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Allahu Akbar: The Mainstream Media Can’t Seem To Report The Facts Of The Quebec Shooting [Opinion]

“Allahu Akbar!” That is what the gunmen who shot up a Quebec mosque late on Sunday hollered as they ruthlessly slew six innocent people. But according to some mainstream media reports about the attack, that never happened, or at least it wasn’t worth mentioning.

The Gateway Pundit reported that as of 1 a.m. EST on Monday the fact that the shooters had proclaimed “Allahu Akbar!” during the attack had not been included in reports by ABC, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Associated Press, CBS, the Washington Post, and Reuters.

Outlets that did include the gunmen’s “Allahu Akbar” proclamation were Breitbart, CBC, Drudge Report, Fox News, RT, and, of course, the Gateway Pundit.

As of the time of this writing, the most recent coverage vis-à-vis the Quebec mass shooting from the Washington Post, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the Associated Press, Reuters, NBC, and CBS did not include the information about “Allahu Akbar,” though a few referenced the original CBC News report that did mention the proclamation as their source. It’s also evident by skimming the content of these reports that they’re trying to tie the tragic incident to Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” and Islamophobia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is aiding them in this respect if his comments about the Quebec mass slaying is any indication. To fuel this narrative, each source said that a direct motive for the shooting has yet to be established.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that “Allahu Akbar,” which translates in English to “God is great,” is what radical Islamic terrorists yell either prior to blowing themselves up via suicide bomb or during a mass casualty attack like that of the Quebec mosque shooting. It’s a simple fact, so what does it tell us that some within the mainstream press didn’t feel it worth reporting to the public?

Perhaps they don’t want us to know Islamic extremists are responsible for the mass murder of their fellow Muslims? It’s possible, but that doesn’t make much sense because, after all, over in Middle Eastern war zones, radical Islamists are killing other Muslims on an almost daily basis, and you just don’t hear about it because, sadly, it’s become normal.

Maybe the media doesn’t want the general population to know about the Quebec attackers yelling “Allahu Akbar” because then the millions of Americans who hate President Donald Trump and his “Muslim ban” (it’s not a Muslim ban) can misdirect their outrage at the carnage in Quebec at Trump. This makes sense in my mind because Trump opponents have been saying for months that Donald’s attitude towards Middle Eastern refugees is a recipe for disaster in regard to fueling radicalization. Hence, leaving out the “Allahu Akbar” proclamation fits the narrative of the Democrats and their media lackeys.

Trump Muslim ban protest
Protesters of President Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ gather on the streets of London on January 30. [Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

As already mentioned, a handful of mainstream outlets conveniently inserted Trump’s controversial immigration ban into their pieces on the Quebec attack. Also included in most if not all of the coverage was the fact that the Quebec mosque was previously the target of a non-violent, anti-Islamic hate crime.

Let’s let the facts speak for themselves.

Dylann Roof did not shout out “Allahu Akbar” when he ruthlessly gunned down worshippers inside an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Robert Lewis Dear, who killed three and injured nine during an attack on a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was suspected of having done it because of radical Christian beliefs, and as such, he did not say “Allahu Akbar” before or in the midst of carrying out his evil crime.

Adam Lanza, who mercilessly and maliciously murdered 29 souls at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, was not heard by the survivors to have hollered, “Allahu Akbar!”

Yet, when Islamic terrorists strike, they almost always are heard yelling the phrase “Allahu Akbar!” It happened in Paris when a group of Islamic terrorists killed over 100 concert-goers at the Bataclan Concert Hall, it happened on November 5, 2009, when Major Nidal Malik Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas, ending the lives of 13 military personnel.

Nidal Hasan in jail
Fort Hood murderer who shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the massacre pictured in jail on April 9, 2010. [Image by Bell County Sheriff’s Office/Handout/Getty Images]

It happened in July of 2016, when a man drove a truck into a crowd of hundreds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, resulting in upwards of 80 deaths. Omar Mateen, the man who murdered 49 people at the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” while he battled it out with law enforcement.

“Allahu Akbar” was yelled by the Quebec gunmen, just like it’s been heard hollered by murdering Islamic extremists across the globe. The fact that mainstream outlets are failing to report it when covering the Quebec mosque attack, despite multiple reputable sources claiming it happened, is, in my opinion, their way of demonizing President Trump as much as possible while pushing the narrative that innocent people died as a result of his “Muslim ban.” This is one reason among many for why the mainstream press is not trustworthy.

Do you believe “Allahu Akbar” being proclaimed by the Quebec killers is something the media should disclose to its consumers, or is it a needless detail which offers nothing of merit to the Quebec attack? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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