Motorcycle Gang

Axe Wielding Thieves On Motorcycles Rob Jewelry Store [Video]

London, England – A gang of axe-wielding, motorcycle-riding thieves were caught on camera robbing a jewelry store inside a mall, according to WBTV.

Six men dressed in all black riding three motorcycles didn’t seem to care that their actions were being caught on the mall’s security system. Armed with axes and bats, the thieves stormed the jewelry store before speeding off. Director Michael Bay would have been proud.

Authorities explained that the thieves must have had the jewelry store in mind when they rode into the mall. The suspects immediately approached their destination, smashed the display windows, and helped themselves to the expensive baubles inside.

The crime reportedly took place while the mall was open for business. A number of stores pulled down their security gates while the robbery was taking place. Although no one was hurt during the incident, one older gentleman was treated for shock.

WLFI-18 explains that over $3 million worth of jewelry was stolen by the motorcycle bandits. Among the numerous stolen items were a handful of Rolex and Cartier watches.

Authorities said that the motorcycles used in the daring heist were later found abandoned at a nearby golf course. The vehicles were believed to be stolen as well.

According to US News & World Report, London police believe the gang may have been responsible for a similar robbery at a local pawn shop. Authorities are hoping that the video currently making the rounds will help them catch the men involved in the heist.

“We are appealing to anyone who may have seen the sequence of events at the shopping center, which had only just opened its doors to its first shoppers only moments before, and to anyone who may have seen the three motorbikes being driven from Brent Cross to Mill Hill,” Detective Superintendent Mark Strugnell explained.

Footage of the axe-wielding motorcycle gang robbing the London jewelry store has been embedded below.