I made on social media I get fired. This generation thinks because of the advent of the internet that they can say whatver they want whenever they want without consequence. She didn't threaten the president, the secret service will look at it just like they did with the Ted Nugent thing and determine there is nothing there, that's there job. For the young lady in question one can only hope that she takes a good hard look at herself because she lacks civility and apparently feels she doesn't need to acount for her words. No sympathy for her, you can be upset about the election but it's no excuse to behave like a child having a tantrum.

  356. Debbie Robinson

    The last time I looked this was still America and we DO have free speech…don't we? I have seen many, many more horrible comments made against President Bush than this,( and they are never reported or made front page news are they) and I can tell you this….they can't invesigate all of us. Good luck with that!

  357. Anonymous

    She's a disgrace what this great nation stands for. In my opinion A traitor to the Nation abusing the constitution and freedoms of this great nation. People like her who use racist slurs to cause disharmony in this great nation and suggest assassination of our elected official should be prosecuted as a traitor to the nation. In world history traitors were delt harshely… eg. France, England etc… they would have had her head chopped of or more humanely shot as a traitor after a trail and torture.

  358. Anonymous

    She's a disgrace what this great nation stands for. In my opinion A traitor to the Nation abusing the constitution and freedoms of this great nation. People like her who use racist slurs to cause disharmony in this great nation and suggest assassination of our elected official should be prosecuted as a traitor to the nation. In world history traitors were delt harshely… eg. France, England etc… they would have had her head chopped of or more humanely shot as a traitor after a trail and torture.

  359. John John Griffin

    I am soooooooo damn glad she got fired, because this shows people they can't go around saying INAPPOPRIATE THINGS about the President, the most protected individual in all the land and I hope she will continue to be investigated and she is stupid for doing it especially this SOON after he was elected back into office. I hope her case will prompt others to think twice before they speak and post about the President in a negative way.

  360. Delrio Norton

    She's FAT, uneducated, and FAT. "No, I'm not a racist." Effing ridiculous. Here's what rightwingers are really saying "How DARE a black man have the NERVE to be president!" White Imperialism entitlement.

  361. Anonymous

    she is fat and stupid, and I am glad that she is fired. Turdllock is where she is from. And the creamery is where she got fat sucking down all that "cream."

  362. Fran Brashear

    Too many people have been disrespectful to our leaders in government even some of our leaders in government. You don't see that happening in other countries and tho' people feel the way they feel somethings are left better thought and not spoken.

  363. Anonymous

    threat [thret]
    a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course; menace: He confessed under the threat of imprisonment.

  364. Marty Musselman

    Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you express it publically you take the risk of fallout. So it would behoove oneself to think before you click on post. Although this particular dingbat doesn't seem to have the gray matter to self edit.

  365. Lilithia Montoya

    Oncer aging it depends on who is doing the threanting. When Romney's Son Trigg said he wanted to punch him in the face he was not threated with charges.
    So once again it is who is doing the talking and threating.

  366. John Watson

    Holy Toledo. I posted the same saying he might get assassinated because I feel this country is so divided, and will never come back together, that something bad is going to happen to him. Do I like him? Hell, no but I fear it might happen. Would I do it? HELLLLLLL NO but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened by some leftists whacko when their govt check doesn't get deposited because the govt ran out of money. It really can happen, and lets hope it doesn't, but to sick the SS on someone for even bringing up this possibility shows how far we have astray this country has gone.

  367. PPL

    I have to admit that when I was reading about how divided the country is right now, one of the things I thought of immediatly was what if it is so bad that some crazy tries to assinate the President. Right now we have a NY Times best seller "Killing Kennedy", and a movie coming out "Lincoln". With two of the most beloved and assinated Presidents being so openly advertised, you have to wonder, is there a crazy person out there having thoughts of grandure. I certainly hope not.

  368. John Watson

    Holy Toledo. I posted the same saying he might get assassinated because I feel this country is so divided, and will never come back together, that something bad is going to happen to him. Do I like him? Hell, no but I fear it might happen. Would I do it? HELLLLLLL NO but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened by some leftist whacko when their govt check doesn't get deposited because the govt ran out of money. It really can happen, and lets hope it doesn't, but to sick the SS on someone for even bringing up this possibility shows just how far astray this country has gone.

  369. Jeff Weeks

    I sincerely hope they monitor everyone's speech equally, I have seen the same or worse hate speech exhibited thousands of times from both sides. Slippery slope to government control of speech, I guess in 1776 when the hung king george effigy his secret service could silence the critics. I always side on freedom over the security of despots.

  370. Jeff Weeks

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty Thomas Jefferson.

  371. Jeff Weeks

    God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.
    Thomas Jefferson

  372. Brandy Murdock Melton

    What this women said may be wrong, but it obviously isn't a threat. I can understand the secret service investigating her to be on the safe side. But she shouldn't have lost her job. People are entitled to their opinion, whether we agree with it or not.

  373. Dave Borgman

    three things…one this is America ware we should question owe leadership. two why did this go national(god knows thy can all keep a secret)three why wouldn't the leader of the free world come to her defense? weather she agrees politically or not he did take an oath to protect and defend the constitution.

  374. Jeff Weeks

    The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
    Thomas Jefferson

  375. Jeff Weeks

    Scary that only 1-2 percent of americans voted for liberty. Libertarian party keeping flame of liberty while repukes and democraps take more power everyday.

  376. Debbie Ruis Mueller

    Good for Cold Stone Creamery! I'm so tired of everyone using the 1st amendment to make their disrespectful comments. Think I'll go get some ice cream!

  377. Jeff Weeks

    Scary to think that all of our political class never gives speeches on liberty, each side only communicates how they will care for us while they steal our civil rights and burn the constitution. All speeches are directed at securityl and comfort. I'm assuming liberty no longer does well in internal polling.

  378. Jeff Weeks

    She didn't say that she wanted to assasinate the president, seems she might have endorsed the idea if someone else did. Huge difference

  379. Robert Casper

    Eh, it's freedom of speech, and she didn't make any threats. People speculate on the subject all the time, even moreso when he was first elected. Having said that she is a dumb b*tch for saying she wouldn't care. People need to chill the fuck out and quit being so sensitive.

  380. Dan Furst

    I am not an Obama fan, but? What can go wrong? Well lets see what went wrong here… Anything you put in electronic format is here forever… Saying what she said is considered a serious threat to the Commander in Chief (something a three year old already knows)… Going on camera and the story disclosing the city where she lives, knowing she has threats on her life… It just gets worse. Again, what can go wrong?

  381. Wayne Jones

    I just don't see how we can move forward if we are continuously looking behnd us. I don't think blaming any of our former Presidents, present President, or name calling is helpful to anyone. We need to examine what and how all our elected officials are votng, and if they are not doing so in our best interest we must unite in the best interest of our Country and vote them out and elect those in willing to work for us. No single person/party has all the right answers but collectively I'm sure we can begin addressing the many crucial issues that face our Nation. A Country Divided Will Not Stand! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  382. Jeff Laack

    They made a film about assasinating President Bush, and the left defended it. Clearly this woman was not making a death threat.

