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‘Steven Universe’ Season 4: New Return Date And StevenBomb 5 Episodes’ Spoilers Revealed [Video]

Steven Universe has always kept its fans on tenterhooks because of its erratic broadcast schedule. The popular animated series has often gone on a long hiatus after dropping a bunch of episodes, making fans anxious and worried about the fate of its new episodes. Cartoon Network has now decided to remove the web of suspense and uncertainty surrounding Steven Universe’s release schedule by announcing its quick return after StevenBomb 5 episodes’ telecast.

The Rebecca Sugar-created animated series is returning on Monday, January 30 with two episodes from StevenBomb 5, and after that, three more episodes will follow. Cartoon Network will be airing the five episodes in a row. And the cable network has announced that Steven Universe will be returning to weekly programming after StevenBomb 5.

Characters from Cartoon Network's animation series Steven Universe.
Steven Universe Season 4 returns on January 30 with StevenBomb 5. [Cartoon Network/Twitter]

Starting Friday, February 10, Steven Universe fans will get to see one new episode every week, according to Cartoon Network.

Earlier this month, Cartoon Network uploaded all the five episodes from StevenBomb 5 to its app with the intention of generating buzz and building awareness for the new episodes. Initially, fans thought that someone from the cable network had accidentally leaked the episodes, and they were worried that their availability weeks ahead of their scheduled television telecast would affect their ratings. Except for one, all of the episodes were later removed from the app.

Soon after the release of the five episodes on the app, co-writer Matt Burnett said on his Twitter feed that it was a fun arc to create.

The set of five episodes opens with Steven’s dream, and according to the synopses, it ends with Steven and the Crystal Gems’ — Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl — daring escape.

“Steven’s Dream,” the title of Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 11 and the first episode that airs on January 30, will see Steven dreaming of a pink Palanquin. He believes that his dream has some connection to Pink Diamond, a member of the Great Diamond Authority who was shattered by his mother, Rose Quartz. When the Crystal Gems refuse to tell him about Pink Diamond, Steven and his father, Greg, take off to South Korea to find the truth about Rose’s past and Pink Diamond.

There, Steven sees a scene similar to what he saw in his dream. The episode ends with Blue Diamond abducting Greg and taking him with her to space.

In a “Steven’s Dream” sneak peek released by Cartoon Network, Steven is seen dreaming about a strange place, and when he wakes up, he finds that he is shedding tears.

The caption provided for this clip reads, “Steven has a strange dream about a place so beautiful it brings tears to his eyes! What could it mean?”

The episode that follows “Steven’s Dream” is titled “Adventures in Light Distortion.” In this episode, Steven reunites with the Crystal Gems, and they decide to go into space in the Roaming Eye spacecraft to rescue Greg, who probably might be the newest addition to the human zoo there, according to the spoilers leaked online.

In the sneak peek released for “Adventures in Light Distortion,” Steven and the Crystal Gems can be seen waiting outside spacecraft, while Peridot checks it.

The caption for this clip reads, “Steven Universe and his friends prepare for their trip to save Greg from an unknown villain in this clip from the episode, ‘Adventures in Light Distortion.'”

“Gem Heist” is the title of the third episode of the StevenBomb 5. The episode will see the Gems trying to pull off a heist inside Blue Diamond’s den. And in “The Zoo,” which is the fourth episode, Steven will reunite with his father inside a special human zoo. “The Will Be All” is the fifth and the final episode of StevenBomb 5, which will wrap up the five-episode story arc.

Here are the synopses and telecast days of the five upcoming Steven Universe episodes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“‘Steven’s Dream’ (Jan. 30): A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.

‘Adventures in Light Distortion’ (Jan. 30): Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission.

‘Gem Heist’ (Jan. 31): The Gems try to pull off a heist.

‘The Zoo’ (Feb. 1): Steven visits a special zoo.

‘That Will Be All’ (Feb. 2): Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!”

Watch the two sneak peeks from the upcoming Steven Universe episodes here.

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