The Bennett family stars in HGTV's new season of Desert Flippers

‘Desert Flippers’ Renewed For Another Season On HGTV

Real estate agents Eric and Lindsey Bennett return this summer for another fun and lighthearted season of home flipping on Desert Flippers. As part of HGTV’s home renovation and flipping programs, the new, ten-episode season of Desert Flippers will follow the Bennett’s as they renovate homes in the desert. The Desert Sun shared a preview clip of the new season of Desert Flippers, and for the Bennett’s there will be even bigger renovations with a lot of new design changes and challenges.

“We are changing it up. We are doing crazy configuration and layout changes in kitchens. Things that not only make sense functionally but make great design impact,” Lindsey explained.

Eric and Lindsey, along with her brother, Mike Schneider, work together on the flips in the Palm Springs, California region. Finding time to film and renovate several homes for Desert Flippers while raising their adorable young family is no easy feat, but Eric and Lindsey somehow manage to find the time to do both.

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“We draw attention to this area, which I think is awesome,” Lindsey said. “It’s already been on the map, but it’s putting it on the map in a different way and kind of a fun family way.”

The Futon Critic noted that flipping homes on Desert Flippers often presents Eric and Lindsey with some unique challenges such as dealing with the triple-digit heat and dodging scorpions, snakes, and spiders that can inhabit the dilapidated and neglected homes. Both Eric and Lindsey like to jump right into the entire process, from demolition to design on Desert Flippers, and they seem to be having a lot of fun along the way.

“So far what we see is a good mixture of what were they thinking, and what happened here? I think it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be a little bit bolder than Season 1,” Eric said regarding the properties they have currently renovated for the new season of Desert Flippers.

When flipping homes for Desert Flippers, there are times when Eric and Lindsey purchase homes sight unseen and usually end up doing a complete overhaul. Structures are often completely gutted, and all new floors, windows, sliders, fixtures, and more are replaced or added. Lindsey told The Desert Sun that one of her favorite design elements is to create centerpiece kitchen islands that are both fun and functional. She believes that they make a big statement in the kitchens that the couple remodels, and which viewers will get to see on the new season of Desert Flippers.

Episode 1 great room! Tune in next Thursday night for more fun! #desertflippers #hgtv #palmsprings

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During the previous season of Desert Flippers, the couple transformed some the worst homes into stunning dwellings that any family would be proud to call home. Each home that Eric and Lindsey renovates on Desert Flippers is impressive, and their goal is to receive an equally impressive offer on each of their newly remodeled homes. The potential for a nice profit on each flipped home is promising right now since Palm Springs is experiencing a boom. There are new hotels, restaurants, and a lot of young people with new families moving in. This is the perfect scenario for Eric and Lindsey regarding continuing to have a successful career flipping and restoring desert homes that are in rough shape.

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At this time there is not a scheduled air date or time, but the new season is scheduled to being sometime in June. Previous episodes of Desert Flippers aired on Thursday’s at 11 p.m. ET on HGTV, but that is subject to change at this time.

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