Ivanka Trump Date Night Seen As Neglecting Immigration Ban

Ivanka Trump Minimizes Immigration Ban In The Eyes Of Critics By Flaunting Glamorous ‘Date Night’ Photo With Husband

In the eyes of critics, Ivanka Trump minimized the plight that thousands of refugees faced regarding the immigration ban her father recently signed. Ivanka was blasted on social media for posting a photo of her glamorous “date night” with Jared Kushner on Saturday night. At that point, tensions had heightened as protests unfolded at the nation’s major airports.

USA Today reports that Ivanka Trump flaunted a $5,000 dress before her outing with Kushner. The gown she had on was a stunning silver design by Caroline Herrera. Ivanka was likened to French Queen Marie Antoinette, who famously said “Let them eat cake!” when the poor on the streets ran out of bread.

The image set off a firestorm, and many people were outraged that Ivanka Trump would come off so insensitive to the nation’s crisis following President Donald Trump’s order to ban refugees and travelers from seven Muslim countries for 90 days to better protect American borders and citizens against extreme terrorism. Many viewed Ivanka’s photo as simply neglecting the world around her while living in a “bubble,” so to speak.

As the report notes, Jared Kushner, President Trump’s senior advisor, wasn’t attacked to the extent that Ivanka was. One person called her “tone deaf” for the date night photo since that individual perceived her as being clueless to the drastic policy change of immigration.

“@IvankaTrump’s tone deaf, heartless tweet as hundreds of thousands take to streets tonight to protect Muslim refugees from deportation,” the user wrote.

Another user got creative when attacking Ivanka Trump for her date night photo. An image of Ivanka in her silver gown was next to one of a young refugee girl who was wrapped in a metallic-looking blanket to protect her from the elements.

“The dress on the right cost 5k; the one on the left almost her life. Who wore it better?” it read.

Some of the comments were especially harsh, with one person retweeting the image with the words in large font “War Criminals” and another calling the couple “Nazis.”

In spite of the overwhelmingly negative response Ivanka got for her post, a few defended the nation’s first daughter.

“If you haters are going to write nasty messages on here how about you just unfollow her and keep your rude and nasty comments to yourself,” a supporter remarked on Ivanka’s Instagram page.

“Why you people hating so much in poor ivanka she did nothing wrong!! The President is doing a great job and keeping all his promises!!??” another wrote.

Ivanka’s Instagram photo has almost 12,000 comments and nearly 236,000 likes.

Ivanka Trump routinely posts photos of her luxurious lifestyle on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She’s keeping with her ritual, but the timing of her latest post is rubbing critics the wrong way.

Did Ivanka Trump go too far in posting a date night photo with her husband on the same night protests over the immigration ban was being carried out? Lives were being changed and stories of travel restrictions ruining plans seemingly had little impact on the first daughter’s decision to post the image.

The 35-year-old first daughter definitely caused an uproar with the date night photo, appearing to express utter dismissal at the crisis taking place over the immigration ban that resulted in many travelers being detained at airports following the president’s executive order. At the time of this writing, neither Ivanka Trump nor her husband has responded to the backlash on social media.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]