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John Cena WrestleMania: What Can We Expect From The New World Champion On The World’s Biggest Stage?

With John Cena’s victory over AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble, the next bit of John Cena news, of course, is centered around his upcoming appearance at WrestleMania. The predictions have already begun to come in for what John Cena will do at WrestleMania, so we decided to compile some of the many theories that have been going around the blogosphere about what will happen on the world’s biggest stage.

First, according to Fox Sports, John Cena at WrestleMania is going to have to do a lot to keep his much-cherished historic title. As wrestling fans undoubtedly know, Cena is only the second wrestler in history — with Ric “Nature Boy” Flair being the first — to hold sixteen championship belts.

However, there’s just one issue: he won’t be champion for long. After all, it was Randy Orton — a surprise fighter, to be sure — who won the Royal Rumble. This means that these two will be tangling against one another at WrestleMania, though WWE creative has stopped short of directly saying that these two will be, indeed, facing off against one another.

“WWE teased these two future hall of famers colliding in just over two months, but stopped short from saying that it will happen. Instead, noting that Cena still has to get through the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship on Sunday, February 12. It’s a rivalry without parallel in modern-day WWE, and at WrestleMania 33, career-long foes John Cena and Randy Orton could very well lock horns again — provided Cena makes it to April 2 with his newly won WWE Championship.”

There’s definitely one fighter who will be happy to see John Cena at WrestleMania, however: Ric Flair. ComicBook.com sat down with the Hall of Famer and wrestling legend to get his reaction about Cena’s tying of his record. To say that the former champion was impressed with Cena’s accomplishments is an understatement.

“He’s been the flagship for this company for a long time and if someone is gonna get that record, or tie it, or ultimately break it, I couldn’t be happier for John Cena. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to win 16 World titles.”

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, there’s a chance that John Cena will enjoy WrestleMania by granting another Make-A-Wish kid his wish. According to Men’s Health, Cena — who has also made history by being the wrestler who has granted more Make-a-Wish wishes than any other wrestler — celebrated his historic 16-time world champion win at the Royal Rumble with a Make-a-Wish kid.

“Cena deserves even more props for what he did after he lifted up Styles and hit him with his finishing move, the Attitude Adjustment. The champ climbed into the crowd and handed his newly acquired belt to a fan wearing a Make-A-Wish T-shirt. It was an awesome gesture—just look at the smile on the kid’s face below—but business as usual for Cena, who in 2015 granted his 500th wish via the Make-A-Wish foundation, by far the most of any celebrity. Just another reason to keep buying that Cena stock.”

What do you think John Cena will do at WrestleMania? Leave your thoughts about what will happen with John Cena at WrestleMania in the comments below.

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