  383. Freddie Rubalcava

    loser lost her job thru facebook, kinda retarded, but it shows how far some fascists would go to castrate someone who doesn't agree with your ideas.

  384. Ben Caplan

    As usual, conservatives, who are always whining about the Constitution, have not a clue what is in it. Unless it is determined that she is a threat to the president, this woman will not go to jail. She can hate him or use racial slurs against him all day long without fear of government suppression. But that does not mean that free speech has no consequences. If you want to test the difference, go to work tomorrow tossing around racial slurs. You will not be arrested. You will, however, be fired. Employers have standard also, but they are based upon their own values, not those of the Constitution. Bottom line – this is not a free speech issue.

  385. Tifia Morales

    it ok not to like or vote for the president, but to insinuate that he be assassinated is deplorable

  386. Connie Steffen

    THe ONLY reason he won is cause the blacks are racist 98% blacks voted for him and probably half or more of them did so just cause he's black.

  387. Lisa Thompson

    I wonder whatever happened to the people who twitterd they were going to assasinate R if he won? Not a peep…crickets.HSee how the leftist bias works?

  388. Graham Huffman

    Freedom of religion is gone, freedom of speech is gone, what's next?

  389. Jeff Lohr

    From January 20, 2001 until January 20, 2009 calling for the killing of Bush, burning Bush in effigy or waving his fake severed head was simply called dissent. Since that time if publicly state that you wish for a less intrusive federal government you a called a racist, sexist, homophobe and told to be quiet or be investigated. If Democrats didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all.

  390. Anonymous

    So wishing and acting are now synonymous? There's a huge difference between articulating a wish that you wake up in the morning to read that some moron got his head blown off and articulating your intention of making it happen. This investigation is a dead-end Secret Service scare tactic. A generic social network status doesn't pass any test to rise to the level of threat. Being beyond the pale, disrespectful, callous, cold, heartless, selfish – whatever- still doesn't make it a threat to anyone.

  391. Jeff Lohr

    I pray that those were your same thoughts and sentiments after the 2004 election. God bless.

  392. Anonymous

    I'm not fan a President of Obama one bit HOWEVER out of respect for my government and the office of the POTUS I would NEVER EVER EVER want to live to see a president assasinated! This woman is a complete idiot because BO is not a "nigger" (I hate when people say n-word". He is bi-racial which means he is half black and half white. There is NO DIFFERENCE between a "nigger" and "white trash" like the woman who made this comment but white trash sounds less as harsh. I'm going to go ona limb here and say that most "niggers" don't get into Ivy league schools, become senators and then take on the most important position IN THE WORLD.

    I"m glad she lost her job and that Cold Stome Cremery has done as much as they can to remove themselves from this loon. I bet she also claims she's a Christian along with her denial of being a racist. I can't or wont even entertain the idea of wtf would happen if our President (even though I did not vote for him) was killed. The worst thing is that Biden would be POTUS and then we'd really be effed.

    As a white woman who is not a fan of Obama but clearly way older and way more level headed than this nut job I apologize. All white people do not feel this way, in fact I'd say a majority of us do not.

    God help us all.

  393. Ginati Cerrentino

    I get called get a racist all the time because of my political views. I blow these people off as dumb asses. The problem with current society is people are afraid to speak out or vote for who will be the better president because they will be labeled racists I say F that! Ever hear of the 1st amendment? Certain people were threatening people at the poles if they didn't vote for Obama but was that reported by our so called non-biased media? Please come on everyone is so afraid of his Nazi cabinet OMG they will investigate me, ruin my life. What a load if crap. I fought for this country, was hurt in Iraq for this country, I love this country with my heart, soul!!! I am proud if this lady for speaking her mind I am sorry that the company she worked for stuck their nose in her personal business, and fired her for her personal beliefs, but if it was a Muslim saying something about white people OMG we can't do anything there we could be labeled racists. We have all become puppets if popular society!! Of what's hip, and cool! Not what's right!!!!!!!

  394. Barbara Rich

    It's one thing to make a comment about someone you don't like especially a President but choose your words carefully, you never know who's listening. She's young and immature. So you have to excuse her. So now she says it's wrong……………..ya think. Think before you speak.

  395. Anonymous

    Give me a break.She says what millions of people think and barry has her career ruined.He's a joke.

  396. Don Freeman

    what makes all of you people think we have to respect Obama? I was raised that resepct was earned not given freely, he has none for us (THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) and has not earned any from me.

  397. Nancy Johnston-Gordon

    What an idiot! I work at an & our Facebook pages are monitored daily. If we even use profanity, we a raked over the coals. What did she think would happen?

  398. Matt Zachary

    It's funny how the MSM didn't pick up on the the TONS of Twitter/Facebook posts calling for the assassination of Romney.

  399. Joan Criqui

    He has nothing to worry about. Only the president's that where trying to help and do something good get assassinated, and if you look at how many where assassinated, you will see there have not been many.

  400. Wayne Jones

    Yes Jeff they were, I believe that God is in ultimate control and as a believer I must submit to Authority as The Holy Bible states. I did not agree with all President Bush's decision but he was my President and I kept him lifted in prayers. I certainly have very many disagreements with President Obama's policies but he is our President and in my prayers as is all our leaders and our country. I Love God, all my Brothers and Sisters, and The United States Of America! God's Blessings

  401. Anonymous

    This is ridiculous and Facebook is just as bad, this social network has predators stalking our children, kids being bullied and committing suicide, and several killed because of being on Facebook so while this network is SELLING OUR PRIVATE INFORMATION FOR PROFIT they have other problems to worry about. If something is wrong and not right fine take the consequence but I THINK OUR COUNTRY HAS MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN SOMEONE SPEAKING OUT OF FRUSTRATION, SHE IS A BIG MOUTH WHO MADE A DUMB AND STUPID STATEMENT NOW LETS MOVE ON AND SAVE OUR DAMN COUNTRY..

    We have to take things into our own hands.. so lets come up with ideas, plans, to create jobs and safety for our families. I have created a NEW SOCIAL NETWORK that is safe for our children to be on and also awesome for adults, the site is up and a few kids are already on the site.. we are still adding things and changing the site for everyones comfort and enjoyment. Will post the website as soon as construction is complete… hope everyone likes it and am going to feel great that our children will be a lot safer. Will post the network name and website to join soon :-)

  402. Sarah Hale

    I support freedom of speech and all but this dumbass should be charged, what the heck is wrong with her? Racist bitch. I say Secret Service should press for jail time. I think her employer was right in firing her. no business wants that bad publicty.just becuase you don't like the President doesn't mean you can make threats. I am glad Obama got re-elected. he will do better this term, make changes for the better. plus Romney SUCKS! GO OBAMA

  403. Anonymous

    Meanwhile 4 Americans are dead and Obama covers it up and blames a pathetic Youtube video. The Benghazi scandal is soon to be uncovered. Do you really think General Petreas resigned for extra marital affairs? That is a reason to get clear of the scene without political motivation. Funny alot of the heavy hitters of Obama's regime are jumping ship. I hope he is impeached and is sentenced to Leavenworth for life. Assination would make him a martyr within his religion. He is not worthy of that. He already was awarded a peace prize for nothing, he shouldn't be rewarded for simply being an unqualified 1/2 breed that embraces socialism and penalizes success. Sorry, I tend to sugarcoat my opinion sometimes.

