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Huge ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Did Nick Viall Just Reveal Winner By Posting A Picture On A Couch? [Spoilers]

The fans are always trying to figure out who wins The Bachelor and this season it looks like they may have a pretty good clue. Of course, Reality Steve has been able to figure out who wins, but he has been wrong in the past, and everyone wants to make sure he is right once again. New posts on Snapchat from Nick Viall and the alleged winner have viewers thinking they may have figured out who he picks. If you check out Reality Steve’s Twitter, you can see the pictures that have fans talking.

Nick Viall posted a picture of himself on Snapchat that showed him sitting on an orange couch. In the picture, Nick is just sitting there and looking at the camera. Vanessa Grimaldi posted a picture of herself on Snapchat, and she is wearing the deer filter. In this picture, you can see a tiny bit of the couch she is sitting on, and it looks like the exact same orange couch. This could mean that Nick and Vanessa were in the same spot, such as safe place to meet, when they took these pictures. It is not a very common couch color and it doesn’t seem like they would both own one that was an odd orange.

Reality Steve did share about it, but he simply said “Aaaaaaannnd that’s why couch colors are irrelevant to me, so it’s ok to stop with the DM’s and emails. Other wknds? Yes. This one? No.” The thing is, Steve didn’t really explain why he didn’t care or what else was going on with him.

There is also a spoiler forum that can’t stop talking about these couch pictures. Not long after these pictures were posted, Vanessa posted a picture at the gym. This could have been a possible cover-up to make it look like she wasn’t really with Nick. Viall has already been posting pictures of himself at the airport, which could have been him traveling to meet up with the girl he picks. It has also been noticed that Nick deleted a picture of himself on a date with another girl, but pictures of Vanessa are still up.

Reality Steve has already shared his spoilers on his page about who he thinks will end up winning this season of the show. According to Steve, Nick Viall does find love and will end up engaged this season. Steve’s spoilers say that Nick will end up getting engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi at the end of the show. He doesn’t really seem to think that they are going to last, but only time will tell. If Steve is right, these spoilers of the couch pictures make even more sense. It will be a few more weeks before everyone finds out who he picks.

According to Steve, Nick Viall’s final two will be Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates. He will end up choosing Vanessa. It hasn’t really been long enough yet to see if they will last, but the fans are hopeful that Nick will find love. He has been on the show enough times already that he should have it all figured out. If Nick didn’t find love this time around, the viewers may be tired of seeing him and not want him back again.

What do you think of the couch pictures that Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi shared? Do you think that it means something? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights on ABC.

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