'General Hospital' star Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth’s In Trouble, Franco’s Freed, Alexis Steps Up, And Lulu And Nina Clash Over Charlotte

General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 30 tease that there are big reveals ahead, and fans won’t want to miss any of the action. Sam has just found Franco and Elizabeth are questioning Tom’s brother Seth while Alexis is struggling to maintain her sobriety. Anna is still trying to remember everything about her past connection to Valentin while both Nina and Lulu are anxious to get closer to Charlotte. Where are things headed next?

Sam is in the midst of saving Franco, but General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be asking him if he’ll continue to protect Alexis once he’s home again. As the two are working through this, Elizabeth is at Seth’s place, and she’s picking up on some red flags about him. Viewers have now made the connection that Seth was behind Franco’s kidnapping and according to We Love Soaps, Elizabeth is about to uncover some terrifying tidbits herself.

The buzz is that Seth killed his brother and Liz will be in danger at his place, and Franco will piece things together and be racing to find her. Luckily, it sounds as if this situation will progress quickly this week, as Franco will confront Seth during Tuesday’s show and SheKnows Soaps reveals General Hospital spoilers detailing that the month of February will have happier times for Elizabeth and Franco as a couple.

Nancy Lee Grahn plays Alexis on 'General Hospital'
Alexis begins to piece things together on ‘GH’ [Image by David Livingston/Getty Images]

Alexis has been trying to piece together what happened the night that Tom died and General Hospital spoilers note that she will head to the police station and offer to cooperate and share what she knows. It seems that she will soon realize that she is not responsible for Tom’s murder and this will surely provide her an opportunity to focus on her sobriety in a positive way. However, it seems that she’ll face additional obstacles on this front soon, as her sponsor seems to have some ulterior motives in helping her.

Anna will lash out at Valentin during Monday’s episode and Nina will soon be butting heads with Anna over Valentin. Both Lulu and Nina are trying to develop a relationship with Charlotte and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lulu will make an effort to get along better with Valentin for the sake of their daughter.

Once Sam resolves things at the warehouse she will be anxious to track down Jason and the two have a lot to discuss after her decision to track down Franco on her own and Jason’s sudden health issues. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason and Sonny will be having an intense talk over some issues that lead to something of a falling out and fans will see Sonny looking to Ava for some answers on a matter.

Jacklyn Zeman plays Bobbie Spencer on 'General Hospital'
Bobbie needs help from someone this week on ‘GH’ [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Bobbie is going to be looking for help from a friend and Jordan is going to be facing some decisions that lead her to break her word to someone. Julian will be put in a difficult spot and he’ll make a problematic and predictable decision. Julian is scrambling on all fronts and Curtis will seemingly be watching his every move. General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is more on the way between Michael and Nelle while Olivia is going to reach out to Carly.

What comes next for Alexis and Julian now that she’s committed to her sobriety as he’s being manipulated by his sister and her quest for revenge? Are Elizabeth and Franco going to be able to enjoy their relationship now for a bit or is more trouble on the horizon? Can Lulu, Nina, and Valentin put their differences aside for Charlotte’s sake? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are juicy twists and turns on the way heading into the February sweeps and fans will be anxious to see what comes next.

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