  404. Joy Brown

    If you are conservative you can expect this from the left but do not disagree with this regime. they called Pres. Bush Nazi and anything they wanted to and never anything came of that. The left is always wanting Cheney or whoever to die, did the right go after them?

  405. Jim Constatini

    Government censorship and intimidation of those that choose to ecercise ther first amendment right. Pretty ironic this is happening under this ultra liberal regime.

  406. Darsha Doran

    This girl only points out that racism is alive, well and apparently thriving in America. Whether we voted for President Obama or not, he won both the popular vote and the electoral college……he is our President and I don't think that anyone should make personal attack against OUR PRESIDENT, regardless of his political affiliation…..and the word she used is a vile personal attack. Not sure how she could be so stupid to subsequently make a comment about assassination. Talk like this only fuels the more violent elements in our society.

  407. Anonymous

    Make a stupid comment against the President get fired and investigated by the secret service. However if you are an elected official in Pulaski, TN and physically assault citizens in the street at public functions you get a pat on the back. Use hate speech and try to get the victim arrested and you get a nice cushy job in government even though you are not qualified for the position. But Pulaski, TN is the birth place of the KKK and one of the most corrupt places I have ever lived. Watch this video and see public officials attack citizens, file false police reports against citizens and have absolutely nothing happen to them. for full videos Did I mention one of the public officials is a democratic delegate. This is what is wrong with America.

  408. Martin W. Schwartz

    While it is a crime to make a threat against anyone under the protection of the Secret Service, including the president, there is a line between what constitutes a threat and what constitutes a criminal offense and what is protected speech. The Secret Service has a very difficult job in protecting the president, but often they overreact to opinions voiced by people. There has to be a balance between what their Protective Intelligence Division investigates and the First Amendment. Lately (as with Ted Nugent) they seem to be stepping on the line. The agency is in a lot of internal turmoil and needs new leadership and better guidance in performing its protective functions, so that they don't morp from Secret Service to Secret State Police. It's a balancing act and they MUST get it right in a democracy.

  409. Raytha Hand- Poland

    The fact of the matter is she made no threat. A fact that is frequently ignored when anyone who doesn't worship the clueless incompetent moron says anything against him. He will never be referred to as my president. NEVER!

  410. Swagtastic Von Jackson

    What a sickening thing to write. Or to think. Yikes. The newsman said it though,"freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences." The woman shouldn't be threatened with death. I understand the anger. Maybe the backlash will influence this woman to reconsidered bigotry.

  411. Chris Adkins

    I'm not saying comments like this young lady made are appropriate. They are not. But, did not a certain Liberial actor basically say the same thing about President Bush several years back? And not by means of FB "private" message, but via broadcast on national TV to be heard by the whole world. And yes the "N" word is wrong, but was it not just as derogatory and wrong for people to go around wearing shirts that said "F**k Bush" and "Buck Fush"? Where was the back lash for that threat and those demeaning words like this young lady is being subjected to? There wasn't any outrage by the Liberials to be found. The comments was laughed at and shrugged off as a harmless free speech. At least this lady admitted what she did was wrong. In my opinion, the double standard being presented here is just as appalling and destructive as the words this lady said.

  412. Richard Archer

    Give the girl a break. Seems to me I saw more than one Obama ad on TV threatening bodily harm to Romney were he to unseat the Prez. Isn't there something about sauce, a goose and a gander? Is this not the start of a new Gestapo? Do we not lie, and cheat, and climb, and claw to get to the top of the heap? We're living in a sewer of porn, prestidigitation and pontification. We're texting, and taunting, talking, and trysting. A supporting cast of thousands has been replaced by some digital slight of hand. More folks spend more cash to see make believe, than communicate with the Divine at a place of worship, yet genocide is in because we fight over whose God is the real God…and who cares? It's a tribal thing. And it's really, aha Petraeus' fault! The World is acting like they don't give a rats behind. The poop ain't on my shoe, so why should I care. Shame on us! With all the potential we have, with the technology, the instant everything, we're happy to sit on our collective butts and watch, rather than to roll up our sleeves and do something. The girl did something, maybe wrong, but by whose standard?

  413. Daryle Borland

    So Coldstone is for repression of Freedom of Speech. Did she mention the company in her posting? Did her posting actually result in an appreciable lack of customers? This is overreacting at its best and if I was her I would sue Coldstone. Since when is a private citizen no longer able to have their own opinion? No matter how stupid.

  414. Zippity DooDah

    I remember some guy sitting in a bar making a reference to a burning bush back when GWB was President. Those words were enough to have him investigated or arrested, I don't remember which. She says she's not a racist even after posting that racial slur. Give me a break little girl, you are DEFINATELY a racist. But even if you overlook the slur, it could be taken as a threat. By the way……….I'm white.

  415. Daryle Borland

    Read the part where I said it WAS stupid but others say stupid things and do not get fired. West Borruogh Baptist Church members for one and many other instances as well.

  416. Dena Ingalls

    Let me exercise my right to free speech; YOU have had enough ice cream Ms. Prejudice Piggy…now it is time to get back to school, back to the gym, and enroll in anger management. We all know a bigot when we see and hear one.

  417. Madelyn Branch

    You are entitled to free speech. But you are also accountable for words the words you speak and as well as your actions. They both have consequences. That’s why we are taught to chose your words wisely.

  418. Anonymous

    There is a distinctive difference between wishful thinking and issuing a threat.
    For instance, I wish the social safety net (one of many examples being the current womb to tomb welfare program that continues to fester and spread within the U.S.) that protects all you "politically correct" sheeple from the rigorous process of natural selection, would dissolve and you and your genetically deficient offspring would be culled from society and eradicated from the face of the earth.
    See, just wishful thinking on my behalf.

  419. Anonymous

    Yea he's President but I'm not going to respect him sorry but even the President of the United States can lose respect by his actions and policies and this one is on the verge of bankrupting America and most of us still don't know it!

    Our nation's president simply lacks vision and understanding. He stated several times in various talk shows in the closing weeks of the election that the level of debt that our nation currently has is not a problem. Economically, that is our biggest problem. The fact that our president does not see things as they truly are is beyond scary! It is frightening that he is an economic neophyte, when our nation sorely needs an economic genius.

    Let me briefly break down this problem. It is essential that every American understand it. It took over 200 years to accumulate our first 10 trillion of debt. Obama added 6 trillion in but 4 years, so we are now at over 16 trillion. Can you get some sense of how fast we are spiraling out of control as you use assess those numbers? In 8 years under Obama, at projected rates, we will add as much debt in his 8 years as we did in the entire 200 years before he took office. This scenario can continue for only an extremely short period of time.

