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Piers Morgan To Donald Trump: ‘More Americans Were Killed By Toddlers With Guns Than By Muslim Terrorists — Where’s The Executive Order For That?’

Piers Morgan’s Trump thrashing on immigration is reverberating around the world. Piers insists Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban sends a dangerous precedent and “makes no sense.” Morgan said toddlers were responsible for more deaths last year than Islamic terrorists from the “banned” countries.

Piers Morgan, who spent many months supporting Trump’s candidacy, began his post on Sunday with a simple statement: “This is wrong.” The Daily Mail Editor-at-Large is challenging Trump over his controversial executive order that placed a temporary ban on refugees from seven war-torn countries plagued by terrorism.

Piers’ commentary echoes a growing wave of frustration around the world towards Trump’s immigration measure that is reportedly geared to “keep Americans safe.” Morgan uses what he calls are “facts” to counter Donald Trump’s order.

According to New York Daily News, the immigration ban mainly targets Muslim countries: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Libya. Going back to 1975, statistics show the chances of a person dying on American soil are significantly low.

In 2016, the Cato Institute published a risk analysis report titled, “Terrorism and Immigration” and found that in 30 of the 41 years, not one single American citizen died on U.S. soil by immigrants or foreign acts of terror.

As such, the group says the costs are high by merely focusing on macro policy changes (e.g. Muslim bans, refugee moratoriums). Instead, officials should develop more cost-effective screening methods; the odds of dying in a terror attack: 1 in 3.6 million annually.

Piers Morgan also points out the irony of Trump’s ban on Muslims. Piers holds that even with the two highest profile terror attacks by Islamic extremists in the United States, — September 11 and the San Bernadino mass shootings in 2015 — none of the perpetrators came from Trump’s list of banned countries.

Piers then raised the issue about year-to-date murders in the United States. He said that since Trump took office, 750 victims died as the result of gun violence by homicide, suicide or accident. Moreover, he said toddlers who accidentally came into contact with a firearm killed more people than terrorists in America in 2017.

The Daily says records show Trump doesn’t have any financial interests or ties to any of the countries banned by his executive order. Piers calls it an unreasonable and “absurd” move on Trump’s part.

Piers Morgan’s Trump attacks are nothing new. The former CNN journalist is known for speaking his mind and rejecting political correctness when expressing a position. In a previous Inquisitr report, the British television personality got into hot water when his tweet proposed a “Men’s March” in response to the recent “Women’s March on Washington,” a demonstration of “rabid feminists” aimed at Trump’s proposed Muslim ban and divisive policies.

“Piers Morgan’s initial tweet amassed more than 30,000 Twitter likes, 11,000 shares, and 16,000 comments. In later tweets, Piers explained that he loves strong women but he thinks the Women’s March is sexist. Piers also said that he believes this march is all about hating on Donald Trump because so far, the new POTUS hasn’t taken away any rights from women. What he fails to remember is that Trump has been guilty of saying some pretty disrespectful and downright vulgar things about women, something that American voters haven’t had to deal with while choosing between past presidential candidates.”

Piers continued with his harsh criticism towards Trump and his often inflated characterization of events and statements — past and present. Morgan pivoted to offering a presumed justification behind Trump’s radical presidential order.

Morgan explains that Trump is likely making good on his campaign promise to take terror by the horns. Piers confirms that he doesn’t believe Trump wants to categorically ban everyone coming into the country that identifies as Muslim. Instead, he believes Trump wants a temporary freeze to allow immigrant officials to shore up systems and streamline processing to avoid letting terrorists into the country.

Further, Morgan confesses that he doesn’t believe the New York billionaire “hates Muslims.” However, he opined that his practices give off the impression that America is putting up a wall of bias towards certain religions.

Piers said that while it’s unfair to indict Trump for having a bias towards Muslims, the world cannot “pretend that some of what he’s doing is not outrageous and unacceptable – because it is.”

Piers Morgan said Trump’s “despicable” crackdown on refugees has created a set of unintended circumstances and innocent people with every right to be in the country are being detained erroneously. Multiple sources confirmed his statements.

Finally, Morgan says that Trump’s executive orders will not make America great again. Rather, “it’s making America hate.”

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