Indiana Veteran Hangs Trump Effigy By Noose In Front Of Fort Wayne Home — Residents Furious, But Police Claim Resident Has Broken No Laws

An Indiana veteran is making residents in a historic Fort Wayne neighborhood increasingly uncomfortable after hanging an effigy of President Donald Trump hanging from a noose in front of his home after he was inaugurated.

The effigy of President Donald Trump can be seen hanging from a tree via noose in front of the Fort Wayne home of a veteran who has – so far – refused to speak to media outlets about the display. The Indiana veteran adorned the Donald Trump effigy with a flag of the former Soviet Union.

“It was kind of shocking,” a neighbor of the veteran named Jared Paden told WANE-TV. “Honestly, I don’t necessarily like it. I’m not really excited about it being in my neighborhood.”

While media outlets know the home belongs to a former army veteran, he would not speak to media outlets who knocked on the door and rang the doorbell in an attempt to speak with him about the Donald Trump effigy hanging from the tree via a noose in front of his home.

“I don’t think it’s respectful to Trump and a lot of people that voted for him to be president,” Paden – the neighbor of the Indiana veteran continued.

“I don’t think they should do it, but I think it’s their right. They have the right of free speech. So, I’m not going to say they have to take it down, but I wish they would.”

The President Donald Trump effigy hanging by a noose on a tree isn’t the only thing this Indiana veteran has used to adorn his Fort Wayne home. The home also features several signs – including one with vulgar language displayed on an inside window.

There is a banner hanging on the home which reads, “Trump is a disgrace to America & makes me ashamed I ever served.”

Statue of Donald Trump

Other signs on the home inform those passing by that the Fort Wayne home is secured with alarms, closed circuit television, and guns. While it is unclear when these notices when up, it is possible they are an attempt to thwart anyone who may attempt to take down the Donald Trump effigy hanging from the noose or the anti-Trump signage.

The Oakdale Neighborhood President Tom Tiernon did issue a statement saying they were supportive of freedom of speech, but he – and other residents in the neighborhood – are concerned a line may have been crossed. At the time, the neighborhood association is trying to figure out the best step to take next.

“We’re all for free speech, but we are concerned that a line has been crossed and about what to do next.”

According to Tom Tiernon, the neighborhood association is having a discussion to determine what possible actions can be taken. Tiernon points out the fact that the neighborhood is having a home tour in June of this year and they do not want the Donald Trump effigy hanging from a noose to be on display during the tour.

Officer Michael Joyner – a city police spokesman – gave a statement regarding there being nothing police could do about the Donald Trump effigy hanging from a noose in front of the Fort Wayne home as the Indiana veteran was not breaking any laws. Joyner went on to say the Indiana veteran was well within his rights to free speech.

Anti-Trump signage

On social media, some have questioned why the Indiana veteran isn’t being investigated for committing a hate crime. Some have even gone as far as claiming that it would have been investigated as a hate crime if it had happened to an Obama effigy or a Hillary Clinton effigy.

What are your thoughts on this veteran from Fort Wayne, Indiana hanging a Donald Trump effigy from a noose in front of his home? Do you think he should get in trouble or be forced to take it down? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]