    PROBLEM #1 – As President Obama expands national debt, he takes money from banks that would loan it to you and I.

    President Obama wants to grow government and government services and go even further into debt. What President Obama does not understand is that as he does this, our federal government grabs money to provide those services, from the very banks that provide this money to us for business and personal loans. The government takes so much now, that this is why there is very little left over for us, and why credit is so hard to get right now. Without money to borrow to expand a business, that business is not able to create new jobs that it otherwise would if the government did not take that money to pay it's own debts. This stalls business and job growth,
    and slows down our economy.

    This is only the first of four major points our genius leader fails atrociously at!

  420. Jed Grove

    Funny obama got 4 people killed at our embassey, blamed a video, tried to cover it up, and that's ok. he should be.

  421. Rob Barbato

    screw obama he is a piece of shit , a liar and just because he is black , or whatever he is u cant criticize him, bullshit, nobody cared when people talked shit about the bush, s.

  422. Jim Aroyo

    I'm just glad the fetus fanatics lost the election. Now maybe Congress can start doing things and quit wasting time listening to the fetus worshiping Christer control freaks.

  423. Mia Cannon

    This is not a first admendment issue, this is a threat against a sitting president of the United States. It's a crime

  424. Vicki N Jay


  425. Anonymous

    where was the secret service when red state yahoos paraded in front of the white house with an arsenal of handguns asserting their right to carry them? you'd think the SS would be all over them.what's the deal?

  426. Jeff Becker

    Threatening the life of any President is totally unnacceptable. This is not a conservative/liberal issue, so don't try and make it one. There were 3 actual assasinsation attempts on Gerald Fords life and Reagan was shot. I do not remember anyone commenting that a liberal was attempting to kill them, just mentaly ill people. When Gabby Giffords was shot in the head the media immediately attempted to connect the shooter as a conservative, turns out he was a registered democrat. She may be a conservative, she may be liberal, the bottom line is she is deranged.

  427. Danette Larson Gordon

    People like this give us Conservatives a bad name. I can't stand Obama, but I don't want to see him dead. Good grief, he has children for crying out loud!

  428. Norman Benders

    The thing is this. Even if the unthinkable should happen to PRESIDENT Obama (knocking on wood), Biden then steps into office, and continues with the same policies. So how is this helping this poor idiotic woman again?

  429. Ronnie Smith

    Threathening a person and making a statement like she did is two different things. I don't wish him ill either but like her maybe he will get assassinated, maybe not. Reagan got shot, kennedy got assassinated , lincoln got assassinated and many people wished them dead and many did not. Those who ecpressed the wish they were dead idea were just expressing freedom of speech. The federal govt regularly assassinates people they consider contary to american interests. Infact during the Iraqi war the federal govt listed those they wanted assassinated in order of importance in getting them killed by using characters form a deck of cards with the ace highest or the person the govt wanted dead first, twith the rest to follow as king, queen, jack ect. This woman did not say she wanted to make him dead just she wished him dead. That is freedom of speech.

  430. Valerie Tuthill Lurie

    I really think someone should be protecting THIS woman for speaking her truth.Her truth and others may not be the same-but where's the freedom of speach? ITS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SAYS YOU CAN SAY>.

  431. Gabriel Shallouf

    I am glad the secret service gets to waste there time and money on investigating this "serious" threat to national security it's not like they have anything better to do right? hahaha geez what's wrong with this world..

  432. Pat Hartley Glasscock


  433. Ronnie Smith

    Companies in americ are using the same excuse to fire whites whom blacks imagine they used the N work while blacks in the same company use it daily.

  434. Robert Pierro

    This was not a threat against the president. Gimme a break people! She said "maybe" he will be assassinated. She didn't say he "should be" assassinated. It was on off handed comment on a FB page. Our civil liberties our being threatened under this president and going after this poor girl is a prime example. She showed poor judgement but she does not deserve to lose her job or be prosecuted for it. We do have freedom of speech or maybe not under this president. We can't live in a country where we are afraid to speak out. Do we still live in a democracy? It is eroding before our eyes.

  435. Robert Pierro

    This was not a threat against the president. Gimme a break people! She said "maybe" he will be assassinated. She didn't say he "should be" assassinated. It was on off handed comment on a FB page. Our civil liberties our being threatened under this president and going after this poor girl is a prime example. She showed poor judgement but she does not deserve to lose her job or be prosecuted for it. We do have freedom of speech or maybe not under this president. We can't live in a country where we are afraid to speak out. Do we still live in a democracy? It is eroding before our eyes.

  436. Jeff Becker

    Take some time to study history, people have been hating presidents and other leaders since the beginning of time. I was told a story by my great uncle (now in his 90's & no blood ties) about some how his Aunts openly danced in the streets of downtown Pittsburgh when Abraham Lincoln was assasinated! To say the least, I was shocked and horrified. He explained to me that many northerners hated Lincoln for several reasons, one reason was that if you had enough money you could pay someone to take your place to fight in the war for you, another was so many friends and family members died. He told me there were spontaneous celebrations all over the country. As time has passed Lincoln's greatness was revealed by historians. Lincoln was a great man, but he was also hated by many people. So people like the crazy person wanting to assasinate Obama is not new, they crazy's just found another forum to express their views.

  437. Anonymous

    Her life is unbearable and extremely miserable now that Obama is in office for four more years! Somebody please put a bullet in this fat bitches head and take her out of her misery.

  438. Stacie Adams

    Bitch, just worry about my birthday cake ice cream, leave the political commentary to someone who graduated high school.

  439. Patricia Pool Gillogly

    So. She makes a stupid comment on Fb. Yes. Very, very offensive. It's a terrible thing (plus illegal) to make a threat against the President. However, now SHE'S getting threats by the people that are upset about her "threat". Hypocrisy is so rampant these days. :-/

  440. Vicki N Jay

    anyone can have an opinion and thats real i wonder how many others will have their 1st amendment right taken away

  441. Arturo Pollo Salgado

    People should think twice before posting useless stuff on facebook. The National security Agency watches what everyone posts, calls, txt, emails, etc.. they look for things like this, threats agains the USA. Well done!

  442. Sheila Hauenstein Davis

    It wasn't a threat…it was a half-hearted statement. Was it smart? No, Should she be charged? No way. That's ridiculous. I have dendegraded the man for the last 4 days…well, 4 years. True, I have never said anything like that, but I get where her frustration is coming from. This election was a travesty for this country!

  443. Rick McKay

    I can't see where she threatened anyone, hell if someone were to say a big metrorite might fall out of the sky and kill everyone are they threatening to make it happen, No, all she said was maybe someone will do something like that, So what is the big deal?

  444. Selina Aguilar

    I love Obama and am not the type of person to ever say something so harsh to anyone but I think this falls under the 1st amendment. She didn't actually threaten the president just said maybe it will happen. Its not like she was making plans or anything. She shouldn't get in legal trouble but she deserves all the internet hate from around the world.

