Little Mix fans disappointed at failed photoshop attempt

Little Mix Fans Disappointed After Photoshop Detected In Video

Little Mix fans have expressed their disappointment in the band after Photoshop attempting to slim down the girls was detected in their music video.

Little Mix fans took to social media to express their outrage about the photoshopped video. This was after some distortion was identified in one of the latest music videos from the girl band in an attempt to make them look slimmer. The directors for the band are now facing a lot of criticism following what seems to be an attempt to make things better, but they ended up making things worse. The controversial music video was for the second single from their album Glory Days. The song itself is called “Touch.”

Distorted lines sold them out

Keen-eyed Little Mix fans were quick to detect that some lines in the video were not proportional. A look at one of the frames taken from the video shows one of the girls dancing, but the lines in the background seemed to be distorted especially near some of the girls’ body parts. Another photo featured one of the girls dancing with her back to the camera and her thighs did not appear proportional. The directors and editors responsible for the video would most likely have gotten away with it if it was not for the horizontal lines in the video which were clearly distorted, thus raising a lot of questions.

Little Mix fans disappointed at failed photoshop attempt
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Fans not happy about the girls not happy with their bodies

Fans were clearly not happy with the fact that there were Photoshop elements in the music video judging by the responses posted on Twitter. Fortunately for Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards, most of the comments are very supportive and encourage them to accept themselves the way they are.

“@LittleMix I love you and all but your editor should really not Photoshop you, show girls to be comfortable in their own skin #Loveyourself,” one fan told the Little Mix girls.

Little Mix fans disappointed at failed photoshop attempt
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The video for the song “Touch” was launched about a week ago and it quickly earned a lot of negative criticism due to the fact that it was undoubtedly photoshopped. It is said to have been directed by the reputable Director X together with Parri$ Goebel. One of the photos in which the girls were dancing in front of a wall featured the same lines in the video and they specifically appeared distorted especially behind Jesy. This meant that there was some post-production editing to try and slim her down, but they were sloppy and did not even attempt to hide it.

“Great #photoshop of @LittleMix Jesy Nelson, look how obvious it is with the lines in the background. #littlemix #touch,” another fan noted.

There were many more comments from fans expressing their disappointment especially towards the editor of the video. Well, it looks like someone might lose their job following all the backlash about the photoshopped on social media. Some fan especially defended Jesy because it seems she was the most victimized by the Photoshop. They argued that she looked great just the way she was and that there was no point editing the way she looked. One of the fans added that the singer did not have anything to be ashamed of.

Numerous female celebrities have faced social media backlash in the past after posting photos which appeared to have been edited to make them look better. Jesy previously stated that girls should be celebrated despite their different shapes and sizes. Fortunately for the girls, it does not look like this was their doing, which is why the backlash for the photoshopped Little Mix video was targeted towards the directors and editors.

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