Chris Brown

Awkward: Battered Photo Of Rihanna Used To Promote Chris Brown’s Stockholm Concert

Things just got a tad awkward in the on-going saga between Chris Brown and Rihanna. It was hard to miss the headlines when Brown was accused of beating, and nearly choking the life out of his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Then, days later the photo of the incident was leaked by TMZ, and the image of Rihanna looking distressed, and bruised caused quite a stir in the media, as well as becoming a talking piece for domestic abuse groups.

Since then the two R&B singers have released songs speaking out against each other, a collaboration together, and have involved in what is being called a public reunion of sorts. While the situation is apparently behind Brown and Rihanna, a few individuals in Stockholm have decided to give the stars, and possibly ticket holders a reminder of Brown’s attack.

In what’s surely going to anger Brown’s camp, Sweden has decided to let it be known that they’re against the November 19 concert that’s said to take place, through an ad that’s been circulating throughout Stockholm. The ad shows Rihanna’s battered face in the form of guerrila marketing, with the text “Chris Brown – November 19.”

The ad got plenty of attention through Sweden’s official Twitter that’s run by a few Swedish individuals. Although it isn’t known who decided to make the posters featuring Brown’s assault, it’s said that this individual is apart of a whole movement that is trying to get officials to call off the concert. Earlier a tweet was released stating:

“In Stockholm people are showing their dislike that Chris Brown is coming to town by posting these posters.”

Although the duo has its fair share of haters, that hasn’t stopped them from working together. Rihanna just recently announced that she has yet another collaboration with Chris Brown titled “Nobodies Business” on her new album. Doesn’t that just say it all?

Do you think Sweden should cancel the Chris Brown concert?