  445. Vicki N Jay

    joy behar on hln wished president busch dead and nothing came of it she said it on national tv i dont agree with anyone sayng this but free speech is just that

  446. Yram Nannab

    I told you. Here comes the Guantanamo detainees for saying anything bad about Obama. Thank You society for your stupidity and voting for hitler the second! Way to go!

  447. Russell Lee Hansen

    Well… a racial slur? Dumb.. It does no good to be like the people you oppose. And a comment that someone might kill somebody? I'll bet every CIA & FBI agent, personel has said this about somebody in their lifetime. Saying this and planning to do it are two very different things. There is such a thing as freedom of speech in this country. Granted it was a stupid thing to say but not as bad as I've read on twitter and facebook or even in this opinion area. Nobody gets arrested for saying they should do away with all Christianity or nuking Israel and I've read both in this area.

  448. Yram Nannab

    All of our freedoms will be demolished. This is not the first one to go. Freedom of speech isn't so free as long as it fits who it wants. You people think that obama is so great. You supporters can't even hold a legitimate reason as to voting for him. I have yet to hear one good one! You can't say the economy, jobs, or anything else that pertains to importance. Brace yourselves everyone, It is going to get ugly.

  449. Rennell Hiram Johnson

    Hopefully this brings about rue discussion relating to institutional racism that has been ingrained into American society since the signing of the emancipation proclamation. The sense that people of color have no real say in the direction of this country should now be viewed by the majority as a bygone stereotype as well. Jim Crow thinking among the masses that still harbor that archaic mindset was played heavily on this election cycle and not in very many "covert" ways. People in power used some pretty raw racial statements and insinuations during this Presidential election cycle and made every effort to put into law, mandates that would seek to lessen the impact of a region of voters and make it hard for certain demographics to even cast a ballot. The landscape of this nation constantly evolves and EVERYONE has to evolve with it or become as extinct as the dinosaurs. The powers that be have been quick to acknowledge that the minority of the past is now the majority of the present and the future.

  450. James Kincannon Dutton

    Why would you be stupid enough to post something like that on a site the Govt admits they watch?

  451. Christopher Tru

    duh, come on facebook iis well monitored by people and super computers! I doesn't take a genius to realize we live ina day and age which things are easily monitored, except for some reason 911.

  452. Hope Tamara

    Why do people like Denise Helms beleive they can say whatever they want.What she said was very mean & racist.Any time you use the N word you are a racist, she can claim all she wants that she's not, then why did she use those words? I can see being upset that the man you wanted to win didn't win, but its childish to act like that.Childish & stupidity.

  453. Tom Mack

    The Secret Service must be bored beyond belief. I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, more likely to assassinate the president than this woman. The fact that she used the N-word does not make her a more credible security risk. If they want to crucify people who use the n-word, why are they not going after Kat Williams. His videos are all over YouTube. Maybe the Secret Service should spend an hour or two watching and reading Frederick Forsythe's "Day of the Jackal" to get an idea of what an assassin is like.

  454. Derreke High

    I saw a lot of people online talking about Killing mitt romney if he got elected….nothing happened to them..oh but this is the king of kings we are talkng about; the messiah, the annointed one.

  455. Looped In

    The level of racial undertone in this is over the top. The statement "Maybe he will get assassinated…" certainly isn't a threat. BUT it is more than just an observation of something that could happen (As some of you had indicated). She is stating what she hopes will happen. It is ever further indicated with the statement “The assassination part is kind of harsh. I’m not saying I’d go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen I don’t think I’d care one bit.” WHO SAYS THAT? No one but a racist, bigot. Such disregard for life by stating " I don't think I'd care one bit" smh… what a joke.

  456. Marge Peters Gianni

    You cant respect the person in the WH until HE RESPECTS AMERICA INSTEAD OF LETTING IT FALL TO PIECES.. She never threatened him , millions of people wish for something so what? I have said things too, but really , secret service investigating her now? Don't they have anything else to do , oh crap they cant go get any hookers now , so they have to jump on anything that sounds like a threat..

  457. Christina Maggio

    It has always been against the law to say anything about killing the president, no matter who he is.One can wish him to die with cancer, or have a heart attack etc, but nothing to do with murder.It`s the same for all of us Citizens.If someone says they are going to kill you, you have the right to report this to the police and file a complaint.She didn`t know this, she`s a kid and doesn`t like Obama.What does annoy me is the reporter asked if she was racist! Get over it with this racist crap, there are many Blacks that don`t like him either.This is going to divide people even more then they already are politically.It WILL cause racism.

  458. Jewell Margolis

    She just ruined her life. Now that it is all over the media. god luck getting another job etc.. I couldn't stand Bush but would never wish him dead, he is still a human being.. People need to think before they speak.

  459. Anonymous

    Well it's what she gets and the many others like her that have said such things need to follow. It is one thing to say you don't agree with a presidents policies, but to hope for him to be killed is a whole other situation. People have had NO trouble saying all kinds of racist remarks against the president and his family. Those innocent daughters of his have nothing to do with politics other than being the presidents daughters yet they are made fun of and ridiculed all over the internet whenever there is a story mentioning them. No one called the Bush daughters when they would go off on drinking binges little s***s or worse so why is the courtesy not extended to the current sitting president. We get is, there are still many racist people in America, probably the world no one should have to read it, see it, live it on a constant basis just because this person does not like that person because of the color of their skin.

  460. Kit Elliott

    You might need to check yourself if you find yourself defending this lady.

  461. Anonymous

    "PRESIDENT OBAMA" is a very respectful, smart man with a lot of swag and a beautiful intelligent wife! I have no doubt in my mind that most people are just mad and can not except the fact that 'THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES" is half black. I work in a hospital and hear the racial comments all day long, but refuse to stoop to an ignorant person's level. The fact remains he is still the POTUS! I never heard this much drama when Bush was in office. Racism is still alive I see and it hurts my heart and I am sure hurts the Presidents heart. Just get over it already and stop fake kicking it with people in person then talk bad about them behind their back! Learn to except the fact he is "OUR" President!

  462. Anonymous

    I have a stupid question? Why sit around reading FB posts? Shouldn't we be focusing on the country and its problems? The election is over. It is TIME to go to work not play around on the computer. I think Trump would agree.

  463. Timothy Turner

    We need a revolution and Trump if you finance it you have a soldier. This lady has the right to say what she wants and if you don't like it click ignore. It is that simple. Obama is not my president and never will be and I hope somebody kicks him in his gooch for his dumbass policies.

  464. Kyle Hopkins

    Was this comment racist? Certainly. Did her employer have a right to dismiss her over it? Absolutely. Was it a threat against the President? No! I hate Mickey Mouse. That despicable rodent. Maybe someone will kill that thing soon. I did not threaten Mickey Mouse in that statement. What she said is grotesque as a human being, but it is more disturbing how many on here seem to think she did something that is illegal or that it should be. I saw one comment (receiveing a lot of "likes") that there was no free speech for anything offensive or hateful. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, offensive speech is the only speech that needs protection. The fact that so many do not understand this very basic right is scary….and the reason we have such a horrific President in the first place. America, you are about to see what you truly voted for and it will not be pretty, but it will be deserved.

