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Brad Pitt Allegedly Trashes Angelina Jolie Memories From Los Angeles Home

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been separated for months now, and a new report claims that Pitt is starting to “purge” his Los Angeles home of anything and everything that reminds him of his ex. According to Radar Online, Brad Pitt was spotted carrying various items out of the house and loading them into a van, presumably to be trashed.

“The architecture fan has started stripping the house of all the furniture, photos, knick-knacks and souvenirs his former partner bought. As Radar’s exclusive photos show, a large fireplace was seen being taken from the property this week by removal men then unceremoniously loaded into a van and whisked away.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly been living together in Jolie’s Los Feliz home — the home that was actually owned by Brad Pitt before the two were even dating. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Pitt has been spotted at the home that his ex lives in with the former couple’s six children. Since both of his cars have been parked in the driveway, it was assumed that he had moved in to be closer to his kids.

Sources said that Brad Pitt has been taking some time to fix up the house and to make fun additions for his children to enjoy. He has reportedly made a children’s playground and that he has extended the skate park outside. His goal, according to these unnamed sources, is to make a “children’s paradise” for his brood.

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That said, it seems obvious that Brad Pitt could be cleaning out his home in Los Angeles because he’s not staying there much anymore. He could also be moving some of his things to Jolie’s home if the two really have decided to live together. However, a source tells Radar Online that Brad’s actions are part of a purge, not a move.

“Brad doesn’t need all of Angeline’a stuff — things like rugs from the Far East, weird ornaments and blankets — and various pieces of furniture which they bought as a couple. He’s keeping the antiques, watches and tasteful vintage items Angelina bought for him but downsizing on a lot of things that has accumulated over time,” said a source.

Radar Online also claims that Brad Pitt is removing some of this stuff because he wants to make his home more kid-friendly and add things that his children will like when they come over to visit. Although it was previously reported that he had been living in Los Feliz with Angelina Jolie, he apparently wants to make his home fun as well. There will likely be times that he will stay at his own place in Los Angeles if the reports about him living in Los Feliz are indeed true.

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There’s also a chance that Brad Pitt could be planning to sell his Los Angeles home. Who knows what’s “really” going on in the lives of Brangelina? The only thing the public is 100 percent sure about is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced. The rest has been a mixed bag of information stemming from unnamed sources and aerial views of each of their homes.

At this point, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still battling it out when it comes to their custody agreement. Sources have said that things are better but that they aren’t completely settled. The former couple has asked the judge presiding over their case to keep the documents sealed so the public can’t access any information. This only causes the tabloids to make up whatever they want based on whatever it is they can find.

Do you think this news about Brad Pitt trashing Angelina Jolie’s stuff is true?

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