Felicia Day's Daughter birth announced to the world.

Felicia Day’s Daughter Is Born! Proudly Carries On Mom’s Geek Cred

Felicia Day, best known for her roles on The Guild and Supernatural, has proudly announced the birth of her daughter to the world in a manner befitting one of the Queens of Geekdom. On Twitter, the proud new mother shared the following post with her 2.93 million followers.

Behind The Name

Her daughter, Calliope Maeve, was born during the last week of January 2017, but Day is being protective of specific details. For those of you wondering, the entire name has total geek cred splashed all over it.

Calliope is the muse of poetry and eloquence from Greek mythology. According to myth, Calliope was also the mother of Orpheus, the mortal who challenged the Greek god Hades for the soul of his beloved. She was also considered the chief Muse and is given credit for inspiring Homer to write The Illiad and The Odyssey.

Felicia Day announced the birth of her daughter
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Maeve is an alternate spelling of Medb, the warrior queen in Irish mythology who is also considered one of the Queens of the Sidhe (Irish faeries). It is from her name that the month of May comes from. According to the stories, Maeve was able to run faster than a horse and also wore live birds and animals as her clothing. She is one of the main protagonists from the Irish epic poem Tain Bo Cuillaigne, which tells how Maeve attempts to steal the magical bull of Cooley in northern Ireland.

Felicia Day’s daughter’s cred doesn’t even stop there. It’s also in her initials, which are CMD. CMD is, of course, the command prompt in Windows 10 that gives power users the ability to go behind the curtain and manipulate Windows directly.

Fan Reactions To Calliope

Fans have already expressed their love and support for Ms. Day in numerous tweets, to which the new mother playfully responded.

When someone asked about the onesie that said “Bard in Training,” and assuming her daughter’s class, Felicia responded, “Until she wants to respec.” This refers to a player’s ability to change their class and powers at almost any time in most modern role-playing games.

Other fans have used the combination of Donald Trump’s first week in office and Calliope’s birth to poke fun at the current state of things.

Who Is Felicia Day Anyway?

Felicia Day was one of the first people to independently use the new wave of social media to build a following and a career. She got her start as a potential slayer on Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the final televised season, which enabled her to make contacts that jumpstarted the next part of her career.

In 2007, Day created The Guild, a web series that got its start on YouTube. The Guild explored the archetypes and stereotypes of modern online gaming. After garnering a huge following for the first season, Day signed a deal with Microsoft that monetized what was previously a work of passion. The Guild lasted for six seasons and 70 episodes and gained streaming deals with both Hulu and Netflix.

Felicia Day currently runs a multi-faceted YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry. This channel hosts multiple shows, including The Flog, Felicia’s Ark, and Co-Optitude. Two years after the channel was founded, Nerdist Industries acquired the channel, allowing Felicia to retain creative control.

Felicia Day has also starred in numerous other works that have made her beloved by geeks everywhere. Her role in Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog as one of the three leads is a perennial fan favorite. She is a voice actress as well, lending her voice to Fallout: New Vegas in the role of one of the main companions, Veronica Santangelo. Day had a long-running recurring guest role on Supernatural in the role of Charlie Bradbury before she was killed off in Season 10, much to fan dismay.

Most fans didn’t know that Felicia was pregnant until she posted a photo on Instagram in early January announcing the impending birth. As to who the father is, Day is being tight-lipped with that secret.

She's coming in like three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff.

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