  465. Russell Finley

    Well he's your president not mine, and how much more freedom are you going to give up. I will defend the right for anybody to say anything you want to the death right or wrong pc or not!

  466. Elijah Larsen

    Ok , seriously how many of you went straight to FB and put in Denise Helms, and went damn there's allot of Denise Helms's. You win this round Denise Helms.

  467. La Longue Carabine Aka-Hawkeye

    I don't like anything about Obama, but I would never wish death upon him or anyone else. Besides, if Obama was knocked off, we would have Biden at the helm, and the only person worse than Obama is Biden.

  468. Bruce Martin

    with all the politicians cheating on their spouses now days I would have said something like, maybe he will get impeached or something. Come on people use some intelligence.

  469. Nonya Bidness

    When will people learn that what you put up on facebook or twitter or any other social network can be seen by people then shared even if you do have your status set to "private". And please quit using the first amendment as an excuse to say any and everything that comes to your mind at that time. Just like the video says, you have a right to free speech but that doesn't mean you can say it without consequence in extreme situations. It's entirely possible that you aren't a racist threatening the safety of the president personally (although the not a racist part is hard to believe for me…what you say in private and in your comfort zone is usually a revelation of how you truly feel in my opinion) but just like you shouldn't yell about a bomb or a fire in public place or on a plane you shouldn't casually speak of assassination. Especially since it's been done in this country before by sick individuals. One day people are going to learn don't say anything on the web you wouldn't want repeated.

  470. Elizabeth Hil

    She never threatened the president. Notice I use a lower case "p" because he is not deserving of the title. Poor big baby Odumbo has his feelings hurt and he threatens people over a freedom of speech issue. She should not apologize for anything and I would love to see what the Sniveling Service is going to charge her with. They must have run out of prositutes. Oh, add Cold Stone Creamery to the list of my boycotts. Screw them too! I am sick of thin-skinned liberals who are the ones who are threatening her. What is the un-Secret Service going to do about them?

  471. Shermanson D. Collette

    Wow, you people are never happy…If you don't like the President and how he runs things…you can always leave the U.S.

  472. Ron Pennington

    I recall a delegate from New York at this year's Democratic National Convetion saying she'd "like to kill Romney". What this young lady said is NOT a threat and it was a waste to investigate it. I hope she sues the company where she worked for wrongful termination.

  473. Hanna Sever

    This is just like that anti-islam film maker Obama tried to pin Benghazi on…. This one said something on her FB page, she live in a small town in California, where her negative experiences have created an opinion and whether we like it or not she had the right to say what she did, BECAUSE WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Since when do we round people up because we do not like their opinions? Since Obama became President it seems. This is a witch hunt, leave her alone, she has an opinion contrary to the majority and there is no crime in that. We do not need to like everything we hear…and if fact we rarely do anymore. If we are legislating honor, Obama would be the first to go to jail.

  474. Hanna Sever

    This is just like that anti-islam film maker Obama tried to arrest pin Benghazi on…. This young woman said something on her FB page (not to the whole world either), she lives in a very small town in California, where her negative experiences have created an opinion and whether we like it or not she had the right to say what she did, BECAUSE WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Since when do we round people up because we do not like their opinions? Since Obama became President it seems. This is a witch hunt, leave her alone, she has an opinion contrary to the majority and there is no crime in that. We do not need to like everything we hear…and if fact we rarely do anymore. If we are legislating honor, Obama would be the first to go to jail.

  475. Nemo Nemoque

    She didn't say that she was going to assassinate the POTUS. She only speculated that someone might assassinate him. Are we no longer allowed to say anything about the POTUS without being "investigated"? This sounds more like Nazi Germany than the USA.

  476. Genta K Pendav

    Actually they'll fire you if you make any threats period, against anyone not only the president. That means you're not mentally stable, how many shootings at work places have we heard lately? At my work this girl said jokingly to another employee "I'll kill you" over a kinda heated argument, five minutes after she got called to the office and got fired and she wasn't eligible for unemployment after that…..

  477. Ann Abbott

    Yeah, that's right the only people that can get away with anything against americans are terrorists, when American's cry out for help and Obama denies it, BENGHAZI will be Obama's undoing Denise…stay tuned, 1/2 of America feels your pain.

  478. Lee Switzer

    Right Daryle – she shouldn't have said it with the words selected in such a public forum (I can see "kicking his butt" as being ok tho); and yes, I do believe people should be able to state their mind when they want without repercussions. Apparently, it's a thing of the past and we now will only be allowed to say what we're told to think? LOL yeah, that was sarcasm but figure with all the threats against Romney and haven't heard of a one being investigated, then they go after a kid basically talking trash – yeah, she's not near as bad as the West Borough Baptist commie pinkos and the SS must weed out all the stupid trash talking kids to ensure domestic security – whoops! I think I'm assuming that is what they were doing – am I right? <SEG>

  479. Delores G. Wright

    Thank you Robert. So many times people will cross the lines with the internet. It is a communication tool and whatever we say on it, we should know everyone is reading it including security. President Obama is our leader and we must always remember that first! Other countries are watching and reading as well wondering what is wrong with America? For her to believe she could do something like this is w-a-y out of line and she should get whatever she deserves.

  480. Ann Abbott

    Secret Service sure didn't do anything when Sarah Palin and her children threatned by "speech" by some commentators on televsion…where were they then? So, they pick on this young little girl. BTW itsn't it ok if a person decides they want to be racist? Can't we believe the way we want to believe, isn't this still America, as long as it doesn't physically hurt anyone?

  481. Ann Abbott

    Black people call whites honkies, Uncle Tom, Rednecks, pole-cats, slave owners, KKK and so on and we're none of those but even black people call one another the N word, ask Oprah, she had a show about this very same thing. People espouse words they wouldn't normally use in the heat of the moment and it doesn't necessarialy carry any deeper meaning than to "vent" how upset they are. I'm sure Obama had some choice words to General Petreaus when Petraeus foild his blackmail scheme about BENGHAZI. Denise said a word, Obama let 4 americans DIE, so if ya want to get upset about anything call your congressman in support of Obama's IMPEACHMENt.

  482. Ann Abbott

    Just bc she didn't vote for Obama doesn't make her a conservative/republican, it just means she's smarter than 50% of the people that drank the Obama kool-aid.

  483. Ann Abbott

    Americans can say a word but terrorist can murder 4 americans and Obama and the "Secret Service" do nothing but write letters while Iran builds NUKES to take us out!

  484. Ann Abbott

    Americans can't say a word but terrorist can murder 4 americans and Obama and the "Secret Service" do NOTHING, so picking on this young girl is extreme abuse of power but then again we should be used to that after 4 years of it.

