Milton Bradley Third Accusation

Milton Bradley Accused Of Domestic Violence For The Third Time

Milton Bradley’s life has gone down hill since his former days as a Los Angeles Dodger. The former MLB all-star was arrested this week after Bradley’s estranged wife accused him of assault over the weekend. The accusation is the third time police have been called over Bradley’s violent actions.

Milton’s wife Monique filed a felony domestic violence report with the LAPD after a verbal altercation turned physical.

According to TMZ the altercation was severe enough to leave Monique with physical marks on her body. Police have not yet revealed what type of physical marks were left from the attack.

Milton Bradley and Monique have been at each others throats since 2011 when the pair filed separate divorce petitions after Bradley allegedly swung a bat at his wife.

Bradley was first arrested in January 2011 with the bat incident occurring in September of the same year.

Milton was not arrested this time around, but he was named in the police report. Police have not had the chance to speak with Milton Bradley to determine the validity of this newest claim.

If Bradley is found to have assaulted his estranged wife, he would be in direct violation of a restraining order Monique currently holds against him.

Milton’s attorney Harland Braun has told TMZ:

“Milton denies hitting her and will cooperate with police. This is an ongoing, bitter divorce.”

Milton Bradley has a history of on field freak outs which likely won’t play well into any type of defense he tries to provide for himself.