  485. Ann Abbott

    Romney had many, many threats on his life during the campaign and on his families lives but ya didn't hear anything from the "Secret Service" or the LIBERAL bubble gum journalist from the LEFT.

  486. Derek Rowe

    I'm not mad she said any of that stuff. I'm only mad her facebook picture was kinda cute, but in real life she looks like Gilbert Grapes mom.

  487. Philip Ruby


  488. Anonymous

    I did not see a slur in this remark nor did I see a threat. There is a lot of difference in "maybe someone will" and " I am going to". I really do get tired of people trying to find something racist in every remark made that does not agree with their particular way of thinking. I personally think Obama is an idiot, but because I don't agree with his politics doesn't make me a racist or any of the other things most of our left leaning liberals would try to make me out to be. Oh well, I guess maybe the Secret Service (SS) will want to talk to me now.

  489. Ricky Rogers

    Everyone has a right to make non-threatening comments and every employer can fire anyone if they don't like the comments. Neocons, unless you work for yourself and don't need customers, keep your stupid thoughts to yourself or your place of employment WILL be contacted.

  490. Anonymous

    After further reading I see that she used the "n" word, a word that only black people are allowed to use, so now I fully understand the situation, I think, maybe, well not really. Maybe someone from the government can tell me what I am supposed to think. Life really has gotten confusing lately.

  491. Daniel Cotten

    Are you kidding me… and the Turlock police better not "have plans in place" to protect her from shit. She screwed up big time. It's obvious she's racist. That comment was completely unnecessary. She's a prime example of pure ignorance. She does not deserve her management position at Cold Stone Creamery. They did the right thing to distance themselves as far away from this scum of a woman as possible. She likely routines her life for expressing how racist she is. Even if this blows over after a month or even a year she still have to live with this.

  492. Anonymous

    People get over it Obama won the election he has four more years. Please act civilized and watch what you say on facebook and on the internet period. This woman does deserve to get fired for saying that. She better hope she won't be put in Jail. God bless and protect our president and may good bless America!

  493. Anonymous

    Yet, we have to endure people calling whites "crackers." Really? the N word? Who cares! I'm done being politically correct if I don't get the same respect. And, I think the worst offenders are people who work for Yahoo.

  494. Anonymous

    Really? They are picking on a girl who makes ice cream cones for a living? This is hilarious! Pick on somebody your own size! Why don't you go after the cotton candy person at the carnival too? And the Good Humor man! HAHAHAHA!

  495. Ann Abbott

    Obama is afraid of terrorists and young white girls…he needs to redirect his fears to our countries enemies….lol what a joke of a leader he is, this just proves it! Denise is entitled to like or not like various ethnicities…it's AMERICA people, at least for today.

  496. Anonymous

    if you think anything is private on face book you're an idiot-your friends might not be that private to others-dumb. She's just expressing the thought of millions of Constitutional Americans!

  497. Anonymous

    We were told that there is freedom of speech, but it's against the law to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. Threats or incitement to violence are beyond free speech. What ever happened to treason? What ever happened to respect for the office? What ever happened to a belief that a president elected by the majority is the rightful leader? What ever happened to a time when enlisted men and women owed allegiance to the acting president no matter what his/her party? Maybe this racist hatred is EXACTLY why the Republican party is beginning to scared people.

  498. Amanda Flower

    As much as I support freedom of speech, unfortunately, things like this have to be dealt with appropriately. If the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords and successfull assassination of members of her staff as well as murder and injury to her constituents taught us just one thing, it is that threats on facebook posts should not be taken lightly. Obama is the president that the nation elected and he will be for the next four years. Then, you can vote for who you like and let the nation decide our fate once more. I hope she deals with her negative thoughts and hatred and realizes that you cant always get what you want in life.

  499. Dayton Michael Shupak

    I'm guessing are first admendment doesn't matter anymore?

  500. Jim Cochran

    the country is in a mess.we need better leaders to do their job.If any business ran the country like the gov does.they would be out of business.What happened? It's not one man's fault.It's the whole countries for letting this happen.shame on all of us.And shame on our leaders for not stepping up and taking control.That's why u have a job.It's a shame that to many are bought and payed for.forget the god allmighty dollar.start taking care of business.stop all the free loaders.I'm am not paying for anymore of it.I hope everyone else doesn't either.If we the people stopped paying tax.then maybe the ones in charge will wake up.But again maybe they wount.I don't care if they are of either party.Maybe get rid of both of them.and the electorial colledge.

  501. Don Coupez

    All right, she really screwed up, a wrong and idiotic thing to say and she is definitely going to pay for it. This liberal interviewer is being really harsh. What about all the death threats against Romney the night of the election? I read a multitude of them and I have never heard ONE WORD ABOUT IT FROM THE BIASED LIBERAL MEDIA! Why is that?

  502. Martin Fisher

    One should not advocate assassination unless the line is crossed where our basic freedoms are being actively taken, then one should only advocate in private. (Such a line would be the banning the private ownership of battle-worthy military assault rifles. Acting on Patriot Act and NDAA detaining without warrant or arrest now instituted into law would be another.) I would hope that patriots who would act only do so after a strong signal of their resolve, such as a rally to burn in effagy the major dignaqtaries that are guilty of tyranny, then the best of luck to them if they are right. I hope they are not a clan of yahoos with a stupid grudge against life itself, but instead are a serious band of militant brothers who also have a civil administration-level eshalon of qualified leaders who can implement a new government – like our founding fathers were when rising up against the thrown of England.

  503. Wayne Wiley

    I seen more then 10 comments on FB like this some was even on his page, but that is 1st amendment if she did mean it she would had said I'm going to do it.

  504. New Ole

    Diplomat died, obama lied.
    Border agent died Obamna lied.
    Govt motors cars catch on fire.
    Obumna still a liar.

    Obumna Liar Liar pants on fire corrupt poshi*.

  505. David Towery

    with this administration, I'm sure she'll wind up facing charges, even though she did not make any threat whatsoever, but merely stated a remote possibility. This administration however has no tolerance for free speech or anti-Obama sentiment, so I'm sure this chick will see jail time for having a moment of stupidity.

  506. Howard Beck

    she didn't say that she wanted it to happen, it just wouldn't bother her. I just wonder when bush was president how many libs that carried "death to bush" signs were fired for this. of course one of the first questions asked by the reporter was "are you racist".

  507. Tony Medero

    Robert, and others, I completely agree! Although I did not vote for President Obama's re-election, I respect the importance of the office. Anyone who posts "trash" like this woman should be banned from FB (at least), and should definitely be looked at. That is America! That's what seperates us from the rest of the world. Saying that, I think Gov. Romney dealt with similar threats which were not reported (surprised?). I just think it's wrong to desicrate any successful person, whether it be Barrack Obama, or Mitt Romney. Men of accomplishment, and we mock them. We need to really think about how we judge these leaders of our country. God Bless the United States! Love you guys!

  508. Rosa Maria Walderrama

    Obviously Nothing has been learned here with the re-election of Obama. The Win clearly is a Nations Voice That saids no More on Views that The tea Party is sturing up. We live in a nation of many nationalities a nation that was build on the back of slaves, African slaves, The railroads on the Chinese slaves the Southern States on the back of Indians. If it were not for the rich not trying to do thier own work they had to go out and buy slaves the africans wouldn't be here in the first place. If ms what ever had some education she would have concluded, Hey why am I mad when it was my forefathers that brought these people over here and they populated the land and now it seems they taking over and you cant deal with it. Go threaten some of your forefathers for that stupid mistake. Everything has consequences. Uneduacted people read your American History.

  509. Receil Seymour

    I am appalled, disgusted, and SHOCKED that someone who calls his or herself a HUMAN BEING would go to the extreme of THEATENING anyone's life, whether it's the President of the United States or whoever… It is plain to see, from the statement this woman made, that she is CLEARLY a racist! Whatever the outcome will be, may GOD forgive her…. for it was definitely UNCALLED for… He IS our president and we must stand behind him with our support.

  510. Kyle Hopkins

    She did not threaten him. I'm appalled at the number of people who think she should be jailed or investigated. What she said was stupid and offensive, but not at all criminal. She has an absalute right to say offensive and even hateful things. Indeed, it's the whole point of having freedom of speech. Speech that is not offensive needs no protection. If it were an actual threat it would be a different story, but this was not even close to a threat. I hope Mickey Mouse dies, is not the same as "I'm going to kill Mickey Mouse". In fact, she did not even say she wished for it, only what may have been (probably was) a wishful tone that maybe someone would. This does not fit the defenition of a threat. It fits the defenition of stupid.

  511. Darby Casper

    no respect? well the government themselves don't respect the office either with all this lying goin on! all these meetings behind closed doors. They know they can do ANYTHING they want and there is NOTHING we can do about ANY of it.. Don't tell me that VOTING works that is a scam as well… respect go ahead…

  512. Anonymous

    I am glad to see the government react abusively. They need to know there place. She violated no laws. Next, she can sue the crap out her employer for wrongful termination. What she did was no slander or libel against the company she worked for and it was on her personal time. She will win big. Sue the company then sue the government.

  513. Austin Jones

    this is retarded , how come all the people who actually said they would kill Mitt Romney never got in trouble? oh I'm sorry….i forgot about the law that says its only wrong to say it about the pharaoh of the united states…

  514. Anonymous

    This is further evidence that Facebook is part of the government. People do not realize that the government helped put Facebook in power, so to monitor the people. How the hell and why did the government find this out? Be scared people, be very scared.

  515. Kristy Daniels

    I would just like to know where the SEC Service /FBI is, when all those Death Threats against Mitt Romney were Flooding Twitter.. There have been far more Vile hate filled rhetoric right out of baracks mouth on his campaign speeches as well, No wonder there is so much hate in this world. He's done nothing but divide. But Still to this day, haven't heard any charges being brought against those who Threatened Mitt.

  516. Anonymous

    I just checked other sources. this is what was said…
    "Fox40 notes that Helms will probably get away with the Facebook slur / threat because, legally, she did nothing wrong."
    There you have it!

  517. Michael Campbell

    People needs to watch what they say and what they post on the net even in a joking matter or just letting out steam. The government is and has taken control of watching the net on what is being posted and looked at. The FFA who use to be there job has given it to the goverenment to act even more as big brother. The right of free speech has been limited even more and you will not have the right as an american. It has always been against the law to threaten any government offical not just the president.

  518. John Montysko

    Denise never threatend the prisident.I have had a bumper sticker on my big gas hoging Navigator.
    {see if that pisses the greenies off}, I regress it says LINCOLN, GARFIELD, McKINLEY, Kennedy, NEXT! wow am I in.
    trouble.The current president has done more to get the races against each other than anyone in power.Let's start.
    when he said the police acted stupidly in an issue I believe happened around Boston, if I had a son he would be or.
    look just like him in the Florida incident and then there's my favorite.
    "The White House Inisuative For African American Exellence".
    Yes this was passed by executive order! The Yard Monkey and chief {oops is that racist} I'm sorry hope that apology.
    saves me {Ihope you think I am being sincere}.Yes there is a double standard because if a black calles me Peckerwood that's ok.

  519. Evan Pavich

    I don't wish ill on Mr.Obama, but I've wished ill on other people. This isn't new people.
    I like the ones not afraid to speak their mind, no matter how wise or convoluted it is.
    People sure are becoming knee-jerk reaction pussies nowadays. Walking on egg shells all day, every day.

  520. Hanna Sever

    You know, this website is practicing censorship…they deleted most of what I posted…We have no 1st amendment anywhere…people getting fired, people censored….we have lost this country entirely. The only people that are heard are those who break the law.

  521. Marshall V. Johnson Jr.

    wonder why all the boys on utube that were calling for rites and mitt rommineys assation if he were elected was ignored, oh the same people that watched as 4 americans were sltered and mutlayied are running he show.

  522. Osamas Pajamas

    Hmmmm. If she was speculating that OhBummer might get whacked, that is not making a threat against him — it is an observation that he might face street justice at the hands of one or more unhappy customers. That speculation is "not" illegal — so the real motivation of the SS is to suppress the criticism and public expression of contempt which OhBummer so roundly deserves — that lying fascist freak!

  523. Amanda Jean Henderson

    it is not normal to day dream about osmeone being murdered

  524. Ricci Logan

    got to love how you feel someone should be banned simply due to something they think, makes me sad that I ever served this country

  525. Ricci Logan

    after reading and seeing all this about a potential threat and racial slur I have a question I would like to pose, First off I do not wish to see harm come to anyone in regards to this president but I must question the reaction of this. My question is this had she said "I hope a tree falls on the president" would that also be considered a threat. Now we know chances of that happening are slim to none simularly its highly unlikely he would be harmed by anyone…..seems to me there's a lot of hate being spewwed over nothing.

  526. Michael Elliott

    Those "threats" – were nothing of the sort. That "Romney Death Rally" thing was a -joke-. It got started when that rally in PA was severely delayed and people wanted to leave. The whole thing was a farce and parody of the real event – sadly, some Twitter users aren't very good with comedy, so it came off as "srs biznz".

  527. Michael Elliott

    If you're referring to the "RomneyDeathRally" tweets, welll… Those "threats" – were nothing of the sort. That "Romney Death Rally" thing was a -joke-. It got started when that rally in PA was severely delayed and people wanted to leave. The whole thing was a farce and parody of the real event – sadly, some Twitter users aren't very good with comedy, so it came off as "srs biznz".

  528. Michael Elliott

    Let's just say that her employer decided they'd rather not employ someone who tosses around the phrase "the n**ger" when referring to the President, Facebook or not.

  529. Anonymous

    Good grief, So now it is a crime, and investigated by the secret service to not care about the presidents life? I have never cared for ANY presidents life any more or less then I care for the average persons. In fact it is the president who should care more for our lives then his own! Right, like that's going to happen.

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